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The Nimbleway service is an all-encompassing service that provides you with all of the infrastructure required for collecting data from the web effortlessly, ranging from web scraping APIs, headless browser and next-generation proxies.

The Web Data Extraction Pipeline Without Hassle

AI-powered Crawler Proxies for web scraping

  • Automatic data parsing from pages with AI models
  • Provide IPs from all regions of the world perfect for localized scraping
  • Nimble Browser offer anti-fingerprint support not found in regular headless browsers
  • Offers residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies with high quality
  • Pricing is based on credit units and not tied to either their scraping API
  • Easy to use web scraping system with little effort from your end

The Nimble way service is one of the new data extraction services. However, it is not your regular web data extraction solution that you need to get the other piece from other services to get it to work. Nimble provides you with web scraping API, a headless browser for scraping Javascript enable web pages, and a proxy network for accessing the web with your IP address hidden. The service was set up to make web data extraction as effortless as possible.

Nimbleway Overview

However, you are given a lot of freedom. You can choose to make use of only the web scraping API, the Nimble Browser for automation, or just their proxy network which is one of the new generations of services you can trust. In this Nimble review, we will be taking a look at the Nimble service as a whole and touch down on each of these services as required.

“Is Nimbleway worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

The Nimbleway Solution

What problem was Nimbleway developed to solve, and what is it offering? As stated earlier, Nimbleway, as a service, is here to solve all of your web data extraction hassles. But this is not provided as a single solution. The service comes bundled with 3 tools that can be used individually. Let’s take a look at these 3 tools and what they are used for.

Nimble API

The Nimble API is a web scraping API solution. With this, you do not have to worry about blocks. All you have to do is send a simple web request, and you get the data you want — no handling of proxies, headless browsers, and captchas, among others.

The Nimble API offer 3 web scraping APIs. A generic web scraping API for scraping full HTML, a SERP API for scraping search engines like Google and Bing, as well as an E-commerce Scraping API for scraping product details from e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Nimble Browser

The Nimble Browser is one of a kind. This is a browser developed for web automation. If you need to automate tasks online and need to use a browser that does not get blocked by browser fingerprinting technology, then Nimble Browser is the solution for you.

It spoofs your browser fingerprints and handles canvas fingerprints, cookies, and other tracking technology. You can use it to emulate popular browsers and devices, and it can be connected seamlessly with existing browser frameworks. It is faster than older competitors like Selenium and Puppeteer.

Nimble IP

Nimble IP is the Nimbleway proxy service. The service offer one of the best proxy services in the market. Nimble IP comprises 3 proxy networks — datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies. You can use each type of proxy independently and even for third-party usage outside of the Nimble infrastructure.

The service selects proxies to make sure all proxies your requests are routed through are of high quality. For their residential proxies, all countries in the world are supported, making them perfect for localized web data extraction.

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How Nimbleway Works

The Nimbleway service works in a modular fashion to make the use of their service easier. All of the services — Nimble API, Nimble Browser, and Nimble IP are considered a module in the system. Each module can be considered a standalone service, and you can use one without using the rest. Take, for instance, if I am tired of using the slow and detected Selenium web driver technology, I might decide to replace it with Nimble Browser. However, it might just be that I have developed a script to purchase limited-edition sneakers during releases and need premium IPs. For this, I will just use the residential IPs in the Nimble IP network.

Interestingly, even though they are made available as modules, they integrate well. Take, for instance, if you decide to use the Nimble Browser, you can integrate Nimble IP into it as the integration is native and easier. It is also important you know that Nimble as a service use all of these 3 modules together to offer it a web data extraction pipeline that makes it easier for you to collect data effortlessly. The Nimble API, which is the main tool of this service, integrates both Nimble Browser and Nimble IP.

Nimble Browser is used for scraping data from websites that depend on Javascript for rendering their content. In the Nimble APIs, you can decide to turn this option ON and OFF. Web data extraction requires proxies, and as such, Nimble IP is added by default. However, using parameters, you can change the specific proxy you want to use, as their credit cost per request is not the same. Mobile proxies are the most expensive, followed by residential and then datacenter proxies.

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Pricing & Features

Nimbleway is a premium service, and that is reflected in its pricing. You need a minimum of $300 to use their service. If you are not sure whether the service will work for you or not, you can contact their sales team to provide you with a limited free trial option. From the above, you know Nimbleway provides solutions — Nimble API, Nimble Browser, and Nimble IP. How does the pricing work for the 3? It turns out Nimbleway pricing is based on an API credit system. You purchase credit and then use the credit for the specific tool you want to use.

