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Instagram proxies on FollowLiker to manage IG accounts


Instagram bot of FollowLikerFor beginners on Instagram, you can easily create a number of accounts by using software that simulates the Instagram app on your computer such as BlueStack.

Also, You can make use of certain bots such as instagram accounts service or instagram Bots to serves as Instagram marketing for your needs as well as earning good profits out of Instagram.


Use FollowLiker to manage your IG accounts


There are mainly two type of instagram bots online.

1. instagram accounts bots service.

2. instagram bots Tools or softwares

Some of different we’ve already discuss in the past, you Click to Page of Instagram proxy service to visit. Here i will show you one of great instagram bots tool named FollowLiker.



FollowLiker is a great instagram bots for marketing by self control, I really like to use it. Compare with the  monthly fee of instagram accounts service, the Follow Liker Instagram Edition 1 Account License cost $57.99, 5 Accounts License cost $77.99, Unlimited Accounts License cost $97.99, That’s all (one-time payment).


Here is a video about   “Ultimate FollowLiker Beginner Tutorial”  by Aaron Ward who is really great on the Instagram Marketing,  From the video you can know  How to set up your task on FollowLiker  to run it on your Instagram account automation, also share their experience on how to keep the IG accounts safe.



Get Best Instagram Proxies for Instagram BOT


If you are going to use bots, make sure that you have a steady supply of Instagram proxies so that you will never run out of accounts.That can help save a lot of your time. There are a lot of  Instagram proxies available online.

I also use the bots to manage some of accounts, and i use SSLPrivateProxy and it works well, you can Read SSLPrivateProxy Reviews for more detail, also you can try other proxy service,

squid proxies service
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yourprivateproxy proxies service
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myprivateproxy service
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But you know the Instagram really strict with the IP, all service have limited IPs, so you can find other service providers to test.


How to use Instagram for your marketing


Using the Instagram application, your first step is to register your first account with the username of your choice that is quite appealing. Take note that you can utilize any email address since there is no confirmation needed. You can easily create several accounts in just a single day. As for the photo you will use, you should choose an attractive photo.

You can check out suitable products to promote through the popular pages on Instagram. Take note that the ideal products are those that has something to do with online money making, dating and many more.

It is best to look for an affiliate network that offers good products to promote. You can check out clickbank.com , adsendmedia.com or maxbounty.com. Just make sure that the affiliate company allows social traffic. Since people are using Instagram to view the products, make sure that that you will find a product that can be viewed well on a mobile device.

Use Instagram proxies for xGram Bot and Botstagram

[Update] Both xGram Bot and Botstagram have already quit the historical stage.

With Instagram proxies, you can make use of bots such as xGram Bot and Botstagram. Just take note that when using bots, there is likelihood that your accounts will get banned, thus you need to be prepared to have a steady supply of accounts and Instagram proxies.

Some of the bots utilize the API, which leaves a trail behind, thus accounts can be banned faster. With Botstagram, you can send about 100 comments every hour per account as well as 150 follows and likes every hour per account.

The drawbacks with this bot are utilization of the Instagram API; single threaded and has no account creator. For xGram Bot, it can run up to 100 threads along with numerous likes, follows and comments. Additionally, it can mass endorse a photo, scrape images, upload and watermark photos, unfollow, renew profile and plan tasks. 

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