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The Proxy-IPV4 service is one of those services that came into the market unannounced to some of us. Being that as it may, I discovered this provider later and have been playing with the service, doing some tests, and trying to find out areas they shine and flop. This Proxy IPV4 review article is a comprehensive report of all of my findings while testing out the service. To be frank with you, this provider is one provider I was impressed with because of the test carried out. However, there are still rooms for improvement which you also need to be aware of.

Unknown Provider with Impressive Proxy Performance

  • Good location coverage with spread across different continents
  • Multiple network and subnet bans to guide against subnet ban
  • High-speed performance across tested proxies
  • Proxies use non-blacklisted IPs with a low spam score
  • Support both username and password authentication
  • Responsive live chat support in place for customer support

The Proxy IPV4 service is one of the proxy providers you will have to discover out of the rubble. For those that know this provider, it is known for its private proxies. However, it also does have support for mobile proxies. One thing you need to know about this provider is that even though it has the IPv4 term in it name, it does not only support it — you can also purchase IPv6 proxies from them which can be seen as an afterthought. The service does support both the HTTPS(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. The service does have good location support and has many proxies in its pool to meet the demand of customers.

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

The IPs you get from this service are dedicated IPs you wouldn’t have to share with anyone else. In terms of pricing, there are two sides to the story. Their private proxies can be seen as some of the cheapest out there that you can trust to work. However, their mobile proxies seem to be quite pricey for an unknown provider. In this review article, I will discover all of what you need to know about the Proxy IPV4 service including it pros and cons.

“Is Proxy IPV4 worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

Proxy IPV4 Solution

The Proxy IPV4 service offers both datacenter and mobile proxies. However, in this review, our focus is on their datacenter proxies even though I will still touch on their mobile proxies a little bit. So what can you do with proxies from this provider? Being a private proxy provider, you can tell there are some tasks you can’t use them for because they are easily detected. However, there are still some areas they shine. Below are some of the best use cases for their proxies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you get a hold of high-quality private proxies like the ones provided by Proxy IPV4 service, one of their use cases is in the area of SEO. Google as a service is quite strict with spam. But when you use datacenter IPs with low spam scores, you can scrape it. You can use their proxies in your custom script or even with any SEO tool and it should work. However, you need to know that IP rotation is left to you and you need as many IPs as you can for an efficient and effective proxy rotation.

Social Media Marketing

This service can also be used for social media marketing. While you can use their private proxies for that in some cases, I suggest you don’t take the risk as it will most likely backfire — even though they suggest you can use them for social media marketing. For this, you will need their mobile proxies which are quite expensive compared to their private proxies. However, you can be sure of getting undetectable mobile IPs you can use for strict to access sites like Instagram and LinkedIn. They are also perfect for Facebook and TikTok. For Twitter, you can get away with using their private proxies.

Streaming and Gaming

If you are looking for a proxy service that offers you a low ping rate, then the Proxy IPV4 service is the service for you. The low ping rate and fast Internet speed I experienced while using their proxies make it perfect for streaming. I was able to use it to stream Netflix and Hulu. If you are the type that plays online games, you will also find it helpful because of the high speed and low ping rate. There is no bandwidth limit which is also another feature that makes it a good choice. There are other use cases including account management and general masking of IP for privacy reasons, among others.

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How Proxy IPV4 Service Works

The Proxy IPV4 service working mechanism can be likened to how every other private proxy works as there is no different approach to its working model. It is a paid proxy service that requires you to pay in other to access its service and this means all of its proxies come with compulsory authentication support. The model of operation is quite simple. If you have their proxies set up on your browser or any other client application, the web requests you send will not go to the services you send them to directly. Instead, they are routed via the IP address provided by this service.

By doing this, your real IP address is hidden from your target websites. The same path is followed if your target site sends back the response. This service has a good number of IPs in its pool. However, they are not shared. Each IP is assigned to an individual who uses either a username and password to authenticate and seek authorization to use or by simply whitelisting his IP address.  The IPs are sold individually with the real IP address used as the host. You can then select the port depending on the protocol — both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 are supported.

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Pricing & Features

Pricing is an important factor when deciding on the proxy to use. Except you are really looking for dead cheap proxies to use, then there is no reason why you won’t be able to afford the private proxies from the Proxy IPV4 service. Their IPv6 private proxies are even cheaper than the IPv4 proxies too. The only expensive proxies offered by this service is their mobile proxies. Let’s take a look at the pricing for each of these one after the other.

Private Proxies (IPv4)

These products are their foremost product and the ones they are named and known with. The pricing system for this is quite flexible — allowing you to choose the number of IPs you want to choose and for the duration you want. Currently, you can purchase from 3 days proxies to up to 90 days. Generally, the more proxies you purchase or the longer the rental period you buy, the cheaper the price becomes.

Private Proxies (IPv4)

Their 3 days proxies are sold for $0.36 if you pay for 1 proxy. If you pay for 30 days, the price is $1.80 per month. However, if you purchase 100 proxies, the price goes down to $1.17 per proxy monthly.

Private Proxies (IPv6)

For the IPv6 proxies, the pricing is quite cheaper compared to IPv4 proxies. And this is not only on the Proxy IPV4 service but like that for any other provider out there. One thing you need to know is that IPv4 proxies are the de facto proxies and the IPv6 proxies are only used by a few people. Only use it when it is the right proxy for your job.

Private Proxies (IPv6)

For this one, the flexibility of buying 3 days of proxies is not there, you start from 30 days of proxies upward and the price per proxy starts from $0.09 monthly per one. As with the IPv4 proxies, if you purchase more proxies, you are given a discount. Take, for instance, if you purchase 100 IPv6 proxies, the price goes down to $0.06 per proxies monthly.

