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How to Setup and Manage Your Mobile Proxy Server with Proxy-Seller

Do you want to know how to set up and make your mobile proxy server farm with the solution provided by Proxy-Seller? Come in now and read our expert guide.

As a medium-scale business or an enterprise using mobile proxies heavily, while using mobile proxies from a provider takes away the burden of management and dealing with hardware, it keeps your cost high while not still having control over the proxies. There is a better solution which is setting up your own mobile proxy server farm and managing it yourself with the help of Proxy-Seller 4G/5G management solution.

Proxy-Seller offer a mobile proxy setup and management service. This service will ship the hardware to you and help you manage it. The system is designed in such a way that it’s a plug-and-play system without you needing the service of a network admin.

To configure and use. If you already have the hardware required, you don’t need to get the hardware from them, you can join and get them to manage it for you and pay for just that monthly. You can setup from 1 modem up to the number you want but their starter kit has 5 modems in it.

A Case for Proxy-Seller Mobile Proxy Solution

If you are to use a dedicated mobile proxy from a provider such as Proxy-Seller itself or other providers like TheSocialProxy, you will pay between $60 to $150 per proxy depending on the geo-location of the mobile IP. If you need 20 IPs, then this will cost anything between $1200 to $3000. Even with this, you still don’t have full control over your proxy.

However, if you were to own your own mobile proxy hardware and just pay for the management from Proxy-Seller, then you would only pay between $8 to $10 per proxy monthly, depending on the specific plan you want. At this price, you will only have to pay between $160 to $200 monthly for the 20 proxies you setup which is way cheaper.+

pay for the management from Proxy-Seller
However, you need to consider the initial setup cost as you need to purchase the hardware kit which will cost you roughly the same amount you will spend for the first month if you were to use a provider. Take, for instance, to purchase the kit with 20 modem dongles, you will need to pay $1199 for the kit which is roughly the same price you pay per month if you were to use a mobile proxy provider for 20 mobile proxies.

This means you will spend your one-month cost on getting the equipment and pay the $8 – $10 per proxy monthly for managing. This is a good value for the money while still owning the equipment. Accepted, you will need to be responsive for repairs, Internet subscription costs, and electricity to power the system. Even with these, you still spend far less than if you were to just purchase the proxy directly from the provider.

Required Equipment for Setting Up a Mobile Proxy Server

Below is the equipment you need in order to set up a mobile proxy server regardless of whether you want to get the hardware yourself or you want them to send them to you.

A Mini PC or Server

Also known as a micro server, this is basically the brain of your setup. It is what maintains the connection between your modems and the Proxy-Seller system. For a small setup that can handle up to 20 modems, you can cut costs and use a simple TV tuner as it is built on modern hardware and can handle multiple modems. You need a drive for this which can be a Micro SD card or a flash drive and should have the Ambient OS installed.


Here, you have the option of using either modems or Smartphones as they are the easy ways you can get mobile IPs from an ISP in your location. I recommend you go with Modems as they are the cheaper option here. Each modem will get a dedicated IP so if you need 20 dedicated IPs at a time, you need 20 modems

SIM cards

Each of the modems you purchased needs a SIM card. I recommend you purchase SIM cards from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) or carriers that offer super fast speed and unlimited tariff plans. If you settle for those with unlimited tariff plans, that is an added management cost you will have to deal with.


You need a host for your modems as your mini server can’t have the number of ports you need. When getting a USB hub, get the one that can accommodate the number of modems you have. You can even get one that can accommodate more to leave room for adding more modems in the future. But for a 20 modem setup, you need a USB port with 20 modems.

Monitor, Keyboard, and Cables, and Adapters

For the setup proxies, you need a display and a keyboard. You should opt for a full HD display monitor. You need to connect the micro server which in our case is a TV tuner to the Internet and you can use an ethernet cable for that. At this point, you can’t use Wi-Fi. You also have other cables including the Type A to Type B cable for connecting your USB hub to the TV tuner.

Mobile Proxy Control Panel

You need a way to manage your modems, control traffic, and optimize the modem operations. This is what you will pay Proxy-Seller for and that is at a cost of $8 – $10 per proxy. If you like, you can develop a custom solution but unless you have an experienced person with cybersecurity skills, you are better off using the solution by Proxy-Seller. This is because even if you have a custom solution built, you still need to manage it and pay someone to do that.

Note: You can get the equipment from Proxy-Seller if you don’t have them yet. One of the advantages of getting them from Proxy-Seller is that the microserver will come with the Ambient OS already installed. Buying from them means you have a setup built specifically for their system too.

Pricing for Proxy-Seller Custom Mobile Proxy Hardware

The cost of the equipment depends on the number of USB modems. For the 5 dongle kits, you pay $399. If you are to go for 10 dongle kits, you pay $699, $1199 for the 20 dongle kits, and $1999 for 40 dongle kits. If you need a custom package, you can speak to their support team and they will deliver.

Pricing for Proxy-Seller Custom Mobile Proxy HardwareAs you can see, the cost per proxy reduces with the larger setup. Each of the kits comes with the appropriate number of USB models and the USB hub with ports that can accommodate them, a microserver with a drive that has the Ambient OS installed, as well as all of the cables and adapters required to set it up. Proxy-Seller delivers worldwide.

This is a newbie setup and you don’t need any technical know-how to make use of this. It is important you know that you will be responsible for providing the SIM cards.

How to Setup the Hardware and Manage Your Mobile Proxies

In this section, I will guide you on how to set up the hardware together and get them to work. It is important you know that this is a plug-and-play setup with minimal effort from your end.

  1. Connect the USB hub to power using the black power cable that comes with it.

Connect the USB hub to power

  1. Connect the USB hub to the micro-server. I am using a TV tuner in this guide and as such, a Type A to Type B cable will do the job.

Connect the USB hub to the micro-server

  1. The next step is to connect the ethernet cable to the TV tuner in other to provide it Internet connectivity.
  2. You can then insert the memory card into the TV tuner. Remember, it should have the Ambient OS installed. If you purchase the kit from Proxy-Seller, then you will already have an SD card with the Ambient OS installed.blank
  1. You can then insert SIM cards into the modems and plug them into the USB hub.
  2. Connect the TV tuner to the monitor and get the keyboard connected to it.
  3. Power on the TV tuner and you will notice a command line interface opens showing some processes.

Power on the TV tuner new

  1. Once it is done booting, it will request for username and password for authorization. The default username and password are root and root-123 respectively

default username and password

  1. You can then pair your setup with the Proxy-Seller mobile panel. The URL for that is found in the mobile panel setup section on the Proxy-Seller website.

mobile panel setup section on the proxy-seller website

  1. Log into the mobile panel and you will see your mobiles and the options to set and configure them as you like. You can pause a particular proxy, set IP rotation time, or even create a manual request link.


With the steps above, you should be able to set up your own mobile proxies to give you more control, and a higher level of reliability while still being cheaper than purchasing proxies directly from providers. It is important you know that while this is great, it only makes sense if you want IP addresses from your region.

If you want IPs from other regions other than the one you are in, then your only option is to purchase mobile proxies from a provider and Proxy-Seller is still a great choice for that too.

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