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PowerUpHosting is usually known by the Windows VPS provider.For their Windows VPS is Perfect for SEO Tools with Speed,Have nice reputation on Blachhatworld, forum.gsa-online.de…and Have more than 8 years of experience on hosting and VPS collaborate with “HostTheName – Well Known Cheap SEO Hosting Service”.

Now PowerUpHosting also provide proxy service on 2015, Offers High Speed Proxies With Multiple Subnets & Locations, Provide low cost Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies and Dedicated Private Proxies at an affordable price.The proxies ensure online anonymity via their fast and secure proxy server network. Both IP Based Authentication and usrname/passport of Authentication protocol is supported.

Dedicated Private Proxies Price Price Per Proxy
10 Proxies $20 $2
20 Proxies $40 $2
40 Proxies $70 $1.75
60 Proxies $100 $1.67
80 Proxies $125 $1.56
100 Proxies $145 $1.45

Dedicated Private Proxies packages also know as private proxies.The Price is like most of private proxy service providers .The proxies refresh new proxies every 30 days.I ran 1000 connections in Scrapebox via my VPS  on Bing , approximately in 20 seconds harvesting 70,000 URLs.

The support is good on VPS, but the question on proxies is a little delay compare with their hosting and VPS service.

Semi Dedicated Private Proxies Price Price Per Proxy
10 Proxies $10 $1
20 Proxies $20 $1
40 Proxies $35 $0.875
60 Proxies $50 $0.833
80 Proxies $80 $1
100 Proxies $100 $1

Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies also named as shared proxies,that shared with other users.

Their proxies are unlimited bandwidth,SEO Friendly Proxies.But they’re mainly a web hosting and windows server hosting company,The support on proxies is Shortcoming on the proxy servie.

If you check out PowerUpHosting Proxies and have some feedback, We’re appreciate you come back and share your review here!

PowerUpHosting Proxies Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies AND Dedicated Private Proxies
  • Proxies refresh Frequency:30 days
  • SEO Friendly(GSA search engine ranker,Scrapebox…) Proxies
  • 3 Days Full refund after you order
  • C class subnets available
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