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What is EMU mean in Lead? (+ Best EMU Proxies to Buy)

Typically, EMU is not a long-term solution and there will always be a day when it is discovered and banned. From the moment you start EMU, you need to be prepared for the possibility of being banned, having your money deducted, or being complained about.

Over the years, the term “online making money” has been tarnished by many scams, and with the temptation of many successful online money makers using EMU, online making money is often associated with deception, impatience, and recklessness.

What exactly does EMU mean in LEAD (CPA advertising affiliate)?

EMU is short for Emulate, which means that we simulate real user actions through various methods to achieve profitability.

For new entrants to the industry, the first step is to understand the basic industry process, that is, how we make a profit from an advertising alliance: when you have a website and apply to become a promoter of a certain advertising alliance, you can extract the advertising code from the alliance’s back office, hang the advertising code on your own website to display ads, and have visitors interested in clicking on the ad and completing the basic advertising process. At this point, you will see the commission for this performance in the affiliate’s back office.

EMU, to put it simply, is how to complete the above basic process quickly and efficiently and gain profit when there is no traffic to your website and you only visit it yourself. There are no secrets, only the accumulation of time and experience.

Lead means CPA Lead, there are visitors, emails, clicks, registration, consumption, shopping, insurance, bonuses, investment, downline, and other aspects of Lead in earn guests, including training, which is actually considered Lead.

For example: a dating website needs to do promotion to recruit members, through the advertising alliance to put ads, Affiliates from this alliance get ads to put on their own website, and then there are visitors who register as members of the dating website through this advertising link, and the Affiliate can get promotion commission.”

In fact, many foreign alliances do not allow registration from China, Once you start the EMU journey, it is like taking drugs, and you will be captured by the fast money-making thrill, making it difficult to start a website with a steady heart.

In my opinion, making money online in a legitimate way can still make money, and only by being legitimate can you make money in the long run. Although you may not become rich overnight or make money quickly, the accumulated experience from long-term accumulation is definitely stronger than EMU.

On the other hand, for the sake of making friends, it is better not to overdo EMU, otherwise, in the end, everyone will have nothing to do. Of course, everyone’s values are different, and even their values will change at different times, and maybe one day I will also go to the EMU front line.

Note, Although this is possible, we do not encourage you to do so and basically all affiliate program prohibit it! It should be noted that EMU may result in TCPA Violation, which can result in fines. This means that one needs to be cautious and aware of the regulations and laws surrounding telemarketing practices, as well as the potential consequences of violating them. Violating the TCPA can result in significant monetary penalties, so it is important to make sure to follow all relevant regulations and guidelines when engaging in EMU activities.

EMUer use Socks5 Proxies

From the perspective of EMU, The EMUers use the S5 proxies to complete the advertiser’s process allows us to earn commission performance, there are lots of socks5 proxies that works for affiliate marketing,

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What do you need to prepare for EMU?

At least one English website + a translation software or plugin that suits you (I use NetEase Youdao Translation) + some S5 for operating tasks + at least one Skype.

What is SSN?

It is the U.S. Tax ID, which can be purchased by finding someone to buy it. It is an old foreign information (name, address, U.S. Tax ID, etc.).

What is S5?

It is socks5, if you are doing EMU, it is generally used to do tasks, to complete the advertiser’s task yourself, such as game registration, download and installation; some friends who do large-scale cargo also use S5 to log in to the alliance, and some people use it to register the alliance.

What is UA?

UA stands for user agent, which can be used to determine the user’s browser information based on UA information. Modifying UA can make more realistic operations.

What does Offer mean?

In the advertising alliance, we can understand Offer as a task, and we make money by obtaining a commission by operating the task.

What does SOI and DOI mean respectively?

Answer: SOI stands for Single opt in, which means that the user only needs to submit a registration form to add money, regardless of activation;

eg: To do this type of task, you generally only need to fill in an email address (the email address you fill in needs to be able to receive emails) and you can basically add money.

DOI stands for Double opt in, which means that in addition to the SOI step, the user also needs to click on the activation link in the email;

In simple terms, it means that you need to fill in a correct email address when you do the task, and after you submit the task, you also need to go to this email and click on the activation link.

What do ROI, CTR, EPC and CR mean respectively?


ROI stands for Return on Investment, meaning the return on investment rate. For example, if you invest 100 dollars in a certain offer and the output is 150 dollars, then the ROI is 150%. On the other hand, if the output is 50 dollars (which means a loss of 50 dollars), then the ROI would be -50%.


CTR stands for Click Through Rate, meaning the click rate. For example, if 100 people see your advertisement and 3 of them click on it, then your CTR would be 3%. Most PPC platforms charge lower fees per click if the advertisement’s click rate is higher.


EPC stands for Earning Per Click, meaning the earnings per click. For example, if the price of a certain offer you operate is 10 dollars, and you generate 100 clicks and convert 1, then the EPC of this offer would be 0.1 dollars.


CR stands for Conversion Rate, meaning the conversion rate. For example, if you operate a certain offer and generate 100 clicks and complete 1 conversion, then the CR of this offer would be 1%.

In the affiliate network, these metrics such as CR and EPC are just reference data, which are not very valuable for Emuers as they are mainly used as a reference for serious advertisers to choose advertisements.

Therefore, these metrics are not the reference standards for K numbers. Generally, converting 3 to 7 out of 100 clicks is normal. For registration-related offers, it is not recommended to operate a large volume of offers without research or testing, as you may bring a lot of free users who do not generate any revenue for the advertiser, which cannot be justified. The advertiser may complain about your account bringing in invalid & fraudulent performance, resulting in deduction of money or a K number.

What do the terms “Campaign”, “Creative”, and “Pixel” usually mean?

Campaign refers to an advertisement group.

A campaign can have multiple creatives, which is a term we often see in the affiliate backends.

Creative refers to the advertisement style that is shown to the user, or a sub-advertisement under a campaign. Each platform has different creatives, such as images and text for POF and Facebook, text ad for PPC, and banner for display.

Pixel is used in the corresponding advertisement parameter setting in the affiliate backends and is usually extracted from tracking tools (such as tracking202 or cpvlab). This setting allows the tracking tool to accurately track specific parameters of the conversion (such as time and traffic source).

FAQs about EMU Proxies

Why do I need an S5 proxy for EMU?

An S5 proxy for EMU is necessary because the EMU platform uses a tracking system that is designed to detect and prevent fraud. By using a proxy server, you can hide your IP address and create a separate connection to the EMU platform, helping to ensure that your commissions are credited correctly.

How many S5 proxies do I need for EMU?

The number of S5 proxies you need for EMU will depend on the number of campaigns you are running and the amount of traffic you are generating. Some users may only need a single proxy, while others may need multiple proxies to ensure that their campaigns run smoothly.

Where can I purchase S5 proxies for EMU?

There are a number of companies that sell S5 proxies for EMU, including private proxy providers and dedicated proxy providers. You can also find S5 proxies for sale on online marketplaces, also you can check out top list for socks proxies.

What should I look for when choosing an S5 proxy provider for EMU?

When choosing an S5 proxy provider for EMU, you should look for a provider that offers fast, reliable proxies with high bandwidth and low latency. You should also look for a provider that offers 24/7 support and has a good reputation in the community. Additionally, it is important to choose a provider that has a clear and transparent pricing structure, so that you can easily estimate the cost of your proxies.

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