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AIO Bot - sneaker bot

All sneaker enthusiasts desperately want to have a large collection of sneakers of popular brands. When there is a hot release of shoes by Adidas, Nike, Footsite, or Supreme, they desperately try to buy the shoes from the websites of retailers. But, most of the time, they are unsuccessful. By the time they are there to buy the shoes online, the website of the retailer crashes.

In our previous post, ¬†You should learn “How can I get more limited sneakers except for Nike?” Those who make use of AOI Bot to buy the sneakers can avoid this kind of disappointment. With the numerous amazing features, AIO Bot will ensure that the user gets the shoes that he wanted. Even if the shoes required by the user are a limited edition, the AIO Bot will add to the cart those shoes, and even if the retailer website crashes AIO Bot will not give up its effort to checkout until it succeeds to add to cart. Once the shoes are added to cart, AIO Bot will inform the user by email or SMS.

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What is the Adidas/Nike/Supreme magic?

Everyone knows that Adidas, Nike, and Supreme are the most popular brands and their new editions will be sold like hot cakes. When the original price itself is very high, the retailers of these brands sell them after hiking the price by ten times of their procurement price.

The retailers procure the shoes directly from Nike, Adidas, Footsite, or Supreme and then they sell them to the middlemen. These middlemen sell the shoes to the dealers in other countries. The high-end dealers as well as the shoe collectors buy the shoes from these dealers after paying a very high price since at every step the price is hiked substantially. To be the retailer of Nike, Supreme, or Adidas shoes is indeed one of the most lucrative business models.

AIO bot - cop for release sneakers

In order to create hype, Nike, Adidas, and Supreme will release a limited number of shoes of a particular edition to selected retailers across the country. The fans will rush to the retail outlets overnight and try their luck. The employees from Nike, Adidas, Supreme, or Foot sites will be monitoring all the activities so that they can collect free data about the popularity of the shoe and the demand for the same in the market. The data will be useful to them to make ideas for future production.

Many people try their best to access the website just at the moment the release of the shoes goes live and carry out the purchase before the website crashes, but, they fail. Everyone wonders how these middlemen are able to procure the shoes so fast every time. It will take only a few seconds to sell out the entire piece. Well before the deal goes live officially, sometimes the shoes are sold out. The middlemen are able to grab the entire pieces of the limited edition for their resale. This is in fact a game played using the internet.

Buy for the actual retail price and sell at a hefty price

Those who want to do a highly lucrative business of the popular shoe brands may make it a point to buy ADIDAS proxies/ Footsite proxies/ Nike proxies/supreme proxies for their AIO bot. The popularity of these shoe brands is beyond one’s imagination and the quality, consistency, and durability of these products can never be matched.

Those who want to do this highly lucrative business should have the resources, facilities and aggressive methods to procure maximum number of shoes within the available time. They have to establish business connections with shoe collectors and high-end dealers at different parts of the world to whom they can sell the shoes at prices that are much more than ten times of their purchase prices.

The game played by proxies

The shoe manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and Footsite will track the buyers using the IP address of their computer. When a buyer tries to make use of more than a fixed number of accounts, that buyer is banned by Nike or the other shoe company.

As a result of the ban, the buyer cannot access the website. The buyer has to wait till the block is lifted and consequently more number of buyers get the chance to buy the shoes.

proxies for ADIDAS Nike Supreme Footsites

The middlemen are able to get rid of this ban by Nike, Adidas, or Supreme by using Proxy Servers. Those who make use of Adidas proxies or Footsite proxies or Nike proxies or Supreme proxies for AIO Bot can easily escape from the Nike ban or Supreme ban or Adidas ban.

Those who want to buy a number of shoes within a very limited time have to use more number of accounts instead of using a few accounts. They will be able to use more accounts if they add the proxies to the AIO Bot. The proxies protect them from getting banned by Nike or Adidas or Supreme or Footsites by changing their IP address.

When one has to use many accounts on a system so as to buy more numbers of shoes without getting banned, the proxies are to be used. Adding proxies to AIO Bot is the easiest and the best solution to escape from the ban by Nike, Adidas, Footsite, or Supreme. Some of the proxy servers may slow down the process and hence those who use AIO Bot should ensure that the best quality proxy server is added to it.

Use numerous proxies at a time

The middle men who use proxy servers have also the advantage that it will show them as a buyer from a place nearer to the store. This will qualify them for priority. When the number of pairs of shoes is limited for a transaction, one can use more number of proxies at a time so as to procure more pairs of shoes.

Selection of proxies - Get The Best Proxies for Shoe sites

Those who want to select ADIDAS proxies/ Footsite proxies/ Nike proxies/Supreme proxies for AIO bot should bear in mind the fact that it is not easy to find good, efficient, and reliable proxies.

[Updated on Dec 22, 2020]¬† Now there is another option that you can use the residential IPs with the AIO BOT to cop the sneaker, for more detail about the residential IPs and residential proxies, You can read this post –¬†Data center proxies vs Residential proxies.

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Learn why residential proxies are good for sneaker websites Here.

The good proxy will ensure a successful purchase and an efficient proxy ensures that it takes a minimum amount of time to provide the information on the site so as to make a purchase later thereby enabling to purchase more number of shoes.

The user must test his proxy connection a day before the scheduled release. Since public proxy servers are slow and unreliable and also cause disruption by way of including ads to the content, it is advisable to opt for private proxies, here is 3 best proxies for foot sites which I’ve used on my AIO bot,

myprivateproxy service
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The proxy server should also ensure 100% security. The user’s activity should not be monitored by others and his payment information should be kept confidential. Negative results may occur by missing just a fraction of a second.

Hence the speed of the proxy server is the most important aspect to be considered. The proxy should ensure to show that the user is from a nearby geographic location so that he will be in a time zone where the products will be released earlier.

When the AIO Bot is provided with the best proxy, the best results are assured. Enjoy!!

  1. Smartproxy proxies for sneakers (https://smartproxy.com/proxies/sneaker-proxies) are by far the best proxy solution I’ve found. They work perfectly fine with all major bots as well as the custom ones and are pretty fast so I would highly recommend checking them out.

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  2. Is the proxies still works well on Supreme?
    also, I want to know the proxies can bypass the Captcha?

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    • The best combination I got was with AIO bot and residential IP proxies. Of course, if those are being abused – no charm. So either look for a high pool or lesser known services.

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    • Supreme banned lots of datacenter such as Vultr, so some of the proxy services which extends particular order for particular websites, YPP and MPP still works on the Supreme.

      For Captcha, the answer is No.Captcha is a bottleneck and it’s causing issues for most people. You really aren’t going to be successful every week with any sort of consistency at the moment. The most successful people may be using a combination of autofill extensions and the others are using private scripts that acquire a boat load of captchas

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  3. The YPP is rock. There speeds beat almost any other provider I have used. They have many locations to choose from. You get your IP’s right after purchase so that is cool too.

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