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The Best Browsers for Multi-Accounting

In this detailed guide, find out which are the best browsers for multi-accounting, the advantages and disadvantages of multi-accounting browsers, and more.

Today, multi-accounting is on the rise. While some people are into multi-accounting for all the good reasons, most users use multiple accounts for the wrong reasons. If you are using multiple accounts for separating work and personal accounts and convenience, here is a guide on the best browsers for multi-accounting.

As you may be aware, using multiple accounts contravenes the terms and conditions of many companies. This is the reason why experts have developed elaborate ways of tackling multi-accounting.

User tracking methods such as device fingerprinting, IP analysis, telephone number analysis, email analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively identify multiple account users. But there are several methods that users can deploy to mask every detail that can expose them. One of the methods is using browsers for multi-accounting.

Before we go into the details, here is an overview of the subject.

What is Multi-Accounting?

Multi-accounting, as the name suggests, is using more than one account on a website. For example, if you have multiple Gmail or Facebook accounts, that is multi-accounting. One thing many internet users don’t know is that multi-accounting breaks the terms and conditions of most websites.

What is Multi-Accounting

There are different types of multi-accounting classified based on the skill level of the executor. There’s basic multi-accounting, where users register an account, then log out and create another on the same device using a VPN or just on the same IP.

Next is sophisticated multi-accounting, also known as gnoming, where organized criminals use emulators, residential-like IP addresses, and virtual machines to acquire new IP addresses. The third is stolen IDs, where fraudsters create accounts using stolen data.

There are so many instances where we may need to multi-account for worthy reasons. A good example is when trying to separate personal accounts from business accounts. You definitely want to keep your personal email separate from the work email.

While there are many instances when multi-accounting has been used for the right reasons, it has also been exploited fraudulently in the eCommerce industry, online gambling, online dating, travel & hospitality, etc.

Browsers for Multi-Accounting

As mentioned above, browsers for multi-accounting are one of the ways users can manage multiple accounts. They come with sophisticated features that have been engineered to offer users online security and privacy, which is a prerequisite in multi-accounting.

Besides online privacy and security, browsers for multi-accounting have been designed for convenience. For example, they make switching between different windows and tabs pretty easy. Also, users can log in and out of multiple accounts without necessarily being prompted to enter their log-in credentials.

How Websites Track Multiple Account Users

To understand how websites track and detect multiple account users, we need to understand; footprints, fingerprints, and proxies. Footprints refer to anything users leave behind that can connect their different accounts. Fingerprints, on the other hand, include data that can identify users partially or uniquely. Last, proxies are gateways between users and the internet resource. The above are the key aspects that websites use to detect multi-accounting.

How Websites Track Multiple Account Users

Now, the thing with browsers for multi-accounting is that they guarantee users the same online privacy levels of anti detect browsers and offer users a comfortable environment to juggle between personal and work accounts easily. Besides controlling users’ browser fingerprint, browsers for multi-accounting come in handy in managing multiple accounts, setting up business workflows, web automation, and team collaboration.

Indeed, browsers for multi-accounting are very resourceful. Unfortunately, these browsers need a big RAM to perform smoothly. They also have slower speeds compared to ordinary browsers.

How Browsers for Multi-Accounting Work

Browsers for multi-accounting work by separating your browsing sessions and cookies, creating virtual computers for every user without raising any eyebrows. The browsing sessions, history, cookies are stored independently in data pockets known as ‘multi-accounting containers.’

Today, there are so many browsers optimized for multi-accounting. The list includes dedicated browsers explicitly designed for multi-accounting, while others are the household names that offer multi-accounting applications using extensions.

Mozilla Firefox is among the best browsers for multi-accounting, courtesy of the multi-account containers that keep users’ digital footprint into color-coded tabs allowing users unrestricted access to all the accounts simultaneously. Google Chrome also has a multi-accounting browser extension called SessionBox. The feature will enable users to create and use multiple accounts from one browser window.

Both Firefox and Chrome offer excellent multi-accounting. For those who prefer using Firefox, Chrome’s SessionBox will be the best multi-accounting browser for you. As for fans of Chrome, Firefox will be the best alternative. You don’t want to use your favorite browser for multi-accounting.

For the record, there are other browsers for multi-accounting, for example, Opera, Internet Explorer, Ghost Browser, GoLogin, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Multi-accounting browsers come in handy when one wants to separate their business and personal accounts. This is because the two cannot be mixed as it can lead to very serious repercussions at both personal and business levels.

Have you ever sent your personal information to business contacts? I’m sure you are cringing at this very thought. While there are so many ways to manage multiple accounts, using browsers for multi-accounting is the best option. These browsers guarantee online security and privacy and offer excellent usability.

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