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The Best Proxy Servers for PS5 & How To Setup

Do you want to use proxies for playing your favorite games on PS5? If you answer yes to this question, then this article has been written specifically for you as we would be recommending some of the best gaming proxies from PS5.

The PlayStation5 gaming console has become one of the most popular and sort after gaming consoles in the world. One thing you will come to like about the PS5 makers is that they understood the importance of online privacy and have built their console in such a way that you can set up proxies so that when using it to play games online, your real IP address would be hidden from any praying eyes.

PS5 proxiesBut while PlayStation has no business spying on you as such, make it possible to use proxies, such can’t be said about the games you play online. When playing PlayStation5 games online and you need proxies, you would have to use high-speed proxies to enjoy playing the game; else, the streaming will be frustrating, and you will not enjoy the game the way you should.

One thing you will come to like about gaming proxies for PS5 is that there are a good number of options for you to choose from, and this can become a problem, especially if you’re inexperienced, as you can end up buying low-quality proxies with the good marketing effort.

Recommended Proxy Servers for PS5 Console

Datacenter proxies, even with their downside of getting identified easily, have proven to be the proxies for gaming. This is because they offer an unrivaled super-speed in the proxy market when compared to residential and mobile proxies.

Most also offer true static IPs, which is perfect if you do not want your account to be flagged because of the frequent change of IP address. We have compiled a list of proxy providers that you can buy high-quality datacenter proxies for PS5 gaming.

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How to Setup Proxies on PS5

From the above, you should have made a choice on the proxies to use. If you are experienced, you can make a choice out of the list but make sure the proxies are premium private proxies that offer high speed. If you have made a choice on the provider to buy from, you can proceed to the steps below to set up proxies on your PS5 and play games anonymously.

1. Buy proxies from your chosen provider. You should get the proxy details (IP, port, username, and password) and write it somewhere – you will need that for configuring the proxies. I used the word buy because I do not expect you can get premium proxies you can play games with for free.  

Setup Proxies on PS5 step 1  

2. Launch the PS5 console and go to “Settings,” select “Network,” and choose “Connect to the Internet.”  

Setup Proxies on PS5 step 2  

3. Two options would be made available to you – Use Wi-Fi and Use LAN Cable – choose the option that best suits your connection type.  

Setup Proxies on PS5 step 3  

4. If you choose Wi-Fi, you will have to connect to the specific one and provide the username and password.  


5. For DHCP Hostname, select “Do Not Specify.” Leaver both DNS and MTU Settings on “Automatic.  

Setup Proxies on PS5 step 5  

6. For proxy server, select “Use” fill in the proxy address (IP) and port. Click on Next and save the setting.

  Setup Proxies on PS5 step 6  

How to Download Regional-Restricted Apps on PS5

As stated earlier, certain apps and games have regional restrictions, and as such, you might not be able to download them if you are from an unsupported location. However, there is a fix to this. For you to download an app meant for users from locations other than your own location, you will need to change your PSN region first. Only when the PSN region has been changed to a supported region would proxies help you else; it will not work for you. When all have done, wouldn't you consider beefing up your PS5 with Gamestop?

VPN and Proxies – Which is best for Gaming on PS5?

Both VPN and proxy servers have their place, and each has its strength and weaknesses. For gaming on PS5, we can say that setting proxies is quite easy as the system comes with default support for it. Also important is the fact that proxies are faster than VPN and, as such, would provide you a better experience in areas where Internet speed is not top-notch. However, VPN has the added advantage of encrypting your traffic and offering you better security. Unfortunately, VPN support does not come natively with the PS5 console, but there is a way to get that done.

 What are the Best Proxies for Gaming on PS5?

Unlike other tasks that speed is not very important when using proxies, in the case of gaming, speed is important, and the proxy server needs to be a high-powered one in a location that will minimize ping and provide you a high speed for you to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience. The type of proxies you can get these qualities from are premium datacenter proxies. Avoid the temptation of using free proxies as they come with their own headache. Datacenter proxies are quite affordable, and as such, you should not have the need to think of free proxies.

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