Nimbleway Pricing

The pricing for the service, as mentioned earlier, starts from $300 (300 credits) for the essential plan. The advanced plan is sold for $700 and comes with 700 credits. For the professional plan, you will pay $1,100 for 1100 credits. The enterprise plan is the largest and is sold for $4000 with 4000 credits. All of the pricing all for monthly. If you make an annual payment, you get a 15% discount. Let’s take a look at the pricing for each of the services offered by Nimble.

Nimble APIs Pricing

The Nimble APIs are their main products. This is the web scraping API. With this, you do not need to worry about headless browsers like the Nimble Browser or proxies like Nimble IP, as they are all integrated. Pricing for this is based on the number of successful requests. Yes, you only get to pay for the number of requests.

Nimbleway APIs Pricing

The credit cost depends on the API you use and the package you subscribe to. If you subscribe to the essential plan of $300 with 300 credits, the pricing is as follows; 1000 requests for the Web API is 1 credit, 1000 requests for the e-commerce API is 2 credits, and 1000 requests for the SERP API cost 2.35 credits. The gets cheaper as you subscribe to higher plans, as the Web API cost per 1000 requests is 0.45 credits for the enterprise plan.

Nimble Browser Pricing

The Nimble browser for web automation is pretty straightforward. If you need to use it without rendering Javascript, you pay 1 credit for 1000 requests. If Javascript is rendered, the cost becomes 5 credits per 1000 requests. This pricing is for the essential plan.

Nimbleway Browser Pricing

If you subscribe to higher plans, the credit cost per 1000 requests with or without Javascript rendering becomes cheaper. Take, for instance, for the professional plan; 1000 requests without Javascript rendering is 0.6 credits.

Nimble IP Pricing

Nimble IP is the Nimbleway proxy service with offers for datacenter, residential, and mobile services. The price for each of these varies depending on the package you subscribe to. Let use the smallest plan (essential plan) here for easy understanding.

Nimbleway IP Pricing

For this, the price of one proxy for a datacenter proxy is 2.6 credits. Both residential and mobile proxies are priced based on bandwidth. For this, 1GB cost for residential proxies costs 14 credits. Mobile proxies are the expensive ones here, with 1GB costing users 32 credits.

Features of Nimbleway

  • Nimbleway offers 3 services that are provided in modular forms. You can use either the 3 services (web scraping API, proxy network, and automation browser) as a standalone service or two 2 or 3 of them together.
  • Its web scraping API makes it easy to scrape data from the web
  • It offers IP addresses from all countries of the world, which make it perfect for scraping localized data from all locations across the globe. This is especially true for their residential and mobile proxies. Datacenter proxies are for a few selected countries.
  • The web scraping API is easy to use and requires little effort from your end. The service takes care of proxy management., captcha solving, and all forms of blocks.
  • Proxies offered are high-quality proxies as the network use an intelligent system to determine the best proxy and IP address for accessing specific target, thereby increasing the chances of not getting detected.
  • Pricing is affordable for medium to big marketers. The pricing model is also flexible as users do not have to subscribe to each service individually as it is done for others services. All you have to do is purchase API credits and use the API credit for all you want.
  • The Nimble Browser is a much faster automation browser compared to Selenium and Puppeteer. It is also easier to use and does not involve you in managing any server infrastructure.
  • Service is always online with no comment of service disruption in terms of downtimes. This makes it a service you can trust to be available anytime you need to make use of one.
  • Experienced technical dedicated account manager assigned to customers with support for a personalized onboarding process for each customer.

Excellent custom service that enables the development of unique IP proxy plans based on the client’s scenario(s). These custom plans can provide traffic usage reports and trace traffic records.

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How to Use Nimble IP

In this section of the article, you will be shown how to make use of the Nimble IP — the Nimbleway proxy service. The process for using the service is not quite different from that of other providers.

Use Nimble IP

All you need to do is register for an account and purchase a plan, log into the dashboard and get your proxy credentials — proxy address, port, username, and password. However, Nimble IP does have some advanced features, such as optimization engine for specific use cases.

Nimbleway IP Dashbord

To use this feature, log into your account and access the Nimble IP section. On the page, click on the “Setting” tab, and you will be taken to the page above. As you can see above, you can choose what you want to use the proxies for — account management, e-commerce, SERP, and social, among others. You also have the option of choosing between datacenter, residential, and ISP proxies; you can also set IP rotation and choose the specific location you want IP from.

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Our Verdict

The Nimbleway service is still in beta. And as with other services in beta, the possibility of you running into issues while using it is there. Interestingly, the team at Nimbleway has put in a lot of work into the project before even opening up as a beta product. We didn’t run into any issues while using the service. The service itself is easy to use and is quite fast. If you are looking for either a web scraping API, automation browser, or proxy service to use, the Nimbleway service is there for you.

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