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Public Proxies Are Free, But Are They Worth It?

People can obtain public proxy lists by downloading them from online sources. In fact, a lot of guys see them as free of charge and they go for it happily thinking they are saving money, However, there are lots of risks and not efficiency as well. Also If you’ve ever tried to use free public proxy servers, then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work.

“Free” Public Proxy Servers look like they could be the solution for marketing strategists looking to get around the “Google Blocked” problems with their search engine ranking software. Lots of people use the internet to try and find free stuff, too.

Before getting too excited, here are the drawbacks of public proxies.

Public proxy servers are really slow.

It’s been proven time and time again that ANY publicly available server shared by multiple users is going to be bogged down. If you’ve ever played online games like Runescape from a desktop computer, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

Public proxies are bogged down with free users. There’s really no other way to explain this. Which means games you wish to play, such as WOW or other online RPG’s will take longer to load, causing characters to die or screens to freeze when ‘bossing’.

Public proxies aren’t as anonymous as you’d think.

Using this free IP’s does not only comprise your IP, browsing experience and others but can jeopardize your identity. If you really need anonymous surfing, it makes sense to pay for better anonymity. Besides, public proxies can not protect your individual or merchant privacy online, especially when many people transact with PayPal, Amazon and similar tech finance.

Public proxies are dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

If you are using public proxies, someone can monitor what you are doing while browsing the Internet. This allows your private information to be harvested. Plus, your ISP and major search engines keep log files of online activity, and data centers often times don’t purge log files daily. To top it off, open WiFi Networks (Hot spots often found at Airports, Libraries, Hotels, and Schools) are far from Secure.

The danger is the word of opportunity here.

Most public proxies are unreliable.

Public proxies resources are available for free. SMTP Mail Servers are an excellent example of this statement.

As a mail server can be abused to send out zillions of spam messages, you’ll never see free public SMTP mail servers. Any sensible network professional will secure their mail servers to prevent them from “relaying” and being hijacked. So, the vast majority (if not all) publicly available free that don’t require registration or authentication are either poorly configured proxy servers belonging to someone else, or are computers that have been compromised by hackers who have installed their own proxy server software so they can use the computers as “Zombies” or “BotNets” for their own dubious needs.

Finally, public proxies aren’t great for productivity.

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is one of the most stressful activities out there. There are too many reasons for a young entrepreneur to get stressed: Fear of the unknown, loneliness, financial concerns and, last but not the lest, workload. One struggle an entrepreneur may endure is not having a secure connection to handle work privately.

If you’re concerned about productivity issues and want your work to be slightly more ‘clandestine’, private proxies are probably your better option.

There are some companies that offer shared private proxies for lower prices, which are usually shared among 2 to 20 people. The aim is to allow you test ride their IPs; if you love them, you can buy them for your utmost protection. Good proxies deliver sufficient speed, guaranteed confidentiality, and you get support regardless of what time you need it. Most importantly, your real IP addresses are never linked, and many shared proxies offer unlimited bandwidth.

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