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The Best Footlocker Proxies of 2024

There are a good number of proxies you can use for botting and copping Footlocker, but you can still fall into the wrong hands. To help you make the right purchase decision, we have written this page to provide you recommendations on the best providers for Footlocker proxies.

Managing multiple Footlocker accounts using a Footlocker bot is the surest way to increase your chances of successfully copping in a limited-edition release. With using a bot, you will most likely miss out since releases are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Footlocker ProxiesIf you intend to use bots and cop more pairs, then using proxies is not optional – it is compulsory. Without proxies, all of your accounts would share the same IP footprint, which would earn you nothing other than account suspension.

One thing you need to know when it comes to using proxies together with your multiple accounts for copping on the Footlocker store is that not all proxies go. The site has one of the effective anti-spam systems for detecting and blocking bots, use of multiple accounts and proxies.

For you to succeed in using proxies, then you need to make use of high anonymous proxies that are not detectable in the right way. While you would be discussing how to use proxies in the right way for copping later in the article, let take a look at some of the providers you can buy Footlocker proxies from.

Recommended Proxy Providers for Footlocker Proxies

Our recommended proxies for copping multiple pairs of sneakers from the Footlocker platform are residential proxies. This is because they use IP addresses real users use and, as such, are not easily identified as datacenter proxies that use hosting IP addresses.

However, we have to be selective in our approach to making a choice of proxies to use, as you need to factor in speed if you want to remain competitive. We have carried out research and know the providers you can buy Footlocker proxies from. Below are some of the providers you can buy Footlocker proxies from.

Bright Data Review

40 GB - $500

Luminati is a Legitimate residential IP proxies provider and Over 72+ Million IPs in their residential network, Collect & scraping any web data, Never ...

SOAX Review

15GB - $99

SOAX is a rotating residential and mobile proxy provider offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for both businesses and individuals. The SOAX ...

Visit Soax

IPRoyal is one of the IP address providers you can buy or lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from. Aside from this, they are also into the provision of ...

Smartproxy Review

8 GB - $44 (-35%)

Smartproxy is a rotating residential IP proxy provider. It offers cheap and reliable residential proxies. You get access to the whole proxy pool with every ...

If you are looking for a provider that will provide you with all of your proxy needs ranging from high rotating residential proxies, ISP proxies, ...

Visit Proxy-Seller

The Proxy-IPV4 service is one of those services that came into the market unannounced to some of us. Being that as it may, I discovered this provider later ...

Visit Proxy IPV4

Nimbleway Review

75GB - $600

The Nimbleway service is an all-encompassing service that provides you with all of the infrastructure required for collecting data from the web ...

Visit Nimbleway

Hydraproxy Review

$2.95 - One day plan

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy providers in the market granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large proxy pool of residential and ...

Shifter Proxy (Microleaves)

10 Ports - $125

Microleaves has been a leader in proxy services since 2012. They are a proxy provider that provides backconnect proxies, dedicated proxies, and shared proxies. ...

TheSocialProxy is a mobile proxy provider you can buy mobile proxies from. It is not your regular mobile proxy provider. It is a high-quality provider ...

Visit TheSocialProxy

ProxyEmpire.io is a rotating residential proxy provider that also offers rotating mobile proxies. ProxyEmpire is a relatively new company which ...

Leaf Proxies is among the proxy server providers in the market that cater to the sneaker copping industry. Just like other providers, they claim to ...

Visit Leafproxies

Proxy Usage Best Practices for Copping from Footlocker

Using undetectable residential proxies that are fast is not enough; if you do not know how to use them correctly, you might end up getting your account suspended and lose out. While most residential proxies are rotating, you should use the high rotating ports that change your IP address after every request. It is unnatural to get your IP address changed like that and can only be done via proxies.  

Instead, you should use the sticky ports that will maintain your IP address for minutes. By doing this, you are able to cop with the same IP before a change of IP for each account since the process is in minutes or even seconds.

Does Footlocker Allow the Use of Proxies?

If you do not know the answer to this question, then you will need an introductory level of knowledge on copping to avoid wasting your money trying to cop. Sneakers sites, including Footlocker, do not allow the use of proxies.

This is because they see proxies as deceptive – it is a technology that deprives them of the opportunity to actually treat their users the way they should. For this reason, they do not only disapprove of proxy usage; they are actively out to detect accounts using proxies in other to suspend them.


How Many IPs Do You Need for Copping on Footlocker?

The number of IP addresses you need is determined by the number of accounts you have. If you are managing 10 accounts, then you need 10 IP addresses to effectively manage those accounts. This is because each account would be managed using a unique IP address.

If you try using the same IP address for multiple accounts, you could put your accounts under scrutiny, and if they could prove without reasonable doubt that they are multiple accounts, then they would get suspended.

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