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The Best Twitter Proxies of 2024

Do you require proxies for your Twitter automation and account management? This page will provide you a comprehensive list of Twitter proxy providers – and preliminary knowledge about Twitter proxies.

Residential Twitch IP Proxy

For those that know how to use Twitter, they will tell you how it can help you go viral and help in your Internet marketing campaigns. I have personally used Twitter for a good number of campaigns, and I can tell you with full confidence that it works.

However, it needs proper planning, money, and patience. For those that do not have the time and financial strength to do it the Twitter preferred way, they tend to follow a quicker approach through Twitter automation – and Twitter automation bots require proxies to function.

What are Twitter Proxies?

A proxy server, simply known as a proxy, is a server that acts as an intermediary between client computers and web servers (websites) on the Internet. If you are using a proxy, your Internet traffic is routed through the proxy, and the IP address attached to it changed to that of the proxy server before it gets to the intended website. This is used to hide one’s real IP address.

Not all proxies are compatible with Twitter. Twitter proxies are the proxies that can evade Twitter anti-spam detection system and enable you to access Twitter as a regular user.

Twitter, unlike Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and many other major platforms, is not very strict on the use of proxies. It does not support the use of proxies, but the enforcement is not very strict. Proxies that can’t be used on other major platforms work on Twitter.

For this reason, it will be an overkill spending your money on very expensive proxies except if you are doing automation on a big scale. Regular datacenter proxies will work. To be on a safer side, some opt for residential proxies. Using mobile proxies is unjustifiable.

Recommended Proxies for Twitter

As I stated earlier, both datacenter proxies and residential proxies will work for Twitter, provided the proxies are compatible with Twitter and have not been blocked on Twitter as a result of spam. Below are the recommended proxy providers for Twitter.

Bright Data Review

40 GB - $500

Luminati is a Legitimate residential IP proxies provider and Over 72+ Million IPs in their residential network, Collect & scraping any web data, Never ...

SOAX Review

15GB - $99

SOAX is a rotating residential and mobile proxy provider offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for both businesses and individuals. The SOAX ...

Visit Soax

The SimplyNode proxy service is one of the providers that works but has yet to become popular among proxy users. When I heard the name, my mind went to ...

Visit SimplyNode

If you are looking for a provider that will provide you with all of your proxy needs ranging from high rotating residential proxies, ISP proxies, ...

Visit Proxy-Seller

The Proxy-IPV4 service is one of those services that came into the market unannounced to some of us. Being that as it may, I discovered this provider later ...

Visit Proxy IPV4

MyPrivateProxy Review

10 proxies -$23.70

MyPrivateProxy is an all-around private proxies provider, Its Dedicated proxies are stable and guaranteed to work for your purchased purpose. Rated #1 out ...

Visit MyPrivateProxy

Proxy-Cheap Review

10 GB - $50

Proxy-Cheap.com is a new residential IP proxy provider with a massive range of different locations that has the most affordable pricing found on the proxy ...

Nimbleway Review

75GB - $600

The Nimbleway service is an all-encompassing service that provides you with all of the infrastructure required for collecting data from the web ...

Visit Nimbleway

Hydraproxy Review

$2.95 - One day plan

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy providers in the market granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large proxy pool of residential and ...

Shifter Proxy (Microleaves)

10 Ports - $125

Microleaves has been a leader in proxy services since 2012. They are a proxy provider that provides backconnect proxies, dedicated proxies, and shared proxies. ...

TheSocialProxy is a mobile proxy provider you can buy mobile proxies from. It is not your regular mobile proxy provider. It is a high-quality provider ...

Visit TheSocialProxy

ProxyEmpire.io is a rotating residential proxy provider that also offers rotating mobile proxies. ProxyEmpire is a relatively new company which ...

InstantProxies Review

10 Proxies - $10.00

Read User Reviews InstantProxies service provides quality and private HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can test/ping to General Browsing ...

Blazing SEO Review (Rayobyte now)

10 Proxies - $12.00

Read User Reviews Blazing Proxies was founded by Blazing SEO in 2015. Blazing SEO not only offers proxies but also OCR/text captcha solving ...

High Proxies Review

10 Proxies - $22.00

HighProxies is yet another great US private proxies provider that offers stable, dedicated static IP Proxies for social network websites. Recommend their ...

ProxyGuys is one of the proxy providers that offer you reliable mobile proxies with a flexible payment plan. Their proxies are perfect for many proxy ...

Visit Proxyguys

Why Do You Need Proxies for Twitter?

There are 2 reasons why one will want to make use of proxies on Twitter. The most common reason is Twitter automation, which is the use of Twitter bot to manage Twitter account(s). Twitter bots send too many requests in a minute, which seems unnatural to Twitter, and as such, they tend to block requests coming IPs with such behavior.

To evade the IP block caused by sending too many requests, proxies are the best options. Proxies will hide your real IP address and provide you as many IPs as you require.

Another reason why you will need proxies is when your IP address has been blocked from accessing Twitter. To keep the community safe for all, Twitter bans IP addresses associated with spam and other forms of abuse. If you are unfortunate enough to get an IP ban, or the Wi-Fi you are blocked Twitter, then proxies are helpful.

How Many Twitter Accounts Per Proxy?

If you intend to automate and manage many accounts, you have to pay attention to this section of the article. Twitter allows you to own more than one account. However, they do not support automating many accounts in an attempt to get the system and get content to go viral.

 For this reason, you will have to avoid automating too many accounts using the same IP address. But how many accounts can be seen as too many accounts?

The number of accounts you should manage on one IP is between 3 to 5. Anything above 5 is too many and may lead to your accounts being detected and banned. For each proxy and its associated IP address, make sure you stick to using 3 accounts – or 5 if you are on a budget. This advice is for those using static proxies, especially for datacenter proxies.

For those using rotating proxies as in the case of residential proxies and a few datacenter proxies, you do not have to worry about this as the proxy provider will take care of IP rotation.

Twitter Bots For Twitter Automation

When trying to automate your actions on Twitter, using the best proxies is not enough; you’ll have to match it with the best Twitter bot. While Twitter supports bots and even provides an official API for bot development, this is restrictive, and bot developers ditch it and use Twitter private APIs.

 If you are caught botting, you may lose your accounts. For this reason, you will need to make use of the best Twitter bots in the market. Based on our research and test, we recommend TweetAttackPro, Jarvee, and ASB Twitter Bot.

Each of the bots has its own best practices and how-to guide. It is best you learn how to use them by following the tutorial guides on their sites before trying to use them on your real accounts to avoid making mistakes.


For now, we can say that Twitter is still not smart enough to detect datacenter proxies (or just overlooking it) and use that to our advantage. When using datacenter proxies, make sure they are private, dedicated, and paid. Avoid shared proxies and paid proxies – they are usually not as advertised.

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