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Luminati + Multilogin = 1,000+ Social Media Accounts

Do you want to manage hundreds of Social Media Accounts? This post will let you know all the secrets on “How to run hundreds of Social Media Accounts without getting blocked”. The secret is simulating devices & mask IP address!

social media networksWhen we’re talking about Social Media, You think of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook at first, And It’s already no secret that those Social Media networks are collecting your online PrivacyFacebook’s privacy problems are the most convincing evidence that we can find to prove my point.

Okay, Now you already know those social media networks are collecting your data from their website & App. They can use your data to identify your online!

You don’t believe it?

You should 100% know that almost all the website that collects your IP address and uses the cookie to Tracking, But there are more data from you!

First, Let me let you known the “device fingerprinting“.

What is device fingerprinting?

It is a unique identifier of a user that is visiting a website or multiple websites.

This unique identifier is called a  ‘device fingerprint.’ It is composed of data regarding the configuration of the user’s browser, and it’s software and hardware environment when a user visits a website.

The theory may be hard to understand, There are lots of websites that show your “device fingerprint” online!

Those type of data from your device fingerprinting that can be easily identify who you are!

Device fingerprinting Sample data
User agent “Mozilla/** (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/***.**(KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.****.98 Safari/537.36”
Accept “text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8”
Content encoding “gzip, deflate, br”
Content language “en-US,en;q=0.9;q=0.8
List of plugins “Plugin 0: Chrome PDF Plugin; Portable Document Format; internal-pdf-viewer. Plugin 1: Chrome PDF Viewer; ; mhjfbdsfdsfsdfdsfsdfiehjai. Plugin 2: Native Client; ; internal-nacl-plugin. “
Native Client
Chrome PDF Viewer
Chrome PDF Plugin
Platform “Win32”
Cookies enabled “yes”
Do Not Track “NC”
Timezone “180”
Screen resolution “1380x720x24”
Use of local storage “yes”
Use of session storage “yes”
WebGL Vendor “Google Inc.”
WebGL Renderer “Google SwiftShader”
List of fonts “Flash not detected”
Screen resolution “Flash not detected”
Language “Flash not detected”
Platform “Flash not detected”
Use of AdBlock “no”

With the development of technology, There are more your data will be collected! I do not want to talk more time to discuss it, now let’s talking about the solution to escape from those Social Media networks!

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How to simulating devices?

To simulate a device, you need to change the data of  Device fingerprinting from software, for you can not afford to buy the different devices to run thousands of accounts.

By simulating devices, you can successfully manage multiple accounts all from one machine

Based on our research, Now the Multilogin is the best one to use, Multilogin is a software that allows for the creation of separate browsing environments enabling the control of multiple accounts across multiple platforms. It provides device fingerprint protection along with secure browser and workflow automation to guarantee a high success rate.

Multilogin’s software, built to handle device fingerprints, developed a method of replacing rather than eliminating your original fingerprint resulting in seamless account management from one device.

The right fingerprints and browsing environment, although required for account management, cannot hide your IP address.  

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How to Mask IP address?

When rotating through multiple accounts, the right IP address will be the one undermining feature that can result in captcha or getting an account blocked altogether.

And BTW,

Usually, if you’re just planning to run 10 – 100 Social Media accounts, I still suggest you use the dedicated datacenter proxies, also known as the private proxies that are much easy to use and handle.

And if you planning to run Hundreds and thousands of social media account as your business model, the rotating residential proxies that much meet your demands.

Here let me show you use the Luminati as the sample,

Luminati free trial

Luminati’s Residential Network consisting of 40+ million real-user IPs is the final step in ensuring the proper emulation of a real-user.

Combining Luminati in tandem with Multilogin can allow you to manage an unlimited number of accounts all across the world, from the same device.

For more information about integrating Luminati with Multilogin click here.

How to step Luminati’s Proxy Manager integrate with third-party apps

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the proxy manager and run it
  2. Create your desired port/s in the proxy manager (example port 24000)
  3. Install Multilogin on your operating system and run it
  4. Create ‘New browser profile’ in Multilogin
  5. Go to ‘Proxy’ settings
  6. Click ‘Edit Proxy’ in the proxy settings
  7. Select ‘Connection type” as ‘HTTP proxy’
  8. Insert in the ‘Address’ your lpm process address (‘’ if it is running on your local machine or server your IP if the LPM is installed on a remote server)
  9. Insert the port number you want the requests to be sent through (example 24000)

Now your Multilogin browser profile will route all the requests through the port you selected in the Luminati Proxy Manager.

See the example below with instructions from the Multilogin application:

LPM with Multilogin

Luminati proxy manage (LPM) with Multilogin

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4 Reasons to recommend Luminati integrating with Multilogin


Start with the Right Proxy Network

When creating and managing accounts online, any proxy issue can be detrimental to your operations and your business. Luminati’s Residential IPs and Static Residential IPs are made for your account management needs.

Whether you are managing classifieds or social media, with our geo-targeted real-IPs you can avoid captcha and bans altogether!

Account Management IPs Built for Accuracy and Reliability

Our residential proxies were made to handle any size operation allowing you to maintain multiple accounts across various platforms.

Manage an unlimited number of concurrent connections with no limitations on geolocations and targeting options. Luminati residential IPs all work independently and can be targeted by country, city, ASN or even mobile carrier.

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Luminati provides preset configurations for proxies, making it easy to start regardless of the platform you are working with.

Easily integrate into all 3rd party software such as Multilogin, Jarvee and more, with easy how-to guides and your own personal account manager. Stay ahead of your competition automating all bots and crawlers with no coding necessary.

Advanced Proxy Network built for your Account Management Needs

Luminati’s Residential Proxy Network offers unlimited access to all sites including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Craiglist, Ebay and more!

Now you can always be focused on your business, your accounts, and your customers. Manage your accounts never worrying about getting blocked, captcha or dealing with verification emails again!

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