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Best About You Proxies of 2024

If you are looking for proxies to use to circumvent IP restrictions on the About You e-commerce platform, then there is a good number of options available to you. The article below provides you with a list of some of the best options out there.

The name “About You” might seem confusing at first and as such, it is better we make a clarification. About You, as discussed on this page is a German clothing and fashion e-commerce platform with support for 14 other European countries. This platform is a huge source of product data that might be important to you as a marketer or product researcher.

About You ProxiesHowever, you might find it difficult to collect the data you need as the platform has got an anti-bot system that will block if you try using a web scraper. But with the help of proxies, you become completely unnoticed as your web scraper moves from page to page, collecting for you, the data you need.

Web scraping is not the only reason you need proxies to access the About You store. There are other reasons which would be discussed later on in the article. For now, you need to know that not all proxies that pose as About You proxies are fit for use. Some of them are just good at hyping their products but find it difficult to deliver.

It is because of this that you need to be careful when making a choice of proxies to use. With our help though, finding the right proxies for accessing About You becomes easy.

Recommended Proxy Providers for About You Proxies

When looking for proxies for About You, avoid looking out for the term “About You”. This is because the platform does not have any special requirement and proxy usage is not popular for it that the top providers will create a separate page for it. You can use regular proxies provided they are high quality and undetectable. Below are some of the best for About You.

Bright Data Review

40 GB - $500

Luminati is a Legitimate residential IP proxies provider and Over 72+ Million IPs in their residential network, Collect & scraping any web data, Never ...

SOAX Review

15GB - $99

SOAX is a rotating residential and mobile proxy provider offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for both businesses and individuals. The SOAX ...

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Smartproxy Review

8 GB - $44 (-35%)

Smartproxy is a rotating residential IP proxy provider. It offers cheap and reliable residential proxies. You get access to the whole proxy pool with every ...

If you are looking for a provider that will provide you with all of your proxy needs ranging from high rotating residential proxies, ISP proxies, ...

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Each proxy service has its own core strengths and weaknesses otherwise known as pros and cons that will either get its users or drive away users. ...

The Proxy-IPV4 service is one of those services that came into the market unannounced to some of us. Being that as it may, I discovered this provider later ...

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MyPrivateProxy Review

10 proxies -$23.70

MyPrivateProxy is an all-around private proxies provider, Its Dedicated proxies are stable and guaranteed to work for your purchased purpose. Rated #1 out ...

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Nimbleway Review

75GB - $600

The Nimbleway service is an all-encompassing service that provides you with all of the infrastructure required for collecting data from the web ...

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Proxy-Cheap Review

10 GB - $50

Proxy-Cheap.com is a new residential IP proxy provider with a massive range of different locations that has the most affordable pricing found on the proxy ...

Hydraproxy Review

$2.95 - One day plan

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy providers in the market granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large proxy pool of residential and ...

TheSocialProxy is a mobile proxy provider you can buy mobile proxies from. It is not your regular mobile proxy provider. It is a high-quality provider ...

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ProxyEmpire.io is a rotating residential proxy provider that also offers rotating mobile proxies. ProxyEmpire is a relatively new company which ...

BuyProxies Review

10 Proxies - $20.00

BuyProxies is an old private proxies provider, without any restrictions to using their proxies! Provide great Firefox & Chrome plugins and API ...

Webshare is a datacenter proxy provider founded in 2018, offer free shared proxies list, rotating shared proxies and dedicated proxies. Read User ...

Asocks Review


The Asocks service prides itself as ‘the most stable residential proxy network’ in the market. This is a bold statement to make and as a proxy reviewer, it ...

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Leaf Proxies is among the proxy server providers in the market that cater to the sneaker copping industry. Just like other providers, they claim to ...

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Why Use Proxies for About You?

The About You website does not support the use of proxies. In fact, it is designed in such a way that you are denied access if its suspects you are using a proxy server. Why then such you make use of proxies? From the introductory section of the article, we already made mentioned web scraping as one of the major reasons why you will need proxies.

But aside from that, there are more. The group of sites does have geo-restrictions and if you are not from a supported country, you won’t be able to make a purchase. Proxies can help you avoid such restrictions. They are also perfect for unblocking the website if your IP is blacklisted because of spam.

Can I Use Datacenter Proxies as About You Proxies?

Datacenter proxies have a bad reputation of easily getting detected as they are being abused a lot and the fact that their IP source is easily identified as data centers or hosting.

However, this does not mean you should right them out completely. There are some datacenter proxies that are high quality such as Blazing Proxies and you can them for accessing the About You website.

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