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Your private proxy offers you quality dedicated proxies for anonymity and security on Internet. If you’re looking for  speed and quality to get the optimum results with your software, It’s a good choice for you check out YYP.


SamplePackage Price GEOCities/Subnets
 1 Proxies  $9.97  No  /  No
 10 Proxies  $29.97 YES /  YES
 20 Proxies $59.97 YES /  YES
 100 Proxies  $199.97 YES  /  YES

If you are purchasing a package of  more than 1 proxies, they will be located in multiple cities and on multiple subnets. With a new account, you will be given a VIP user control panel.  You will be able to randomize and change your proxies, including their locations, with this control panel once per month.


Yourprivateproxy.com gets top rating on scrapebox proxies for the quality and speed of their private proxies. It’s feature that allows for user monthly randomization and the lack of bandwidth constraints is also very popular. If you are already his consumer, Pleas share your review at here.Cheers!

Update: At this time YPP don’t offer new subscriptions. This situation is temporary, please retry in a couple of days.

YourPrivateProxy Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTPS/HTTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Once Monthly, user manual
  • Multiple Cities,Multiple Subnets(Order more than 1 Proxies)
  • FTP Access
  • High anonymous HTTP proxies
  • Allowed: Scrapebox, Web 2.0, Webmail, ebay
  • Not Supported: Xrummer

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Customer Reviews

5 Reviews to “YourPrivateProxy”
  1. Michaël says:

    the speed is OK, but not as good as i expected …
    I bought 100 private proxies and i think the ips are shared and not dedicated as they are saying because after ive created my ig accounts 1 / proxy and i never used the accounts, i just registered , all the accounts got banned, i did not mix up the accounts with the proxies and all accounts has been reopened from the same ip. i gave the proxies to a friend of mine who is making craigslist classified ads and none of the proxies worked to make a single live cl ad. I have contacted support and i had to wait more then 24 hours for a response, so if you guys are looking for dedicated proxies you should look elsewhere !

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  2. Demetrius Williams says:

    I am very happy with the speed of the proxies and with the uptime. Proxies work well and you have have HTTPS or SOCKS5 proxies, I’ve asked support to change the proxies for me to SOCKS5 and it was done in less then 2 hours.

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  3. David Harper says:

    I was having proxies with YPP…and there, all the proxies were in different c class.not like other provide.Fast and reliable proxies.

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  4. Shazzz says:

    My proxies R not working I emailed support like 4 times they did replied me back I mite bave to ask for refund or paypal dispute :(

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  5. Chris says:

    Nice interface,Its easy to set up.I’ve used for Scrapeboard,Scrapebox and Xrumer,all works great for me.

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