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9Proxy is the latest sensation in the residential proxy market, having burst onto the scene with a bang. This service doesn’t just offer proxies; it redefines what we expect from them. With a solid foundation of over 9 million residential proxies, 9Proxy is not playing around. They bring to the table what many have been asking for: clean, whitelisted, and unique proxies that set new standards in the market.

9Proxy levels up the market with:

Fast, Secure, and Cost-Effective Proxy Provider

  • Over 9 million residential IP addresses in the pool.
  • A user-friendly application to manage proxies effortlessly.
  • Geo-targeting capabilities, allowing you to access over 90 countries right down to the city level.
  • Straightforward pricing based on individual proxies, starting as low as $0.04/IP.
  • An unprecedented unlimited bandwidth offering.
  • A unique replacement policy for underperforming proxies.
  • An intuitive setup and authentication process.

9Proxy offers a great deal for people looking for safe and budget-friendly internet proxy services. It's a trustworthy option that ensures your online activities remain private, and it comes with a promise of quality. You can use 9Proxy in over 90 countries, making it a very flexible choice for all sorts of online tasks.

Plus, its proxies are secure and protected, meaning you can browse the internet without worrying about being tracked or blocked. Moreover, 9Proxy boasts a unique pool of IP addresses, ensuring that they are less likely to be blacklisted or shared with others, thus providing an added layer of security and dependability.

9Proxy review 1

9Proxy is great for a variety of online activities. If you need to set up new social media accounts, do online research, check if ads are running correctly, collect data from websites, or buy items that are hard to get, 9Proxy can help. It works well with tools and software used for managing social media and analyzing data, which is good news for marketers and researchers.

Since 9Proxy uses real residential IP addresses from actual devices, there's a smaller chance websites will block or flag your internet activity, helping you do your work without interruptions.

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As for prices, 9Proxy is very affordable whether you're just one person or a large company. Their prices are lower than many others, but they still offer a high-quality service. This makes 9Proxy a smart option for anyone who needs a reliable way to use the internet without spending a lot of money.

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Now, let's talk turkey: is 9Proxy worth your time and money?

The 9Proxy Solution

  • Web scraping proxies: When it comes to pulling data from the web, 9Proxy’s residential proxies are top-tier. They provide unique and whitelisted proxies that ensure high success rates for scraping data from competitors and various online sources. This is crucial for maintaining an edge in data-driven decisions and market analysis.
  • Creating multiple accounts: With 9Proxy multi-accounting, your activities look like they're coming from real people, not automated services. This makes 9Proxy ideal for creating and managing multiple social media accounts. Automation becomes a breeze across platforms like Instagram and Facebook, enabling the creation of numerous accounts and followers without triggering security alarms.
  • Avoid blocks and restrictions: For sneaker enthusiasts and resellers, avoiding bans is critical, especially with sites like Nike that have historically blocked datacenter proxies. 9Proxy's residential proxies are designed to be undetectable, allowing for unlimited tasks without the risk of being blocked. This compatibility extends across various bots like Another Nike Bot AIO, Better Nike Bot, and SupremeSlayer, ensuring your sneaker copping game stays strong.

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  • Data Intelligence: With global coverage, 9Proxy allows for comprehensive price comparisons, data mining, and screen scraping free from geo-restrictions. Their proxies are optimized for speed and support multiple connections simultaneously, empowering users to complete projects more efficiently without compromising privacy or speed.
  • Ad Verification: In the world of advertising, transparency is key. 9Proxy’s residential proxies serve as an invaluable tool for verifying ad placements and combating ad fraud. The extensive network ensures that ad verification tasks can proceed uninterrupted by bans typically imposed on lesser networks.
  • Pricing information: Whether it’s flight pricing, retail analysis, or competitor research, 9Proxy offers targeted residential proxies that enable access to geo-restricted content and services. By connecting through 9Proxy, your digital presence mirrors that of a local, allowing for authentic and unrestricted data collection. The service’s pricing model is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, ensuring that whether for personal use or large-scale enterprise research, there’s a plan that fits.

