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Update: Virgin IPs? No, Lime proxies are offered 100% Recycled IPs and really bad service, 100% stay away those guys!

LimeProxies is a private proxies service provider, offer the premium proxies with virgin IPs. It’s Great for Posting Classified Ads, Bypassing Ticketing websites.

Relatively expensive premium private proxies – Free trial is Available!

  • You can get 2 days Free trial to one proxy
  • Support Socks5 protocol – Good for gaming online
  • Customer Support is Available 24/7 with Live Chat

LimeProxies is a data center private proxies provider, designed to deliver next generation enterprise proxy network covering 40+ countries and 100+ cities with over 100gbps network capacity assuring 99% uptime.

Lime Proxies not only provides private proxies but also offer Socks5 Private Proxies and international Private Proxies. Lime Proxies optimize their proxies  for Craigslist, Ticketmaster and online Gaming.

Now Lime Proxies offer a free trial for their proxy  services. All you have to do is verify your phone number! This is a great option that not many other services provide. You can try any Private, Premium, and SOCKS proxy products for up to 2 days for free without any risk. They also offer a 3 day money back guarantee, giving you a potential 5 days of free trial. This should help you decide for yourself if the concerning customer reviews are indeed accurate.

Proxies Pricing & Packages

LimeProxies mainly offer two type of proxies, Private Proxies and Premium Proxies, Both Private and Premium proxies are the same datacenter dedicated proxies, the main different is the IPs of the proxies which are fresh or not.

Private Proxies are Recycled IPs - Not recommend

Here is Private Proxies packages that Lime proxiesservice provided,

Private Proxies PlanPriceNote
 1 Private Proxy $4.99Recycled but Exclusive to use
10 Private Proxies  $9.992 Locations/5 Subnets
25 Private Proxies  $24.9924/7 Customer Support
100 Private Proxies  $99.99Socks cannot be enabled

Those proxies are the cheap but note all are recycled IPs which mean already use by other before and  the maximum speed of only 100Mbps. Also they do not offer Nike proxy services.

They allow up to 100 concurrent threads by default, but you can increase this limit upon request. You also cannot use their proxies for emailing, spam, abuse, accessing e-commerce sites such as PayPal, eBay, or Scrapebox, xRumer, or any forum commenting software.

And you can only get the Locations of the Data centers from Miami, San Jose, Berkeley, Long Beach, Dublin and Germany, I am not suggest you use those proxies for the social network website, especially for Instagram and Snapchat. Also, This packages not support Classified Ads / CL and Ticketing Sites.

Custom locations are available on a premium proxies package which cost much more.

Premium Proxies are Virgin IPs

Virgin IPs are IP addresses that have never been used before. This means that sites that typically block remote proxies will be much less likely to realize that you are accessing the site from a proxy. That makes them great for Gaming, and Mass Posting GEO Classified. So if you have had problems with your IP addresses getting blocked in the past, this may be the culprit. LimeProxies proxies will not have this problem since they offer the highest quality virgin proxies. They specialize in both HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, If you’re looking for virgin proxies, Lime Proxies is a great option to consider.

Here is premium Private Proxies packages that Lime proxies service provides,

Proxies PlanPrice
 1 Premium Proxy $4.99Virgin IPs with 1 Gbps Speed
 10 Premium Proxies  $19.9740 GEO location you can choose
 50 Premium Proxies  $29.97Free Setup / Easy to use
 100 Premium Proxies  $53.97Socks can be enabled

Those proxies are really expensive for using Virgin IPs, which means they have never been used by other users. So the price is understandably high. The maximum speed these servers are capable of is up to 1 Gbps. This packages supports Classified Ads / CL and Social Media, instagram, Twitter, Youtube and etc., so if your needs fall into any of those categories, you will be just fine settling on one of these options.

But they do not work with Ticketing Sites, so you will need to go with one of their ticketing packages. Here is their special proxies packages for Ticketing,

ticketing proxies

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DataCenter Locations

There’s a sister company with LimeProxies named as LimeVPN, So Limeproxies offers the Multiple  Datacenters in Different Geographic Locations, that covering 40+ countries and more than 30 US cities.

Limeproxies datacenter locations

Athens (GA)USA
Atlanta (GA)USA
Berkeley (CA)USA
Boise (ID)USA
Buffalo (NY)USA
Charleston (SC)USA
Davenport (IA)USA
Denver (CO)USA
Dover (DE)USA
Dublin (CA)USA
Florence (CO)USA
Fresno (CA)USA
Hartford (CT)USA
Huntington Station (NY)USA
Indianapolis (IN)USA
Jacksonville (FL)USA
Long Beach (CA)USA
Miami (FL)USA
Newark (NJ)USA
Oakland (CA)USA
Oakland (CA)USA
Orlando (FL)USA
Portland (OR)USA
Rowland Heights (CA)USA
San Jose (CA)USA
Springfield (IL)USA
Tucson (AZ)USA
Valencia (CA)USA
Walnut (CA)USA
Walnut (CA)USA
Wichita (KS)USA

