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ProxyBlaze  a newer provider of both Elite Private Proxies and Dedicated Servers.ProxyBlaze service provides 100% High Anonymous Level1 ( Elite ) Http/Socks5 Proxies.Those private proxies and none of them are shared with other clients.,also sharing is strictly prohibated.ProxyBlaze Proxies works with all kind of browsers & tools which uses the formart ” ip: port “.So you can use the proxies with Proxifier, QIP, ICQ, Yahoo, Yahoo clients, Buyluxe, Paltalk ,GTalk, PSI, Internet Explorer,Firexox, Google Chrome, Opera.

SamplePackage Price GEOCities/Subnets
 10 Proxies  $13  N/A
 20 Proxies  $25 N/A
 60 Proxies  $73  N/A
 100 Proxies  $119 N/A
 160 Proxies  $189  N/A
 200 Proxies  $230  N/A
 250 Proxies  $250  N/A

Here is  Sample packages that proxyblaze  proxies service provided. It’s exclusive USA   Proxies.It provide private proxies just about any legal use. Proxyblaze private proxies are compatible with most IM tools, Eg. Scrapebox,Xrummer.Torrents, mailing, fraud, abuse and illegal activites strictly prohibited.Do not spam or use it for any illegal activities like carding/Massmailing and so on..

ProxyBlaze.com is a pretty new proxy service.So here is not enough informations. IF you check them out , Pleas share your review at here.Cheers!

ProxyBlaze Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/Socks5
  • Proxies Update Frequency:  3 Days to 2 weeks
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & High ports ranging above 10k To 65K.
  • You can use the proxies with Proxifier,
  • Supported: Scrapebox, SeNuke, Xrummer
  • Not Supported: Torrents, spam or use it for any illegal activitie

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Customer Reviews

5 Reviews to “ProxyBlaze”
  1. ChunkyLover says:

    Worst proxy ever no support at all

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  2. Jason says:

    I have purchased the 10 Proxies package. My proxies are smooth and Private as intended by the company. However, Support from company staff has been little to none helpful.

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  3. jenny wee says:

    I purchased around 60 proxies from proxyblaze.com & currently I am satisfied with it. They are offering nice & blazing proxies at the cheapest. Recommended.

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  4. Battousai says:

    I purchased 20 proxies here and they are slow! Im not satisfied with it and Im not purchasing next month!

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    • Pink says:

      The login is down half the time with always some excuse or the proxies themselves don’t work because servers are down or they are just blocked and don’t work and the support is terrible if and when you can even get ahold of them and the 99.9% uptime gaurantee is laughable it is morelike 50-75% at best alot of the time. Their is a reason they are cheaper you only get what you pay for and going for the cheapest isn’t always the best choice.

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