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Hide your IP Address with Private Proxy

what is your IP address

You may have often heard of people talking about IP addresses and wondered exactly what they are.

They are mentioned frequently when the subject of computers comes up, and knowing what an IP address is will help you understand how the internet and computers in general function.

what is Your IP address?

When trying to determine what your exact IP address is, try looking on a popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo!  Most likely, your search will generate lots of results which you can then follow to find your IP address. Good search terms are: “what is my IP address?” or “what’s my IP?”,Also on the sidebar i think you already know your IP.

Format of  IP address

You will be able to recognize an IP address as a series of numbers that resemble a phone number. It will have four numbers that are between 0 and 255 – and in between each number, there will be a period. If you are in any way tech-savvy, you will be able to pinpoint someone’s location through an IP number, just as you can determine someone’s location from a phone’s area code. In fact, there are web addresses that can tell you this information. IP addresses work the same as phone numbers in that they are essential for communicating with other networks.

There are so many IP addresses in the world now that soon they may actually surpass the total world population. If and when that eventually happens, the format of IP addresses (0 – 255) may have to change. For now, though, this is the standard format that is in use across the globe.


WHY need hide your IP address


  • The IP address expose your geographical location.When you visit a website,the website owner can be easily find where are you,that’s not kidding,that’s same as the phone numbers, you can see +1 5109963969 is from California,also the IP address is also assigned by the location.
  • The IP address expose your ISP – internet service provider.Lots of your information is routed and stored by ISP,including browser information that may be involved your credit card information and so on.
  • The IP address expose your privacy.Every time you start threads on forum,your privacy is exposed,even you’re use google search,the google also record your behaviour such as,search terms,cookies and page of history…
  • Your IP can“mask”by hacker.Do you use paypal? Except username/password,the IP address is the most important authentication,When a hacker get your username/password online,the hacker will be traced back to you as your IP,then it’s easy to transfer your money on paypal.


Hide your IP Address with Private Proxy


There’re lots of Benefits to Hide your IP Address.I still recommend Private Proxy to you, It’s can be,

  • Bypass IP restricted & Bypass firewall blocks.Such as find a US private proxy to unblock Youtube,Hulu,netflix…UK IP Address to unblock BBC iplayer…IPs of china for Youku.
  • Avoid spam or Many request.The IP Address help you Unblock Applications.Such as Google voice,Craigslist,facebook, twitter,gmail,More IPs = More accouts = More requests.
  • Provides anonymity.That’s can prevent identity theft online and security when you’re shopping.


Last, “How to use Private Proxy to hide your IP?” – It’s easy to find a top proxy service on my home page, proxy is no software needed. You can refer to “How to Use Private proxy in IE FireFox Chrome?” that was the earlier writen to know how to config proxy.

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