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Choosing between cheap shared proxies or reliable dedicated proxies

What’s the difference between cheap shared proxies or reliable dedicated proxies?  The easy answer is how many users are accessing the same IP address. That main difference between shared and dedicated is the number of clients using an IP address.

Today, more and more people want to use private proxies for anonymous surfing. Unfortunately, many people get confused with the myriad of choices. Various proxy services are available depending on the client’s preferences and their needs.

Not much difference with cheap shared proxies

Cheap shared proxies are shared, yet the fact they’re shared is barely noticeable. The same IP addresses may be used by different clients but would still anonymous. Individuals that don’t want to pay high costs for shared proxies often use these.

This proxy service also supports HTTP and other protocols. In addition, authentication is still necessary giving the client better security and safety.

How proxies affect usage of VPS

Many websites have chopped their website hosting spends simply by jumping aboard shared hosting environments without much care which other domains share their non-dedicated IP’s. Should your honest gadget blog, for example, have similar IP parameters as some warez site, you’ll inevitably fall victim to whatever punishments the bad guys are given.

Virtual private servers at least cut out any shared domains and allow yourself dedicated server space where only your site will reside.  Granted the environment is still somewhat shared, the IP’s will originate from one centralized source. Keep this in mind when choosing between cheap shared proxies or reliable dedicated proxies.

The downside of cheap shared proxies

Shared private proxy services are a little less reliable as compared to exclusive proxies or dedicated. Although these are not open proxies, there really is not much difference with the dedicated private proxies when it comes to their performance levels. Dedicated private, on the other hand, are more secure and reliable.  Some drawbacks we identified include:

  1. These IP’s can be related. If someone else who is part of the proxy gets banned, you also get banned;
  2. They can not pick the geographic location. some of the entries are from the same town or region;
  3. Sometimes shared proxies are abused (by spammers or those with ill-intent) by all kinds of users and very large spaces include the entire range of IP addresses;
  4. Minimum packages may be too high for you. (eg.I need 20-50 proxies, But MIN-package is 100 IP’s– I do not need 100 IP addresses, so you waste money here);
  5. May not work with major social networks.

So, If you don’t care that these drawbacks exist, you can buy shared private proxy services. It’s still anonymous for you, and they can protect your security and safety online. But, if you’d rather avoid limitations that come with shared private proxies, you can always go with dedicated.

Nobody knows their internet browsing needs better than you. So, when choosing between cheap shared proxies or reliable dedicated proxies, always take into account IP security and browsing needs.

For Further Reading:

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  2. I am partnered up with Squid Proxies and they know exctlay what Scrapebox is and what it does. Squid proxies is becoming one of the biggest proxy providers for Scrapebox and other tools. They are probably more concerned with using the proxies for mass mailing. If you want, you can contact Squid Proxies and ask them directly if Scrapebox is allowed but I can assure you they wouldn’t have made the coupon for Scrapebox users if it wasn’t. =)

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