Australia119.xxx.xxx.xxx 193.xxx.xxx.xxx 103.xxx.xxx.xxx 119.xxx.xxx.xxx
Brazil191.xxx.xxx.xxx 181.xxx.xxx.xxx
Germany77.xxx.xxx.xxx 193.xxx.xxx.xxx 194.xxx.xxx.xxx 185.xxx.xxx.xxx 31.xxx.xxx.xxx
India45.xxx.xxx.xxx 103.xxx.xxx.xxx
Italy193.xxx.xxx.xxx 192.xxx.xxx.xxx
Netherland91.xxx.xxx.xxx 185.xxx.xxx.xxx
PortugalPortuguese Republic
South Africa154.xxx.xxx.xxx
Spain5.xxx.xxx.xxx 193.xxx.xxx.xxx
United Kingdom192.xxx.xxx.xxx 78.xxx.xxx.xxx 5.xxx.xxx.xxx 178.xxx.xxx.xxx 77.xxx.xxx.xxx 193.xxx.xxx.xxx

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Authentication & Use

Proxies use IP authentication by default with a set maximum of IPs allowed. You can request to use username and password authentication if you desire. Lime Proxies developed their own control panel, After complete the registration, You will be given a VIP user control panel. You will be able to download and check your proxies, including their locations, and you can request new proxies every month, You can also let your proxies supports Socks5 protocol,

lime proxies details

Proxy Authentication uses both User & Pass based and IP based authentication that allows up to 5 incoming IP address.

meproxies authentication

Limeproxies offer the API for request their proxies also,  If you need to use the API, You have to login https://panel.limeproxies.com/go/profile which you can easily get your API Call which is URL like,


Update - 2018.08.12I purchased and used their 10 Premium Proxies for the foot sites, works well on Footaction.com, Eastbay.com, Footlocker.com, Yeezysupply.com, But Note you can not use it for Nike for only 2/10 proxies works for Nike.

Free Trial Now
Free Trial Now

Ask one premium proxy to test for your purpose.

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Customer Service

They offer a typical ticket support system, as well as a few direct email addresses for more specific needs.

There is also a phone number available for contact. The site layout is a little strange, and finding things can be a little difficult. It isn’t unusable, only a little troublesome.

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Our Verdict

3.1 Total Score
100% SCAM!

Price & Value
Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
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Limeproxies Highlights

  • Highly Anonymous / Elite Proxies
  • Proxies for Ticketing and Gaming Proxies available
  • Multi-Location Private Proxies
  • FREE IP Replacement Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Fresh IPs and Support Socks Proxy
  • Supported: Craigslist,Twitter, Youtube and etc
  • Not Supported: Scrapebox, Xrumer
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  1. Professional approach, great customer service – in my IM career I tried a lot of private proxies, but with lime proxies I got best of everything. Quality proxies, professional support, almost instant desirability and you can easily manage your proxies within their members dashboard

    • 44444
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
  2. They advertise a free trial but do not deliver. I signed up, never heard back. I put in a trouble ticket, never heard back. I even went onto their chat, asked why they did not respond to my request, never heard back.

    I just wanted to test one day to see if it would be an easy match for my wife to use while traveling, she gets blocked. Long story short, ONE STAR for having bad customer service and not doing what they advertise.

    Do not waste your time to this bad service.

    • 11111
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
  3. have been using the proxies for gaming. it has really low ping and fast speeds
    Also great customer support.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
  4. Lime proxies tick all the boxes when it comes to speed, volume of proxies and geo spread. However their support is shockingly bad. We recently had a weeks worth of downtime without recompense.

    • 22222
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 11111
  5. This is the only provider who sells high speed proxies with 100+ subnets. I have tried several others and limeproxies has been the best so far. If you are looking for great support with great proxies, you can certainly go with them

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
  6. Really bad support. Due to inexperienced workers they accidently closed my account and it took around a week for them to find out the reason. Special packages are not integrated well into their control panel, id really advice to go somewhere else

    • 11111
    • 22222
    • 44444
    • 11111
  7. I tried several other proxy companies for high end web scraping.. But most of the providers either had slow proxy speeds or didn’t have good support.

    Limeproxies happened to offer the best proxy speeds among all. We were able to get 800 mbps speed on 500+ threads with no throttling. Love their self managed control panel which makes ordering and managing a ease. Highly recommended.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
  8. Limeproxies managed proxy control panel rocks. Provides the best mix of subnets from several locations.

    Highly recommended if you are looking for quality service.

    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 55555
  9. I have worked with various proxy providers and limeproxies is the best when you compare with other providers… Also their after sales tech support is excellent… Their proxy speeds are so amazing. I was able to get full 1 gbps speed only their servers.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • Awful customer service. Very rude and not helpful. Also, beware they will fill proxy order with one of your old orders. All my proxies were dead and not replacebale.

      • 11111
      • 11111
      • 11111
      • 11111

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