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Difference Between Proxy & VPN (Proxy VS VPN)

Many people are confused about the use of a proxy and a VPN, and in order to provide better understanding, these two will be discussed individually.

Difference Between Proxy & VPN (Proxy VS VPN)

what is a VPN

Now, it’s time to know more about the so-called VPN. VPN, this acronym stands for Virtual Private Network. If this will be used, you will be able to extend the private network that you have to the internet which is considered as a public network. This can allow you to share or distribute the data or the information that you have online. If you are going to do this, you need to start by ensuring the establishment of a point-to-point virtual connection by using encryption or dedicated connections.

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what is a proxy

Let’s start to discover what a proxy is. Well, private proxies is the special tool available online that could provide a dedicated IP address that can allow you hide your original IP when you are doing your search in the internet. Your computer IP will have superior protection especially if you have the right private proxy provider.


There are so many comparisons that are being done about these two, Proxy and VPN online. Some people say they prefer the use of Proxy than VPN, but others say it’s the other way around. Actually, both of these two are considered as important and vital to use if you are a heavy internet user or an online marketer that is implementing great SEO techniques and strategies. Their usefulness will depend on the one that will use them.


Today, considering that the SEO strategies are getting more and more delicate, the use of a private proxy is said to be a better option for online marketing and businessmen. The proxy has the capability of keeping your real IP address as a secret even if you go to hundreds of websites. You can do all the steps that you need to do in order to make your campaign a success without any worries and inconveniences. You can create multiple accounts and do posting limitless. Private proxies are really dependable especially today that Search Engines are getting more and stricter when it comes to SEO strategies and campaigns.

Finding the right private proxy for your campaign is easy,

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and you can do it in few steps. There are so many choices that are made available for you so be sure to pick the right one that could give you great results.

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