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911 Proxy Logo

The 911Proxy service is branding done to resemble the now-defunct 911 S5 Proxy that is popular among marketers. In the real sense of things, the 911Proxy service is a regular proxy provider that does not have all of the advanced features in the 911.re service such as port forward and custom headers, among many others. However, as a regular proxy provider, research has shown that its proxies contend and compete with some of the best in the market. But how true is this? To find out the truth, I have done my research and carried out some tests and all of these will be discussed in this 911Proxy review.

High Quality Affordable Residential Proxies

  • Over 73 million IP addresses
  • About 120 countries support with state and city-level targeting
  • IP rotation supported with either random or specific rotation time
  • Pricing is affordable for both small and big users
  • Support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols
  • High performance in terms of speed and rotation
  • Easy-to-use user interface even for beginners

911Proxy offers proxies in 3 categories — rotating residential, static residential, and unlimited residential proxies. The main focus of this review is on their residential proxy network which is taunted as a highly performant network with the power to contend with even the top providers in the market. It has a large proxy pool with IPs sourced from over 100 countries across the globe.

911 Proxy Overview

One thing I do like about the service is its granular geo-targeting support, allowing you to choose not just the country you need IPs from but also the city. This makes it perfect for tasks that require city-level tasks. This service is built to ease integration with both already-made and custom software. Whether you need proxies for your Multi login application or you need one to use for your web scraping, the 911Proxy is a good fit for this. The proxies can be used for a good number of tasks, especially if you need rotating proxies with residential IPs.

The service is structured in such a way that small providers can afford it, provided they can use the minimum monetary commitment. However, it is even cheaper for big users as the cost per GB is way cheaper for large orders. Small users pay $3 per GB.

“Is 911 Proxy worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

The 911 Proxy Solution

The 911Proxy residential proxies have tasks they are best used for and there are tasks you would want to use them for. They are generally meant for tasks that require you to use real IP addresses from ISPs. Due to their rotation capabilities, they are not the proxy for maintaining sessions for an extensive period. Below are some of the tasks they are best used for.

Web Scraping

If there is one task that the 911Proxy has been built for, then that task is web scraping — the act of automated data collection from web pages without using an official API. The secret to its success here lies in its IP auto-rotate feature which changes IP after every request. This effectively masks your IP address footprint as each request has its own unique IP. With this setting, you wouldn’t exceed the request limit that would get you blocked. And considering it has a large proxy pool, its network is suitable for large scraping tasks.

Ad Verification

If you are in the business of investing in large-scale advertising, you will agree with me that you need to constantly monitor your ads and make sure they appear to legitimate users as you want them to. And for large-scale monitoring, you need to use a bot to achieve that. The proxies are useful for geo-targeted ad verification and verifying how it appears to multiple users. IPs from proxies give you the ability to simulate multiple user access as each IP address is seen as a unique device visit by most websites.

SEO Monitoring

Another use case the 911Proxy residential proxies are good for is SEO monitoring and SERP scraping at large. Requests via their network are routed via devices of real Internet users, making your requests look as legitimate as possible. Their IPs are great for accessing search engines such as Google and Bing without detection. This makes it possible for you to monitor your ranking and that of your competitors on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You can also use it to scrape keywords and other publicly available data from the SERP.

Market Research

You can also use their proxies for marketing research. Whether you want to scrape e-commerce sites for product or review data or you need to scrape marketing data sites or government sites for marketing data, the 911Proxy is a good fit for the job. This is considered another form of web scraping, but a specialized one that focuses on products and their related data. Their proxies have been tested on some of the popular e-commerce sites including Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and a host of others.

Limited Account Management Tasks

Even though the proxies offered by the 911Proxy service rotate IPs, it does have support for session management. Interestingly, its session management capacity is one of the best as it supports an extended session period of up to 2 hours —this is one of the longest in the market. With this, you are able to manage multiple accounts on the same device without getting detected. You can use them with your favorite multi-login tools such as Multilogin and GoLogin. Since it maintains the same IP for the session period, there is no suspicion. You can also save sessions and use them another time.

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How Does 911Proxy Residential Proxy Work

The 911Proxy has a simple working model on the surface. It has over 73 million IP addresses IP addresses under its control that it routes requests through. Interestingly, it does not own the devices and IP addresses it route requests through. Instead, these are gotten via P2P networks where users join either for financial compensation or being allowed to use a free tool. When you send a web request with their proxy configured on your device, your request is first sent to their server.

The server then looks for an available IP in the pool randomly or with specific filters depending on your configuration. When an available device/IP has been chosen, it then sends your web request to the target website via this device. In the end, because the device that sent the final request is the device from their pool, it is the IP address of that device that will be identified. Considering it has over 73 million IPs, it means you can route your requests through millions of IP addresses.

This gives you a high level of anonymity, which is quite great for tasks such as web scraping and automation that send too many requests, enough to be unnatural and get you banned. It operates generally as a rotating proxy where it randomly chooses IPs to assign to your requests.

However, it does have support for session IPs. For this, it keeps track of IPs that historically, have chances of remaining online and use them as its session proxies. In cases where a session proxy goes offline before the specified session duration, you get the session cut off and a new one started automatically.

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Pricing and Features

The residential proxies reviewed in this 911Proxy review are their traffic-charged residential proxies also known as bandwidth-based. For this, the pricing is based on consumable bandwidth with the unit being GB. One thing you will come to like about the 911Proxy service is its affordable pricing. For this, the cost per GB is $3 for the smallest plan. However, you will need to purchase 10GB for it. With this, you can tell it is not a pocket-friendly option for small proxy users as you might want.