How 9Proxy Works

9Proxy review 6

Using 9Proxy is super easy, thanks to its special app. Here's what you need to know:

  • Start with the App: First, you just open the 9Proxy app. This is where everything happens.
  • Pick a Proxy: Inside the app, you can choose the proxy you want to use. It's like picking what country you want your internet to look like it's coming from.
  • Your Internet Goes Through the Proxy: Once you forward the proxy, the app automatically sends your internet browsing through it. So, if you chose a proxy from Japan, websites think you're in Japan!
  • Change Whenever You Want: If you want to switch to another proxy, maybe to look like you're browsing from France instead, you can just pick a new one in the app. It's that easy.

With 9Proxy, there’s no messing around with complicated settings or multiple steps. The app does all the work, making sure you can browse the web safely and privately, looking like you're anywhere you want to be.

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Pricing Plan

9Proxy offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet different needs, which I find quite flexible for users at different levels. Let's break down what they offer:

9Proxy review 8

  • 100 IPs: For beginners, there's a package of 100 IPs priced at $0.20 per IP, totaling $20. This seems suitable for those new to proxy services or with minimal needs.
  • 500 IPs: There’s a significant jump to 500 IPs at $0.12 each, reduced from $0.17, bringing the cost to $60. This package offers a solid discount and seems geared towards users with growing needs.
  • 1000 IPs (+500 IPs): The deal gets sweeter with 1,500 IPs (1,000 plus a 500 IP bonus) at just $0.07 per IP. Originally priced at $0.11, this now costs $105, offering good value for more extensive usage.
  • 2500 IPs: They also provide a set of 2,500 IPs at the same $0.07 rate, down from $0.17, for a total of $175, saving users $75. This package seems targeted at heavy users with specific geo-targeting needs.
  • 5000 IPs: For enterprises, there’s a 5,000 IP deal at $0.06 each, a discount from $0.17, totaling $300. This substantial saving seems aimed at large-scale operations.
  • 15000 IPs: The largest is a 15,000 IP package at an impressive $0.04 per IP, down from $0.08, costing $600. This half-price deal is likely the best value for bulk users, offering significant cost efficiency.

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Unique Aspects of 9Proxy:

  • Like other providers, 9Proxy doesn’t offer refunds. However, they counterbalance this with a unique replacement policy for any proxy that fails within 60 seconds.
  • Their “Today List” feature allows users to reuse active proxies from the last 24 hours without additional charges, which seems a beneficial addition for continuous users.
  • The payment methods are quite accommodating, accepting Credit Cards, Google Pay, Virtual Currencies, and various local payment methods, providing flexibility for international users. If you choose to pay with Virtual Currency, you'll receive an additional 5% IP bonus.

How to Use 9Proxy.com

When I first heard about 9Proxy's free trial offer through a post, I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot. I reached out to their support team, requesting a code for 20 free proxies to test their service. To my delight, the response was swift, and I received my code almost immediately, which I could easily redeem through their user-friendly dashboard.

Here's a step-by-step guide based on my experience:

1. Redeem the Free Trial

Once you receive your free trial code from the 9Proxy support team, head over to the 9Proxy dashboard. There should be an option to enter your code; once input, your account will be credited with 20 free proxies. This process is straightforward and user-friendly, making it a great start.

2. Set Up the 9Proxy App

Due to 9Proxy's forwarding method, you'll need to download their app to utilize the proxies effectively. While this might seem like an extra step compared to direct IP and port configuration, it ensures higher performance and security. After installing the app, open it and log in with your 9Proxy account details.

9Proxy review 10

3. Choose Your Proxy Settings

Within the app, you'll find options to select your target country and city. This specificity allows for more tailored browsing experiences, particularly useful for activities requiring geo-specific access. After selecting your desired location, you'll forward the proxy to a designated port on your device. This process connects your internet activities to the proxy, masking your real location.

