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HideMyAss is a leading proxy and vpn service provider.Offers easy to use Free web proxy, Public proxy lists and Pro VPN service that help protect your online identity and privacy.

web proxy vs VPNFree Web Proxy can help you easily hide your IP address. No software required you can surf anonymously,Unlike other free web proxies HMA do not have pop-ups or flashing advertisements.That can help you get virtually reside on another network and bypass web blocks.

HMA Pro VPN service is recommend by Most User on the market at $11.52 /m.Offering over 40’500+ IP’s across 345+ VPN servers in 53 different countries. Supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. Allows you to connect from all practically any device or operating system (eg, PC,Mac,iPhone and Android phones) via HMA VPN client.



Hide My Ass Service Detail


Web Proxy


Web proxy is a secure service that allows you to surf anonymously online in complete privacy.Hide My Ass web proxy support SSL encryption for surfing securely.You can use it for hiding from hackers and network spies monitoring your HTTP web traffic also bypass internet restrictions.

hide my ass web proxy review

Available IPs
36 (in 3 countries)
SSL Security
Advertisements Ads supported (Pro VPN)
Others available 1.URL obfuscation 2.Disable Javascrip/Flash






Public Proxy lists


HMA provide real-time auto-updatable database of free working IP:PORT public proxies.Publlic proxy lists are checked from the largest database of public open proxies in real-time with up to the minute auto-updatable results 24/7. You may use these proxies in any application with proxy settings, including web browsers, chat clients,whois checkers, automated applications, etc

Hide My Ass Offers both free proxy list and premium lists.

Free proxy list you can get directly from their website.Here you can get free working IP:PORT proxies.You can get http/https/socks4/5 public proxies classify by country.

free IP:PORT proxies

Also,There are premium lists available. You can get the entire IP:Port database erveryday  sent to your inbox everyday in raw .txt format. The price at $24.95 for lifetime. After bought a subscription that you will receive a zip archive from HMA everyday.

There are 2 folders in this zip archive,”full_list” and “full_list_nopl”.

full-list and full-list nopl

“full_list” contains the full list including PlanetLab proxies,
“full_list_nopl” is the full list excluding PlanetLab proxies.


detail about "_full-list.txt"Each folder has a “_full-list.txt” file, which contains all of the proxies;

able-list.txt” file contains the proxies which have higher reliability rate.

Also there are  created other .txt files proxies classify by country.

All text proxies are sorted by speed and the fastest is the first.


Pro VPN Service


The VPN service will increase your online security.For Encrypted VPN tunnels provide you the best shield for your surfing the Web. HMA Pro VPN offers many advantages and will be suitable for 99.9% of the Internet users who wish to Bypass censorship,Anonymous internet identity,Virtually reside in wanted country and so on..

Price $11.52 for a month$50.66 for 6 months$78.66 for 12 months
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP
Supported PC, Mac or LinuxiPhone, iPad(mini) and Android device
Servers 340+ VPN servers across 53 different countries
Other features p2p AllowedHMA Pro VPN clientIPv6 is not encrypted





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  1. what can I say, I’m very very disappointed in the quality of ips, this guy have a lot of hardly abused IPs, you can not do anything with them, there is nothing you can do with those IPs… I wasnt able to watch netflix what else to say 🙁

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  2. Ho to everyone,
    I have a HMA VPN subscription for 1 year, and guess what, i find out after purchasing that all the HMA VPNs ips are shared between their users, so all the ips are hardly abused, i tried to create a gmail account and its not working, i have also tried to do a google search and “this ip is comming from a unsafe network” you can not do anything with thier IP, just to hide identity, thats all … for seo i recommend to everyone to avoid them … You can still use the vpn to watch videos, but hot HD streaming the speed is really bad and i’ve tried all of their locations …. what can i say? i recommend everyone to avoid them and their hardly abused ips …

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