911 Proxy Price

There are bigger providers including Bright Data and Smartproxy that offer the pay-as-you-go option. However, they cost more per GB than the 911Proxy. Interestingly, the $3 per GB is the highest you will pay per GB. If you go for their larger packages, the cost per GB becomes cheaper. Take, for instance, the cost per GB for their 120GB plan is $1.50 (total cost is $525). This makes the 911Proxy one of the cheapest you can get especially for non-hobbyists.

Currently, there is no publicly available free trial. The payment methods are numerous as you can pay with local currencies via your credit/debit card, cryptocurrencies, or Alipay, among others.

Features of 911proxy

Below are some of the top features of this proxy service worth mentioning.

  • Supports over 110 countries giving it extensive location coverage. However, there are some countries left out of the list of supported countries. For this reason, you should speak to their support team if you need country-specific proxies before making a purchase.

911proxy Location

  • Location targeting is granular as there is support for more than just country-level support. You can also set the state and city you need IPs from. You just need to check if the city or state you need IPs from is supported.
  • There are over 73 million IP addresses in their pool. This is enough to handle not just small to mid-scale projects but also big projects. However, you need to be mindful of this when you have geo-targeted tasks as the number of IPs in small countries can only handle small scraping tasks. Fortunately, the tier-one countries have larger pools.
  • Support both rotating and session proxies. With the session proxies, you are able to maintain sessions for up to 2 hours which is one of the highest in the market. Interestingly, there is support for other session periods including 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes, as well as 1 hour.

911proxy is rotating and session proxies

  • Pricing for the service is charged based on traffic. However, the price per GB is $3 for its smallest plan which makes it one of the cheapest. The only major problem with this is that you will need to purchase a minimum of 10GB.
  • The service is quite fast in terms of speed. But as you will see in the speed testing section, there is an issue with trying to measure the speed as it keeps failing while other providers didn’t give the same problem.
  • The payment methods supported are quite diverse, giving you the choice to pay either with your card, Alipay, or crypto.
  • The user interface is quite easy to use as you do not get distracted by more than enough user interface elements. This makes it beginner-friendly.
  • In terms of customer support, you can get real-time customer support via multiple social media channels (WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype). There is no live chat support on their website except via these aforementioned social media platforms. The links are available on their website and they respond fast if online. You can also send them an email but that will take a few hours to get a response.
  • The services have support for multiple protocols. Whether you need HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5 protocol support, the 911Proxy service does have support for this.

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How to Use 911proxy

This proxy service has been developed to be easy to use. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to start using their proxies.

Step 1: Visit the official website of this service at https://www.911proxy.com/ and create an account. You will need to verify your email.

911proxy Official website visit

Step 2: Fund your wallet — it is from this that you will purchase the proxies you need.

Step 3: Create a user by going to the user list section and adding a user – you can add traffic limit for each user.

Add traffic limit for each user in 911 Proxy

Step 4: On the navigation section, click on the “Get Proxy” Link and you’ll see a list of options — click “user & pass authentication”.

Authentication of 911proxy

Step 5: You’ll be presented with a proxy list generator tool to configure the proxy location and rotation timing. Choose the country you need. You can also target specific states and cities within a country. You can also set it at random if you don’t have a geo-location requirement.

Step 6: Choose the user that owns the account and then set the rotation timing.

911 Proxy Rotation timing

Step 7: Click on the “Generate” button and you’ll be shown the proxy detail in the box above the Generate button. The details include the proxy host, port, username, and password. These are the details you will use in configuring proxies in the software you need proxies for.

Whitelist of 911proxy

In case you want to use the IP authentication option, go to the IP whitelisting section and add your IP address. With that, you wouldn’t need to provide a username and password in other to use their proxies on your device.

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Our Proxy Speed Testing

I needed to know how fast is their proxies and to know that, I needed to test it out. I used speedtest.net to test my Internet connection speed and then used it as a yardstick to decide whether their proxies were fast or not. Below is my speed without using any proxy.

911 Proxy Speed

With the above, I set out to test out their proxies and I kept getting the below error.

Getting the error

In a bid to try and solve this, I decided to use fast.com and it wasn’t getting any value for me to use too. This is a problem with the ping rate. I tried using other proxies I have access to and they worked just fine. This same problem continued to the second day. So I assume this is a problem that needs to be solved. Below is a half-measured speed before I got an error from fast.com.

911proxy Speed in other site

As you can see, the speed is quite fast but it never completes before showing me an error. With the above and my test browsing with it, I can say it is one of the fastest residential proxy networks in the market. However, they need to fix whatever it is that is preventing one from completing a speed test.

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ISP Testing — Residential or Not?

Are the proxies offered truly residential or not? This is a question that comes to the minds of many when they decide to purchase residential proxies.  This is why some providers will provide you non-residential proxies as residential proxies. To test this out, I used the IPInfo.io tool, and Below is the result I got from the website IP lookup tool.

ISP Testing of 911proxy

From the above, the ASN object holds data of the IP address provider. As you can see the ASN type is “ISP”, which stands for Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is the value for residential proxies. If it was a datacenter proxy, it would be type “hosting”.

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Our Verdict

The 911Proxy does have a large proxy pool with IPs from over 120 countries. Considering its proxies are undetectable and support both rotation and session IPs, you can tell their proxies can be used for a good number of tasks. For this reason, this is a recommended service. The speed testing is not working for reasons they need to fix from their end. But if you actually make use of their proxies, you can tell it is one of the fastest out there. Its pricing is also a great reason why you will want to make use of it.

Update - 2024.04.26
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