4. Know the Nature of Residential Proxies

I consider myself lucky; the first proxy I used from 9Proxy lasted the entire workday—around 9 hours without interruption. However, it's important to note that not all proxies may last as long. While I didn't encounter any that died within 60 seconds, a friend of mine did. Fortunately, he was able to get a replacement quickly.

5. Don't Underestimate the Today List Feature

One of the standout features of 9Proxy for me has been the Today List. Every morning, the first thing I do is check this list in the dashboard. It shows which of my previously used proxies are active again. This fantastic feature means I can reuse these proxies without them being deducted from my balance again, providing great value and efficiency.

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Tips for New Users:

  • Keep an Eye on the Balance: Regularly monitor how many proxies you've used to avoid unexpected depletion.
  • Use Today List Daily: Make it a habit to check the Today List for available proxies to maximize your usage without affecting your balance.
  • Get a Replacement Quick: If you encounter a proxy that dies within 60 seconds, go to the Today List immediately to check it to get refunded.
  • Contact Support for Issues: If you encounter problems or a proxy fails within the first 60 seconds, don't hesitate to reach out to 9Proxy’s support for a quick resolution.

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Overall, while there is a slight learning curve due to the app download and setup, the high performance and security standards of 9Proxy make it a worthy choice. The unique features like Today List add significant value, especially for regular users.

Our 9Proxy Speed Testing

To check how fast the internet is, I test 9Proxy speed via my VPS, which is hosted on the Vultr.

Here's how fast my server is without using any proxy:

9Proxy review 13

Next, I'll see how fast 9Proxy's US proxies are. My server is in “Elk Grove Village”, and I'll only look at the US proxies. I'll use a proxy from New York to test the speed.

(9Proxy review 13.png)











ISP Testing – Residential or Not?

Next, I wanted to find out if 9Proxy's IPs were genuinely residential. This is important because residential IPs are less likely to be blocked than datacenter IPs. I used the service at https://ipinfo.io to check the details of the IP addresses provided by 9Proxy.

In these tests, we're looking for the type to indicate “ISP” to confirm that the IP is residential. Typically, a “hosting” type would suggest a datacenter IP, which is not what we want for residential proxy services.

Below, you'll find the results of these tests:

















Our Verdict

9.1 Total Score
Editor's Rating on 9Proxy

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9Proxy is getting popular fast in the world of online proxies. It’s great for lots of internet tasks, perfect for people who need strong and trustworthy proxies for things like buying limited-edition sneakers online, managing lots of social media accounts, or gathering important data from the web.

If you need top-notch proxies that you can rely on, 9Proxy is a really good choice. They have a special app that makes the proxies work better and safer. This is especially good for people who use proxies a lot and care about keeping their online activities smooth and secure.

But, if you only need proxies now and then, 9Proxy might be more than you need. It comes with an app, so many casual users might not want to download it.

Thanks for checking out this review! If you've used 9Proxy, I'd really like to know how it went for you. Please drop your comments below – it's great to hear from you! And if you haven't, give them a try. I bet you won't regret it!


  • Access to a unique pool of over 9 million IP addresses.
  • Consistent and high-speed proxy connections.
  • Very competitive prices and flexible packages.
  • Straightforward setup process and easy-to-use app for proxy forwarding.
  • Intuitive dashboard for efficient proxy management.
  • Dedicated customer support available 24/7 with quick response times.
  • Unique features like the Today List for reusing active proxies.
  • Unique replacement policy for proxies that die within 60 seconds.
  • Best choice for casual or infrequent proxy users as their proxies don't expire.
  • Multiple programs for partners, resellers, affiliates. You can earn big money with them.


  • The requirement to use an app for forwarding might be inconvenient for some users.
  • Lacks a free trial option (I have just checked it when writing this review), which can be a downside for those looking to test the service before committing.

For More Information Check More details on 9Proxy.com


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