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GreenCloudVPS has been providing hosting services since 2013. They offer windows VPS, KVM VPS and Dedicated Servers. Their VPN services are fully featured, with lots of benefits and support. And now they also offer proxies! Their VPS’re optimized for SEO tools, like GSA ser, Xumer, SenukeX, Tweetattacks, and Scrapebox. The proxies ensure online anonymity via their Reliable & Extremely Fast server network. They offer very affordable proxy plans that meet the basic needs of most proxy users. Due to their proxy services being newer than their VPN services, they aren’t as fully featured as some of the competition, but they’re a great option for those just starting out, or those wanting a cheaper option.

Now more and more Dedicated Server providers are offering private proxy services, such as SolidProxies and PowerUpHosting. The IP addresses and Internet hosting are great online resources for internet marketing. It’s not difficult to offer private proxies when talking to an internet hosting provider. Private proxies offer a high level of privacy and anonymity, making it easy to keep your data safe and secure. They’re great for browsing the internet securely, running SEO tools, copping sneakers, and more! So it’s great to see that services like GreenCloudVPS and others are adopting the practice of providing private proxies.


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Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated Proxies are used only by you, so the IP address is entirely control by you. This is different from a shared proxy, which is used by not only you, but several other users. This is an issue because it slows down your browsing speed, and it can lead to the IP address your using being banned on certain sites if other users misuse the address. Their dedicated proxies are fast and secure. Dedicated proxies refresh IP address every 30 days, which helps reduce the effects from bans. Fresh IPs are the most secure and long-lasting, so it’s a very nice feature that they update your addresses every month.

Their Proxies come with High Speed, and you can get IPs from both the USA and from Europe. They offer the ability to use both username and password authentication methods, so no matter where you are trying to access your proxies from, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Dedicated  Proxies Price Subnets
5 Proxies $10 1
10 Proxies $20 2
20 Proxies $70 2
30 Proxies $50 4
50 Proxies $80 4
100 Proxies $150 4

Dedicated proxies are a great option for more serious users, or for users needing to manage multiple tools at once. Because you are not having to share your connection with other users, you have a higher level of ownership over the proxies that you are using, making serious tasks less prone to failure. These servers are little more expensive than the semi-dedicated alternatives, but if you need a reliable connection that won’t be blocked or slowed down, they are the best option to go with. Their prices are very fair when compared to the competition. Keep in mind though that they do not offer a money back guarantee on their dedicated private proxies.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

GreenCloudVPS also Offers Semi-Dedicated proxies with Multiple Subnets & Locations. They provide low-cost Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies at an affordable price. ‘Semi-dedicated’ is another name for shared proxies, meaning that these proxies are shared with other users. Again, keep in mind that this means bans will be more frequent, and browsing speeds will be slower. Semi-dedicated proxies are better suited for casual use rather than serious users. They’re also a nice budget friendly option for those looking to save some money.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies Price Subnets
10 Proxies $10 2
20 Proxies $20 3
30 Proxies $25 3
50 Proxies $40 5
60 Proxies $50 5
100 Proxies $75 6+

Each semi-dedicated proxy is shared with a max of 3 users, so even though you are sharing it with other users, it’s still a pretty low amount. Also, it should be noted that GreenCloudVPS shared proxies do not work with sneaker sites, so if your needs are for copping sneakers, you should get one of their dedicated proxy plans. In general, shared proxies aren’t good for sneaker sites because they can be banned much faster than on other sites.


Their prices are in the mid to low range when compared to the competition, making them an affordable option. They’re a great choice for casual users, or those just venturing into the world of proxy providers. They accept payments from PayPal, credit cards, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, WeChatPay, AliPay, bank transfers, and Webmoney, so regardless of your preferred payment method they should have you covered.

Also, it is extremely important to note that they do not offer a money back guarantee for proxy servers. They do offer this for other services they offer, but not for their proxies, so don’t be misled. I see this as a downside to the service, but it’s a consequence of the lower price you are paying for the service. It takes around 24 hours for your order to be approved because they check each order through their Anti-Fraud team to make sure there aren’t erroneous requests.


For the low price that they offer their plans at, they have pretty decent performance. All of their servers are capable of 99.99% uptime, so your speeds and connection will be very stable. They also work with all of your various softwares with exceptional speeds, so you can accomplish your SEO tasks and needs without any delay. They’re a great service for driving traffic on your various sites very quickly. This is great because so many other proxy providers make high claims about the kind of performance that their proxies offer, but when you actually use them, they don’t live up to the claims. GreenCloudVPS servers are one of the few higher quality proxy providers that is able to meet the claims it makes about the speed and stability of the proxies.


GreenCloudVPS’s proxy plans are completely scalable, meaning you can upgrade or downgrade your plans at anytime based on your current needs. They also provide you with full root access. This means that you can have full control and access over your servers remotely through a desktop connection or an SSH connection. They also have a feature filled control panel, like most providers, that allows you to monitor and make changes to your various proxies at any time. This control panel is very user friendly, and makes dealing with issues on your servers very easy. They also have an experienced support team of IT specialists that is available 24/7 year round.


They offer 23 locations world wide, with the majority of their locations being in the US. This is pretty standard among proxy providers, so nothing too special here. They cover all of the primary locations that users could want, without offering anything exceptional. If IP address locations aren’t of much concern to you, than they should be perfectly suited to your needs. But if you’re needing specific and varied locations, for things like getting around geo restrictions, then it might be in your best interest to consider other options.

GreencloudVPS Proxy Server Location

GreencloudVPS Proxy Server Location

Customer Support

They have a pretty sophisticated ticket support system for submitting questions or issues to their customer support team. Their customer support is available day and night year round, and is made up of IT specialists with years of experience. They also have a Frequently Asked Questions section with some helpful resources on common issues and tutorials for things like paying with Bitcoin and managing your proxies. It’s not as fully stocked with help as other services are, but it covers enough topics that you should find the answers to most questions. The site itself is a little lackluster, however. Navigating is tricky, and it’s clear that the site hasn’t been updated in a while. It shouldn’t impact how well your experience using their proxies actually is, but just keep in mind that navigating the site to find what you’re looking for might be tricky.

Our Verdict

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GreenCloudVPS is a great choice for those with simple proxy needs. If you’re just starting to explore the world of proxy servers, or just need a server for more casual uses, then they have you covered. But if you’re looking for a sophisticated, feature packed service that will exceed your needs, then there are plenty of other great options that will keep you more satisfied. They do, however, have a great VPN service, if that’s something that you’re in the market for.

If you have purchased GreenCloudVPS Proxies and have some feedback that you’d like to share, we’d appreciate it if you came back and shared your review here! Hopefully you found our review helpful!

GreenCloudVPS Proxies Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies AND Dedicated Private Proxies
  • Proxies for Ticketmaster and Nike Proxies
  • SEO Tools (GSA search engine ranker, Scrapebox, Xrumer, SenukeX, Tweetattacks…) Proxies – No program restrictions
  • Accept Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and WMZ.
  • C class subnets available

For More Information Click to Greencloudvps.com

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