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Best Python Proxies of 2024

Are you looking for the best proxies to use for your custom python scripts that send HTTP requests? Then the article below has been written with you in mind as we recommend some of the best providers you can buy proxies to use in your custom script.

Python is one of the most popular scripting languages among developers. One of the major strengths of Python is in building bots that send web requests as it has been made easy thanks to its own HTTP library and the numerous third-party libraries that have support for sending web requests.

An important part of sending HTTP requests is knowing how to avoid getting blocked as they are developed by default to send too many requests within a short period of time.

The most popular measure used by Python developers to avoid getting blocked when developing a bot in Python is using proxies. In this article, we would be showing you how to set up proxies in your custom python script in other to avoid getting blocked.

Python Proxies

It might interest you to know that you can use any proxies you want in your custom script. A good number of script kiddies even do use free proxies they scrape from around the Internet for such.

However, they are not the best if you need proxies for serious projects. You will need to make use of high-quality proxies that would not get detected and blocked. Unfortunately, if that is what you are looking for, you will need to be careful when making a choice as you can easily fall into the hands of a proxy provider with no high-quality proxies but good marketing hype.

Recommended Proxy Providers for your Python Scripts

As far as python scripting that sends web requests goes, any proxy type would do — whether mobile, datacenter or residential proxies. Python also supports all of the Internet Protocols proxies support.

This means that there is a wide array of options and as such, your specific project requirement would determine the proxies you use. However, there are some providers that are known to provide high-quality proxies you can count on. Below are some of them.

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MyPrivateProxy Review

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Nimbleway Review

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Scraper API Review

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Proxy-Cheap Review

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Shifter Proxy (Microleaves)

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Apify Proxy Review

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How to Setup Proxies for Python

When it comes to setting up proxies in Python, there is no one-straight procedure for doing that. That is because each of the HTTP libraries has its own way in which it is being set up. In this article, we would be using the Requests library since it is one of the most popular HTTP libraries in Python. Below is a code showing you how to set up proxies in Requests.

import requests
proxies = {
'http': 'http://proxy.example.com:8080',
'https': 'http://secureproxy.example.com:8090',
url = 'http://mywebsite.com/example'
response = requests.post(url, proxies=proxies)


Looking at the above, you can see that the requests library was imported. You will need to install it in other to make use of it as it is a third-party library. Create a proxy dictionary and pass it as an argument to the post or get method — in the case above, it is a get method.

Why Use Proxies in Python Script?

Python scripts that send web requests automatedly work as bots and the number of requests they can potentially send within a short period of time are unnatural and not what humans can replicate. This means that they can be easily identified. Most web servers would treat an unnatural number of requests coming from the same IP address as bot traffic and would block further requests from that IP address.

With the help of proxies, you get many IP addresses to use, making it possible to give your requests different IP footprints thereby being able to send out web requests without getting blocked. Aside from evading blocks, proxies are also useful for accessing got-targeted and localized content.

Is Proxy Usage Illegal?

Proxies mask the real IP address of computers, making it difficult for web servers that send web requests to trace it back to the original sender. This might look shady but many do it for privacy and security reasons.

Interestingly, it is not considered illegal in most parts of the world. It is advisable you seek the help of a law professional on the legality of proxies in your region. However, regardless of what the law says, most websites on the Internet do not allow the use of proxies and would block you if you are caught using them.

What are the Best Proxies for Python Scripts?

There are no best proxies. The proxies you should use would be determined by the project. If it is a web scraping project that requires you to change IP address frequently, use rotating proxies. For a project that requires you to maintain a session, use private proxies.

Some websites can be strict and as such, private proxies would not work — you will need residential proxies. Private proxies are the best in situations where speed is required.

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