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Microleaves is a proxy provider which provides backconnect proxies, dedicated proxies and shared proxies, which is one of well-know Residential proxy providers, Also Microleaves assert they provide the “biggest P2P proxy network that involve 26 millions of residential IPs and coverage of every city in the world”.

Residential Backconnect Proxies

Microleaves is mainly offer Residential Proxies which rotate the IPs to use,  Backconnect proxies are known for changing IP addresses every 5 minutes, which is good for Crawling and Data Mining. The system is also compatible with HTTP as well as SOCKS. It provides real Broadband.  Digital Cables are commonly used.

Packages for  Price
25 Backconnect Residential Proxies $62.49
50 Backconnect Residential Proxies $124.99
100 Backconnect Residential Proxies $249.99
250 Backconnect Residential Proxies $624.99
500 Backconnect Residential Proxies  $1249
1000 Backconnect Residential Proxies  $2499

The IPs used are DSL Residential and cover a worldwide location. It contains more than 26 million IPs (I am not indefinite on this).  The control panel is very advanced and it is amazing. In case people wish to use it for business purposes and in the application level, it can be available as a package.

It works seamlessly with include TicketMaster, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Skype and Craiglist. Games like Pokemon Go are also famous for connecting with the proxies. Sneaker websites like Adidas, Nike, OVO, Footsite and Supreme can be connected to the system using the Proxy.

Warning:The Backconnect Proxy is not works as the dedicated Proxy, the IP address of Backconnect Proxy change every 3 or 5  minutes, The Backconnect Proxy is use one Fixed Backconnect IP:Port, With this IP:Port as gateway to access their P2P proxy network, Here is a video which explain how the Residential P2P Proxy network works,

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Dedicated Private Proxies

Microleaves also offer the Dedicated Proxies to use, Their dedicated proxies offer HTTP/HTTPS to use, non-sequential IPS and multiple subnets. High-speed USA Based, private HTTP/HTTPS dedicated proxies, gigabit speeds and has an advanced control panel, You can use their proxies with FB, Twitter, IG and YouTube, The system requests a new IPS every 30 days, here is Price Plan of Dedicated Proxies,

price of microleaves Dedicated Proxies

Compare with other Private Proxy Providers, The Price is reasonable. Microleaves not offer the Dedicated Proxies in the past, this service start from 2017 and which means their not too many Data center on their hand – TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IPS,

Now only “USA Proxies based in Buffalo, New York” which available.

Also, Microleaves provider the shared proxies also, the shared proxies are cheaper, and the proxy which shares to 5 users to use at one time.

Note: Their Dedicated/Shared proxies are not works on Craiglist.

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Our Testing & Review

I used their 25 Residential Backconnect Proxies plan, the speed mainly based on the location, some fast, some Proxies are really slow…

microleaves Residential proxies plan

I test their proxies for a small Crawling project, more than 70% success rates which i can bear that, one of the the most advantage that you do not need to worry the IP ban or not, but i found lots of the duplicate IPs have participated to my project, So I really not indefinite on they have 26 millions of residential IPs…

I also email to their support for i want to know how they are run their P2P network, But their administrator just tell me which is a secret…That’s just my experience on their Backconnect Proxies.

For the Dedicated proxies which only 1 location in NY to use, So, i never used, nothing can share to you.

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Our Verdict

9.3 Total Score
Editor's Review on Microleaves

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Microleaves Proxies Highlights

    • Backconnect Proxies – Auto rotating Residential IP every 5 minutes
    • Offer both Residential Proxies and Dedicated Proxies
    • US based Dedicated Proxies
    • Non-sequential and residential IP addresses
    • 3 days money back guaranty

For More Information – Click to Microleaves.com

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