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Packet Flip service provides its clients the ability to anonymous web browsing, web harvesting,  competitive analysis, and various other internet research-related activities, but there are restrictions. It’s Not Support XRumer,ScrapeBox Blog Commenter,ScrapeBoard for IMer.All Packet Flip proxies are in the U.S.

SamplePackage  Price    Subnets
 1 Proxies $101
 5 Proxies $252
 10 Proxies $353
 50 Proxies $1256-10

Here are Sample Private Dedicated Proxies packages that packetflip proxies service provided. While you maintain your subscription, you are the only customer permitted to access the proxies.

SamplePackagePrice Cities/Subnets
 100 Proxies $1010/20
 250 Proxies $2510/25
 500 Proxies $3511/30
 750 Proxies $12512-35

Here are Sample Private Share Proxies packages that packet flip proxies service provided. All shared proxy packages are spread across multiple subnets and locations.

If you check out Packetflip and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share! Cheers!

Packet Flip Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly only for Dedicated Proxies 
  • Multiple Cities,Multiple Subnets
  • Allowed: Scrapebox(scraping), Classified Sites – not guaranteed
  • Not Supported: Xrummer,ScrapeBox Blog Commenter,ScrapeBoard,Mailing
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