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Mexela is a relatively new proxy service which provides both private proxies and shared proxies. They specialize in SEO softwares and web scraping capabilities. Mexela offers dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated proxies. Also offers special proxies packages for Nike and sneakers sites such as Supreme, Eastbay, Adidas, Finishline and BNB, AIO bot. This makes them one of the better choices for someone considering or needing a proxy server for copping sneakers.

After I tested their proxies, the speed is fast, and the IP address is fresh to use. The downside is that the support is not as fast as other services. It’s a cheap proxy provider, offering value proxies at a reasonable price.

Key Points

Coming onto the scene in 2014, Mexela has made a reputation for itself by providing excellent dedicated data center proxies and taking care of customers’ needs and concerns. Few proxy providers offer the consistent high quality and excellent service that Mexela offers. They have a variety of packages to choose from designed to meet your specific needs, each with its own advantages. Their proxy servers across the US and Europe number more than 300,000, all with fast connections, high anonymity, and unlimited bandwidth. They are consistently rated as one of the top ten data center proxy providers. Users seem to love Mexela, and we don’t blame them.

They are highly liked by users for a reason. That said, they are lacking in a few areas, particularly with their refund times, the inability to pick specific servers outside of the US/Europe, and limited payment options. So if you need a reliable sneaker proxy package, or affordable dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies, with few other specifications, then you can’t go wrong. But if you want a little more bang for your buck, it might be worth considering other options.

Mexela Proxies Pricing and Packages

Here are the Private Proxies packages that Mexela service offer:

Dedicated Proxies Price/Month Price/Proxy
5 Proxies $10 $2.00
 10 Proxies  $20 $2.00
 20 Proxies  $40 $2.00
 40 Proxies  $70 $1.75
60 Proxies $100 $1.66
80 Proxies $130 $1.63
100 Proxies $150 $1.50
200 Proxies $290 $1.45
500 Proxies $650 $1.30

Also, You can get SemiDedicated Proxies that’s share between a max of 3 users. It’s  usually great for GSA, Scrapebox and other SEO tools. They are slightly cheaper than their dedicated counterparts.

Semi – Dedicated Proxies Price/Month Price/Proxy
10 Proxies $10 $1.00
20 Proxies $20 $1.00
30 Proxies $25 $0.83
40 Proxies $35 $0.88
60 Proxies $50 $0.83
80 Proxies $65 $0.81
100 Proxies $75 $0.75
500 Proxies $275 $0.55
1000 Proxies $500 $0.50
1100 Proxies $550 $0.50
2025 Proxies $1500 $0.74

Nike Proxies Price/Month Price/Proxy
50 Proxies $150 $3.00
 100Proxies  $300 $3.00

Here are the specialized sneaker proxies that Mexela offers. They offer support for Nike, along with other major shoe brands. The smallest package they offer starts at 50 proxies because the IPs are usually quickly blocked by Nike and other sites. By buying a bigger package, you are giving yourself more IP addresses to use up before they are all blocked.

They offer a 24 hour full refund policy for any package, which is a little shorter of a time frame than most other providers, but still a generous offer at the end of the day.

Proxy Authentication

Proxies are requiring user/pass authentication in default. If your program doesn’t support user/pass for the proxies, you can use IP Authentication without user/pass from max 2 IPs in the same time.


Fast Support – Just to test their support team I emailed them asking for help on an imaginary problem (had no problems at all with this provider) and to my surprise they answered back in 2 minutes! So even though they have no Live chat I consider this a feature because of how responsive they are.

No Limits – With great ping speeds and a cheap price I was thinking there must be a flaw! I was thinking their bandwidth is probably limited and boy was I wrong. It is really unlimited. This will be perfect for any projects, even while using it I had forgot to log out because of how fast it was. They never charge extra, no matter how much bandwidth you use.

