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What is the HTTP Proxies and Types of HTTP proxies

What is the HTTP Proxies and HTTP proxy server

HTTP proxies is that proxies use on HTTP proxy server.HTTP proxy server is a proxy, allowing working on the Internet with HTTP and (not always) FTP protocols. It (as well as other proxy servers) can carry out caching of information downloaded from the Internet.

Types of  HTTP proxies

HTTP proxy servers have several anonymity levels.That may hides the original users’ IP address and other details from the remote server.  It depends on purposes, which a proxy is used for.Regarding HTTP proxies, there are 3 types.

1. Transparent.

these proxies are not anonymous. They, first, let a web server know that there is used a proxy server and, secondly, “give away” an IP-address of a client. The task of such proxies, as a rule, is information caching and/or support of Internet access for several computers via single connection.

2. Anonymous (hides your IP but identifies itself as a proxy)

these proxy servers let a remote computer (web-server) know, that there is used a proxy, however, they do not pass an IP-address of a client.

3. High Anonymous (hides your IP and doesn’t identify itself as a proxy)

they do not send your IP-address to a remote computer. Also, they do not inform that there is used any proxy server! So, a web-server “thinks” that it works directly with a client.So private proxy service use this type of proxies.


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