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NewIPNow is a cheap shared private proxy provider, Its worth to try If you’re no much budget.

Offer Cheap HTTP/HTTPS Anonymous proxies

  • Unlimited bandwidth & Fast Servers
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Support

NewIpNow is another one of old proxy providers from 2011, that’s why their sites looks not so nice, NewIpNow not just a web proxy but also provides private IPs that work with all browsers and any program that uses HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

NewIPNow offer the premium paid proxies which a same as shared proxies, But they are good to manage on it. You can work on GSA, Scrapebox, Cragslist, TweetAttacks, Webmail and so on…

Their Proxy cost $1 per IP and reasonable to offer 7 days money back guarantee! So, Its not bad to test for your purpose.

If our proxies do not suit your needs, let us know within 7 days of ordering and expect to receive a full refund”.

Proxies Pricing & Packages

Here is the Sample packages that NewIpNow service provided, You can use their proxies for Yahoo, eBay, Google, Facebook, etc. You can get dedicated IPs that start from $5/month.

Proxies Plan Price Multiple Cities/Subnets Features
 5 Proxies  $5 2/2 Instant Setup
 10 Proxies   $10 2/4 Easy to use
 50 Proxies   $50 3/6 Unlimited Bandwidth
 100 Proxies   $100 4/8 Private IPs
 500 Proxies   $500 6/12 High Anonymity
1000 Proxies   $1000 7/14 24/7 Support

Also provider Premium Service that give you 17 IPs for anonymous browsing.

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DataCenter Locations

It’s exclusive USA & Europe Proxies.It provide private proxies hosted in Atlanta, Georgia and available in most countries. While 14% of its users are from the US,

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Authentication & Addon

And they use IP Authentication that guarantee proxy only used by you, Not support username/password.

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Our Verdict

8.9 Total Score

The proxies worth the proxies, You can test it for free 7 days, Not bad right?

Price & Value
Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
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  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS 
  • Full refund within 3 days
  • Multiple Cities,Multiple Subnets
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Supported: All software that uses HTTP proxies.  Xrumer, Scrapebox, Facebook, Craigslist, Yahoo

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  1. I have been using IPXPRT for over one year,I used it to be Facebook proxy and get double proxies from different cites.

    Speed of proxies are fast, Suppot is fine and it’s a little slow when get replacement of proxies.

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    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
  2. I used their service and overall quality is good but some times I noticed downtime on their servers and can’t access certain websites with their IPs looks like they are blocked.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 44444
  3. I am using service for 3 months already and I used CHARON, UD and SB also,my other bots,So far all of them working well… ,when proxies been blocked.I contct support ask refresh new proxies.. But recently I try Instagram..all banned.May be Instagram so hot.Instagram.
    Generally speaking that’s a good proxies provider service.

    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 55555
    • 55555
  4. The proxies speed is ok most of the time, some times is faster some times is slower.
    The only problem I had is that from time to time some proxies simply stop responding and I have to wait 1-2 minutes before I can use that proxy.(I’m not using more than 10 simultaneous proxies and 1 connection per proxy)
    The control panel is easy to use and is similar to other proxy services

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 55555
  5. 1 Fast proxys, I am located in Brazil and this is the first time where I get a good ms and fast speeds
    2 Great support. Had some trouble (my fault) when using the proxy with youtube and Dave from support just helped and answered all e-mails on time and willing to help.
    3 Proxys worked great with SB and also YT bots and senukeX.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444

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