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Smartproxy Extension Review

Setting proxies on a web browser can be time-wasting, especially if you have to do it every now and then in other to switch IP and location. It is for this reason that Smartproxy developed the Smartproxy extension to make the usage of proxies easy for their customers.

The Smartproxy Extension is here to provide you easy access to the feature-rich service offered by the Smartproxy, one of the most popular proxy services in the market, offering Internet users access to over 40 million residential IP addresses sourced from over 195 locations across the globe, learn more about smart proxy on here.

The service proxy service has been a force to reckoned with, taking a high spot in most of our review articles as they are quite affordable for a good number of use cases.

Smartproxy subscription

While most proxy services provide rich and powerful features, including geo-targeting, IP rotation, and session management, a good number of these features are not easily accessible when you are using proxies on web browsers – you will need to log into the user dashboard and be setting things up.

Smartproxy understood this and needed to bring the full capability of their service to web browsers so web browser proxy users can enjoy the service as developers would. Their response to this is the Smartproxy Extension.

Smartproxy Chrome Extension

Overview of Smartproxy Extension

The Smartproxy Extension is a proxy extension developed for Smartproxy proxy customers. Currently, the proxy add-on is only available for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. With this utility extension, you will not have to go through the stress associated with setting up proxies no Google Chrome.

It grants you instant access to the services of Smartproxy without you logging into the Smartproxy user dashboard, routes your requests via only reliable residential IPs, and improves your speed and workflow.

Smartproxy extension setup

This browser extension is free to use. However, you are required to have an active Smartproxy residential proxy plan in other to make use of it. This means that only Smartproxy subscribers are allowed to make use of it.

Interestingly, with Smartproxy, you will not need to use proxies from any other provider as their proxies are fast enough for most proxy use cases, they are compatible with most websites on the Internet, and have proven to be secure and undetectable.

Also important is the fact that they are quite cheap, and you can get started with Smartproxy for as low as $75 – this will give you 5GB.

detail of smartproxy price plan

Functions of Smartproxy Extensions

Why should you install the Smartproxy Extension, and what advantage does it offer you that other proxy add-ons will not? It turns out that because it is not your regular proxy add-on but one that has access to features in the Smartproxy user dashboard, a new world of possibility is opened. Let take a look at some of the tasks it can help you do.

  • Unblocking Websites

With the Smartproxy Extension, you do not have to worry about IP-based blocks. Did your ISP or network deny you access to certain websites?

This tool will bypass the restriction. Even if the website itself blocks your IP address because you are not allowed to access it due to your location, the Smartproxy Extension will use an IP address that has not been blocked and allow you access.

  • Ability to Choose Location to Surf From

Smartproxy Location Choose

With this extension installed, you do not have to look into the user dashboard anytime you want to change the location of the IP address you want to use. With less than 3 clicks, you can change location and appear to be surfing a website from any of the countries around the world. If you want a location chosen randomly for you, you can make use of the random option.

  • Session Management Made Easy

Smartproxy Session Management

This proxy add-on makes session management easy. From its interface, you can choose whether to make use of rotating proxies that changes IP address after every request or use sticky proxies that will maintain an IP address and session for up to 30 minutes. It also has support for clearing cookies and cache.

Reasons Why you Will Want Use it?

Do you need a reason in other to make use of this browser extension? Well, it turns out that there are good reasons why you will want to use it.

  • Beautiful User Interface and Enjoyable User Experience

Smartproxy User Experience

A lot of time went into the front-end development. This extension does not have the regular boring interface of proxy extensions. It comes with a modern design that can be termed sleek and provides a fluid user experience. All you need is just a few clicks, and you’re good to go. Interestingly, the tool also comes with a night mode UI (dark).

  • No Coding Skill Required

This extension is designed for all – both coders and non-coders. In fact, even first-time users will find this software easy. The software provides you an easy-to-use interface that requires you to only click on elements in most cases so regular Internet users can use it.

  • It is More than a Proxy Extension

In most cases, all proxy add-ons do is that they only make proxy configuration easy. But when it comes to geo-location selection, IP rotation, and session management, these lags. Well, Smartproxy does all of these and much more. It’s the tool you need to set up as a Smartproxy on your Chrome or Firefox browser if you wish to harness the power of the Smartproxy residential proxy service in full.

Download Smartproxy Extension Now

From the above, you already know that you need an active subscription to use this extension. If you do not have an active subscription, I will advise you to head over to the Smartproxy website now to purchase one.

To download the Chrome extension, click here.

There’s also a version for Firefox users, and that’s available here.

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