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As we all know, proxy servers can be used with any application that supports the use of proxies (e.g. web browsers). They provide an easy way to mask your true IP address and enable you to surf anonymously online.

Proxies are classified by private and public proxies. The private proxies is a dedicated IP that a high anonymous proxy that only used by you or several person.It’s more security and fast than public proxies.You can read [Problems of Public Proxies–Free but unreliable,Dangerous,slow] get more infomation.

On the other hand, public proxies usual konwn as “free proxies“. It’s the  advantage that compare with paid proxy service. We all want to use private proxies but some of the people really can’t afford it. Especially when you want to use lot of proxies daily.

So,if you want to Harvesting blogs, Boost alexa ranking with proxies, fake traffic on affiliate network and so on,you  may probable use free public proxies for your solution.


How to Find Fresh working public proxies via ProxyFinder


1. You can easily via Google/Bing find “ProxyFinder“. You can click this link download ProxyFinderEnterprise.zip.


2. Then,Open the ProxyFinder. Just click “Find”, You can get more than 9K pubic proxies.

proxy finder - fastest find pubilc proxies online

3. Then,click “SAVE” you can get a list of pubilc proxies, whether you save it to .TXT or not ,just use “CTRL+A” choose all those proxies.then  “CTRL+C” copy all proxies. then “CTRL+V” to scrapebox.save proxies on proxy finderscrapebox proxies


4. Now you must know that 9K proxies -IP:PORT,lots of  that not working. We must use scrapebox test it.or you can find other software test. here we demonstrate use scrapebox.

scrapebox proxies test

configuration proxy manager

Then click test.their may take some minute,but if you only need few proxies,you can stop test any time.After test,we need filter slow proxies.

scrapebox proxies filter

filter slow proxies

Last step, you can save the proxies for you need.

scrapebox proxies save

So,use ProxyFinder is the fastest way to find fresh working public proxies.ProxyFinder is the most easy software for you find proxies.There are also may other useful software can help you find working  public proxies.

Check those relative software,

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