Customized – Knowing how responsive this company is you should have no issues with asking them for something specific. They openly advertise this on their site because they take pride in being all for you. This is a good sign, also being a reputable company its hard to not try them out.

Locations- This provider has over 300,000 proxies in countries like, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. This means you have an abundance of choices because this isn’t the only countries they have. With a selection like this its possible to easily hide your footprint because sites like Facebook and Instagram have very advanced technology working against marketers and having lets say 5 proxies in Canada and 5 in USA it makes it harder for them to track you down.

100% Legal – This is so important for so many reasons, it should be self explanatory but using proxies from shady companies has a risk of them being stolen. People on the internet are not always good people and some companies surprisingly have huge amounts of hacked computers. What they call a zombie network and seeing how there’s a demand for proxies they come in and sell under priced proxies. Its under priced for a reason because it’s stolen and if you purchasing from companies like this you are at risk of prosecution from the Law.

API – This is why I love this company they try to make it as easy as possible to do everything. This is why even when setting up it was so easy i didn’t need any help but this company has .txt files set aside for people who would need its API to be able to add it to whatever they need it for easier and faster.

Proxy Rotate- If you want new proxies every month it’s easily done just by emailing them. This is especially useful when using sneaker proxies, which have a high probability of being blocked by popular sneaker sites. By rotating your proxies each month, you make it harder for those sites to block you, allowing your proxy to perform its automation. With the abundance of private proxies, you can’t go wrong with this provider.

Mexela Proxies great for- The proxies are great for GSA ser – you can get the review on GSA with MEXELA proxies, And on their websites show good for scrapebox, facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, youtube, twitter, supreme, barneys, Nike ..And, Their proxies aren’t nice for craiglist, Scraping, hacking


  • Does not support SOCKS
  • Credit card payment is not accepted at this time. They only accept Bitcoin and PayPal
  • Not as diverse of locations as competitors
  • Unless a user is selecting proxies in the USA or Europe, they can’t choose specific locations

10 Proxies - $20.00

Our Verdict

With a straightforward sign up process, competitive prices, and lots of packages to meet any needs, there’s definitely a lot of praise to be had for Mexela.

Thanks for reading! If you have purchased or do purchase any of their packages, please share your review and experience in the comments.

Mexela Proxies Features

  • Highly Anonymous / Elite Proxies
  • Fresh IP Replacement Guarantee every 30 days
  • Pretty fast Proxy Service
  • Supported: Nike,Omegle,GSA ser, scrapebox, facebook, instagram, youtube,twitter, google, linkedin
  • Not Supported: craiglist, Scraping,hacking
  •  24 hour money back guarantee 
9.1 Total Score

Price & Value
Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
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For More Information Go to mexela.com

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  1. Mexela is super trash once they put up the price they didnt really wanna give the old customers the same service do too the payment was 50 dollars less. nike proxies aren’t available because they suck.

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    • Not Rated
  2. I used them for footsies. Was able to cop using there proxies. U were atone point able to just use dedicated proxies to do this. Now they have separated them into their own category, which are now a bit more expensive.

    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
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  3. Honest review here; Mexela has some of the best proxy performance that I have tried and tested thus far. All proxy speeds are well above 100 Mbps with some addresses reaching into the 250 Mbps area.

    Support via Twitter is speedy and responsive and super helpful. Checkout on their site is easy. The proxy list you’ve subscribed to accessed and managed very well on their site.

    Setup beforehand is also smooth, all you do is send them a URL of the site you wish to access with your proxy list, and they come through with X amount of dedicated/password protected addresses. Will definitely recommend to anyone seeking affordable proxy service.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
  4. i order mexela proxies for nike release, and the proxies works well.
    the support is fast and reasonable.
    i try like the mexela the most,it’s should on top 3!

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    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
  5. I LIKE it’s nike proxies,its help me a lot.The support is excellent,Some of the proxies were banned by nike, when i submit a ticket for replacing the proxies,the new proxies have replaced in 12 hours.

    • 55555
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