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Update - 2019.07.23CloudProxies have closed! No support anymore…stay away!

CloudProxies is a new proxy provider established in 2015. CloudProxies used mainly a back connect proxies provider, offer rotating proxies. Now offer private proxies and shared proxies in recent months. Their proxies support HTTP(s) and SOCK5 protocol.

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Official site: Cloudproxies.com

Rotating Proxies – Get Access to 20,000+ IP Pool

Price Plan Package Price
 50 Backconnect Ports $50.00
100 Backconnect Ports $100.00
200 Backconnect Ports $180.00

Rotating Proxies packages are great for web scraping and posting, such as Google Scraping, Amazon Scraping, it works well on ScrapeBox and GSA search engine ranker. But someone from BHW got 200 back connect proxies for Google scraping on ScrapeBox, The results are not good, so look like some proxies can’t work well on google.

When you order 50 ports of Rotating Proxies it means when 50 threads that you can use. And the Rotate on every Port that is eligible for rotating on per 3 minutes or per 10 minutes.

Private Proxies – No Software Restrictions

Price Plan Package Price
 10 Private Proxies $20.00
30 Private Proxies $50.00
100 Private Proxies $150.00

Private Proxies packages are good for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…and so on, the proxies are located both in the US and Europe, if you need a specific location, you can submit a ticket to their support on their website.

The Price plan of dedicated proxies is the same as other proxy services providers.No other special plans for sneaker or Ticketmaster Proxies, So if you want to find proxies for foot sites you have to find other proxy services. The Shared Proxies is half of the price on private proxies.

Last, CloudProxies offer a full refund within 48 hours,.If you’ve already used their proxies, We appreciate you share your review here to help us find the best proxy service online.

 Cloud Proxies Features

    • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5
    • Proxies Update Frequency: request new proxies 1-2 times per month
    • US & EU Proxies
    • Fully anonymous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 2 days money back guarantee
  1. They say instant delivery, its very big lie. I bought proxy around 12 hours ago, still nothing. I sent many tickets, no reply. I’m still waiting on proxies but i think its scam. Stay away from this company..

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  2. Took them 12 hours to actually be delivered despite it saying immediately. One of my private proxies became an immediate dud as soon as I made an Instagram account using that proxy. VERY often, my proxies went offline, I have never had a problem with that from buyProxies in my life. Then when I e-mail them for support, they cancel all my proxies. Hilarious. Do not buy from this site.

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