Mobile Proxy

As stated earlier in the article, this service also offers mobile proxies and they are the most expensive proxies they currently offer. As with the IPv4 private proxies, you have the option of purchasing a 3 days proxies since its pricing is also flexible. This will help make it quite affordable for you. One proxy for a month is sold for $75 if you choose the United States as the location you need IP from.

Mobile Proxies Proxy IPV4

That of other regions can be a little cheaper as the pricing is not uniform as you have it in their other proxy offerings. But if you choose their 3 days rental period, you can pay $25 to use it.

Features of Proxy IPv4 Service

  • Support about 20 locations you can purchase proxies for. These locations cut across 4 continents (North America, South America, Europe, and Asia) and are the most sort after locations.
  • It offers 3 types of proxies for you to choose from — IPv4 private proxies, IPv6 private proxies, and mobile proxies.
  • The proxies offered by this service are all private and dedicated proxies. You will not share the proxies you purchase with anyone for the period you purchase it for.
  • Affordable and cheap proxies for their private proxies with a flexible rental period that help reduce commitment and cost for those that do not need proxies for long — while providing discounts for heavy users.
  • Support both IPv4 proxies and IPv6 proxies which are the two versions of the Internet protocol.
  • This provider also supports both the HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols which make them quite versatile in their applications.
  • There is currently no free trial option available to users of this service. Even with the refund policy, you need a good reason to get it. Except the problem is from their end, this service will not offer you a refund for your own mistakes and choice.
  • Proxies are paid and as such require authentication to use. You have the option of authenticating either using username and password or the simpler IP whitelisting method otherwise known as IP authentication.
  • The User Interface is quite simple and intuitive without boring you with UI elements or details you do not need. This makes it easier for you to use the service without the need to seek some form, of guidance even as a first-time user.
  • In terms of customer support, the Proxy IPV4 service is top-notch as it does have a responsive customer support team that has shown me its preparedness to help customers out. Aside from live chat support, you can also contact them via email and even their social media handles.

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How to Use the Proxy IPV4 Service

As stated above, the Proxy IPv4 service is quite easy to use. I am saying this from experience, considering the number of proxy interfaces I have integrated with, this service provides one of the easy-to-use user dashboards. You do not get bored with details that do not have use. Let’s take a look at the steps required to make use of this service.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Proxy IPv4 service. On the website, you can see the pricing system which as mentioned earlier, is quite flexible. Choose the country you need a proxy, and enter the duration and the quantity. You will see the price displayed. If you are OK with it, click on the “Buy Proxy” button displayed.

Official website of the Proxy IPv4 service

Step 2: This will take you to an interface to start processing payment, you are required to enter the website you want to use the proxies on, your email address, and the payment method. The payment methods supported include credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency. When you are done completing the form, you can then proceed to payment by clicking on the Pay button.

Step 3: Once payment is complete, you will get your password emailed to you. You can then use your email and password to log into the user dashboard. From the user dashboard, you can access the following — your profile, proxies you bought, your balance, and the developer API configuration.

Step 4: To use the proxies, click on the Order Table button and the tab for that will be in focus. There, you will see the list of the proxies you purchased.

Order Table of Proxy IPV4

Step 5: As you can see above, you will the IPs, country, vanity period, and IP status. To get the username and password for authentication as well as the proxy host, you will need to click on the “I” symbol at the front of the IP. You can use each proxy individually. If you like, you can also export the IPs in either CSV or TXT format.

Step 6: After getting the proxy details, you can then use the proxy details (IP, port, username, and password) in the client software you need the proxy for. If you enter the correct details and your configuration is perfect, your requests will begin routing to your target sites via the proxy network.

If you are a developer, I will suggest you visit the developer API section to learn how to set up the system up for use programmatically in your application without visiting the user dashboard as regular users will do.

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Our Proxy IPv4 Speed Test

Now to the testing part. You already know that sot proxies will reduce your Internet speed when used. However, private datacenter proxies are known to be the fastest among all proxies and even some cases, can even go head-to-head with your Internet connection speed without using a proxy. I am going to test the connection speed of the Proxy IPv4 service to ascertain how fast.

I only obtain their private proxies and that is the one you will get the performance test for. At a later date, I might obtain their mobile proxies to test them out in other to provide the speed test result for that too. For this current test, I used the speedtest.net tool for that. I first tested my Internet connection speed with using a proxy and got the blow result.

Proxy IPv4 Speed Test

As you can see above, my Internet connection speed is terrible — I am currently in some place in Africa with poor Internet at the moment. However, this can still be used as a benchmark to see how fast the service is. With the proxies configured, below is the result of the speed test.

Proxy IPv4 Speed Test Result

From the above, you can see that the speed test with their proxies configured is even faster than when I wasn’t using any proxies. This makes it quite fast. The manual test carried out was also impressive. I tried using it to surf the Internet and stream some content online and there was no difference in my Internet speed.

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Our Verdict

No doubt, the Proxy IPV4 service does have its own cons such as being unable to completely hide its proxy status. This is not peculiar to only this service as all other datacenter proxies have the same problem. However, using the proxies and testing it out, you can tell it is one of the best private proxy providers out there. The proxies it offers have low spam scores and that is why I could use them on many of my test sites without getting banned on notice. Its speed and performance is top-notch and it does have good location support with an affordable pricing system. For these reasons, the Proxy IPV4 service is recommended.

Update - 2023.07.05
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    I’m currently using the GoLogin browser and I like its functionality, speed, and price. Could you let me know if IPv4 proxies are suitable for work in this browser? I tried AstroProxy, but it’s a bit pricey, now, I want to use your services.

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