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You are in need of a proxy to unblock geo-restricted websites and enjoy the world’s best Android experience. The best Android proxies can help you unblock any website you want and stream videos without buffering, even if they’re blocked in your country or region!

The use of proxy on phones is one of the wins in the tech and Internet space. The era of restrictions to data on the Internet on the basis of locations or a banned IP has become history. If you could only use proxies on computers, it would have become necessary for you to sit in front of a computer before you could rest assured of your Internet privacy.

Android ProxiesFortunately, there are mobile proxies you can use on your phone whether android or iOS. More interestingly, you can even connect the same proxies you use on your computer to your phone. Thus, you could run all your apps and web requests through a proxy server.

This does not only give you unrestricted access. It further guarantees that your details are safe. By implication, no hacker could trace you with your IP since it can only be traced back to the proxy server. Consequently, proxies protect your Internet identity and details that would ordinarily be available should you not use a proxy. It is indeed a win for users of the Internet as you don’t have to be bothered about your Android IP being revealed. Specifically, this article considers how to configure and set up a proxy on Android mobiles, Let’s recommend the best Android proxies for you first,

Recommended Proxy Providers for Android Proxies

Bright Data评测

40 GB - $500

Luminati 是一家合法的住宅 IP 代理服务器提供商,在其住宅网络中拥有超过 7,200 万个 IP,可收集和刮擦任何网络数据,绝不...

Smartproxy 评论

8 GB - $52 (-30%)

Smartproxy 是一家旋转式住宅 IP 代理供应商。它提供廉价可靠的住宅代理服务器。您可以访问整个代理服务器池,每...

SOAX 是一家旋转式住宅和移动代理提供商,为企业和个人提供可靠、经济高效的解决方案。SOAX ...

访问 Soax

Nimbleway 服务包罗万象,可为您提供从网络收集数据所需的所有基础设施。

访问 Nimbleway

Proxy-IPV4 服务对我们中的一些人来说是一种不期而至的服务。尽管如此,我后来还是发现了这个供应商...


如果您正在寻找能够满足您所有代理需求的提供商,包括高旋转住宅代理、ISP 代理、...


MyPrivateProxy 评论

10 个代理 -$23.70

MyPrivateProxy 是一家全方位的私人代理服务器提供商,其专用代理服务器性能稳定,可保证满足您的购买目的。 评分 #1 出...


IPRoyal 是您可以购买或租赁 IPv4 和 IPv6 地址的 IP 地址提供商之一。除此之外,他们还提供...


10 GB - $50

Proxy-Cheap.com 是一个新的住宅 IP 代理提供商,拥有大量不同的位置,在代理服务器上可以找到最实惠的价格...

Hydraproxy 评论

$2.95 - 一天计划

Hydraproxy 是市场上为数不多的代理提供商之一,提供细粒度控制,没有最低金额要求,并且拥有庞大的住宅和商业代理池。

自 2012 年以来,Microleaves 一直是代理服务领域的佼佼者。他们是一家代理服务提供商,提供反向连接代理、专用代理和共享代理。...


TheSocialProxy 是一家移动代理提供商,您可以从中购买移动代理。它不是普通的移动代理提供商。它是一个高质量的提供商...

访问 TheSocialProxy

ProxyEmpire.io 是一家旋转式住宅代理提供商,它还提供旋转式移动代理。ProxyEmpire 是一家相对较新的公司,...

Blazing SEO 评论(Rayobyte now)

10 个代理 - $12.00

阅读用户评论 Blazing Proxies由Blazing SEO于2015年创立。Blazing SEO不仅提供代理,还提供OCR/文本验证码解...

BuyProxies 评论

10 个代理 - $20.00

BuyProxies 是一家老牌的私人代理服务器提供商,对使用其代理服务器没有任何限制!提供出色的 Firefox & Chrome 插件和 API ...

High Proxies审查

10 个代理 - $22.00

HighProxies 是另一家出色的美国独享代理服务器提供商,可为社交网站提供稳定、专用的静态 IP 代理服务器。 推荐他们的...

How To Configure Proxy On Android

In this guideline, we will be taking you through the step-by-step guidelines to configure proxies on your Android mobile manually. Routing your Internet connection through proxies has never been made easier. Pay attention to the following steps and do not jump any for effective results.

1. Navigate to settings on your Android device and tap Wi-Fi and Internet.

2. The Wi-Fi network will top the list of options once you are connected.

Configure Proxy On Android1

3. Tap the switch feature on the right hand and click modify.

4. Some options will pop up.  Tap and hold the network title or name then click modify.

Configure Proxy On Android2

5. Select the advanced option to see the further menu. The proxy drop-down box pops up. Then tap it.

6. Select Manual in the drop box. Here you will be required to input your proxy server setting yourself. Should be using a public or administrative network, it might give a PAC file that automatically configures your proxy.

Configure Proxy On Android3

7. Enter the details of the proxy server such as the hostname (for example; uk.proxyprovider.net). If you have a hostname, good and fine but if not, you can enter the proxy IP address. Also, input the proxy port.

This is the digit that comes after the hostname or IP address. It is usually preceded by a colon (for example; uk.proxyprovider.net:10000). These details can be found on your dashboard. Then tap save

Configure Proxy On Android4

8. Go to your web browser to authenticate your proxy with your login credentials; username and password. You can confirm your proxy by going to show my IP to confirm if your IP and location have been changed.

9. If you have followed these steps with keen attention, you are good to go! Your connections will be routed through the proxy server.

How To Use And Stop Proxy On Android Device

Using your proxy on an Android device is just straightforward like clicking a mouse. The tedious part of the work is only required during the configuration process. The moment you are done with configuration without leaving any step out, all your Internet and web requests will be routed through the proxy.

Thankfully, it only requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate. It might not route all apps through the proxy server but you can use a certain app to ensure all apps are routed through the proxy.

However, you might have to root your device.  Should you have reason to stop the proxy on your Android, the process is just similar to the configuration steps. Just follow the steps and where the drop-down box pops up, you tap 'None'. Then save the setting. This returns all your Internet connections to the default IP addresses assigned to your device.

Can I Use The Same Proxy on My Android Phone And PC?

Surely! One of the good features you will enjoy when you buy proxies from reliable service providers. Although most of the providers lay claims on that, not all work well when you connect to them from your Android mobile to your PC. Thus, once you purchase a reliable proxy, you can always make use of them on your android phone.

However, what should be of concern to you is providers that restrict usage to only a device. If you plan to use proxies on both mobile and PC, then avoid using providers that allow users on only one device at a time.

Does The Proxy Reroute All The Apps on My Android Phone?

There is one interesting thing you need to know about proxy usage on Android – Apps decide whether they want to use your proxy settings or not. And a good number of them actually disregard it. It is for this reason you are advised to make use of a proxy client that will force all web traffic via proxies.

Without doing that, you are at the mercy of specific apps. But you can be assured that your browsers will use your proxy settings.

Does My ISP Have Access To My Internet Activities If I Use Proxy On My Android?

No! This is simply because you are not using the IP address assigned to your device with which they can trace your location and Internet activities. The further they can go is to know what request you send from your phone but can trace what domain or website the request is sent to.

This is so because the proxy intercepts the request and changes the IP before sending it to the targeted website. Although proxies don't give the advanced level of encryption you get when you use a VPN on Android, they have your IPs masked.


From the above, you can see how easy it is to set up proxies on your Android device. While you can actually do it, you need to know that proxies are not the best tool for privacy on mobile. If you can afford it, I will recommend you make use of a VPN as they provide you encryption support at the system level which you don’t get from proxies.

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