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Brazy Kicks Proxies Review

Brazy Kicks Logo

Brazy Kicks is one of the proxy providers in the sneaker copping industry. It providesweekly and monthly datacenter proxies as well as residential proxies.

Affordable Sneaker Proxy Provider

  • Support for residential proxy generator
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Datacenter proxies in 5 locations

According to the information available on the Brazy Kicks website, the Brazy Proxies are premium proxies that won’t kill your proxies. With as little as $10, you can buy 5 datacenter proxies you will use for copping sneakers. One thing I find discouraging about Brazy Kicks proxies is that it seems as if they were forced to put up a website,and they just have to slap a few words which were written strictly to describe the proxies. The information on the website is scanty and does not provide enough information you will need in making a decision.

Brazy Kicks Home Page

For this reason, we went digging to provide you information that Brazy Kicks was too busy to provide. We will be reviewing Brazy Kicks for you to know all you need to know about Brazy Kicks proxies.

Is Brazy Kicks worth it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this review.

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Brazy Kicks Proxy Plans and Pricing

Brazy Kicks Pricing

Brazy Kicks has 3 proxy plans available. Two of the proxy plans are datacenter proxy plans, while the third is a residential proxy plan. Let take a look at these proxy plans below.

Weekly Datacenter Proxy Plans

BrazyKicks weekly plans are made of datacenter proxies. While they have the name weekly in their name, they are actually 5 days plan as the number of days they are valid is 5. Another important point you need to know is that they are for a specific day range. There are only 2 plans in this category – Tuesday – Friday DC proxies and Friday –Tuesday DC proxies. The price is between $1 – $1.25. However, for bulk orders, you can get the price per proxy to as low as $0.85.

Monthly Datacenter Proxy Plans

If you go for their monthly plan, the proxies become cheaper. While the price per week is around a dollar, a proxy for the monthly plan is $2. However, if you are going for the monthly proxies, you will have to buy a minimum of 5 proxies making the minimum monetary commitment to be $10.

Residential Proxy Plans

Their residential proxy plan is priced based on bandwidth. The price per GB is $15. Their residential proxies have been engineered to work with sneaker sites that easily detect datacenter proxies. The residential proxy plan allows users to generate an unlimited number of proxies to use. But when the data allocated to you is exhausted, your connection is cut off.

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Customer Service

Brazy Kicks customer support

There’s no doubt that every service needs a team that provides support for customers. Does BrazyKicks have one? Yes, they do, but the major channel they use is Discord – and considering the fact that not everyone is on Discord, this can be inconvenient for many. You can also contact them on Twitter.

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Locations Supported

When it comes to location supported, Brazy Kicks has support for 5 locations, and these locations have been strategically located to optimize speed and latency. The 5 supported locations include New York, Chicago, London, and Japan.

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Brazy Kicks only has support for username and password authentication. When you purchase proxies or generate proxies, you will be using a username and password for authentication before you will be allowed to use the proxies.

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Our verdict

From the above, you already have an idea of the kind of sneaker proxy providers they are. Brazy Kicks will not provide you a free trial and will not offer you a refund. When you sum this up with the fact that the information on their website is scanty, there are both good reviews and bad reviews about them; it is better you look out for another provider; you’re not getting a test nor refund.

Update - 2021.01.16
7.1 Total Score
Worth to Try with Residential and Datacenter Proxies

7.1Editor's score
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Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
10User's score
Price & Value
Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
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