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Anonymous-Proxies Review

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There are a lot more proxies than you can get a hold of, and even as proxy reviewers, some providers are still on our not-discovered list. One of the providers I discovered recently that blew my mind is the Anonymous-Proxies.Net which has been operating for a while. I did look down on the service first because the copy of their website did not look attractive.

However, after purchasing their proxies and using them for a while, I can say it is one of the diamonds hidden in the sand. And in this Anonymous-Proxies review, I will reveal and discuss all you need to know about this provider and their proxies.

Super-Fast Static Residential Proxies Not Known to Many

  • High-performing proxies in terms of speed
  • Supports multiple locations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Support both username/password and IP authentication methods
  • Allows you to choose the proxies you need individually without bundling them up for you.
  • Pricing is quite affordable, with discounts available
  • User Interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • Their system is monitored and automated with supervisors at hand.

The Anonymous-Proxies.Net service is one of the services you will write off at first glance. And like I stated, I did that before discovering the proxies they offer are of high quality. This service provides both static residential proxies and datacenter proxies with the option to choose whether you need dedicated proxies or are ready to share the individual IPs at a reduced cost and performance.

One thing you will notice about the service is its simplicity which stems from the outdated design of its website. The proxies I will review from them are their static residential proxies, as they are the ones I got.

Anonymous-proxies Overviews

I got 3 of their proxies to test them out and will provide you details of their performance test as we go further in the article. While the service does have got location support, offer you a high level of anonymity, and can make it possible for you to access the Internet without getting blocked, you need to know that, as with every other provider out there, it does have its downsides which range not having the live chat feature for real-time support, having a small poo, and a few more.

“Is Anonymous-proxies worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

The Anonymous-Proxies Solution

Even though the service mentioned on their website that they have got rotating residential proxies,  I couldn’t find it there. So, you can only use their service for tasks that require you to maintain the same IP, except you are ready to purchase a bunch of their proxies and rotate them yourself. Below are some of the use cases you can use the Anonymous-Proxies service for.

Social Media Marketing

If you need to manage multiple accounts on a social media platform and you need to give each account a unique IP, then Anonymous-Proxies.Net is the service for you, as their static residential proxies are undetectable to social media platforms. This is because the IPs use residential IPs, which are the de facto IPs for consumers.

Online Streaming and Gaming

One of the core features of their proxies is speed, and when we get to the performance section, you will see why their proxies are some of the best proxies for online streaming and gaming. I did use their proxies for streaming Netflix US, and it worked perfectly without getting detected. You can also use them for online gaming too.

Avoiding Blocked and Accessing Geo-Restrictions

This service supports over 100 locations across the globe with their datacenter in over 20 countries. If you need to access content in any of the supported regions, but you are blocked because of your location, you can use their proxies that provide you IP from that location to allow you access. The proxies will also allow you to access websites that have explicitly blocked your IP address. You can also use it to access websites your ISP or Wi-Fi blocked.

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How Anonymous-Proxies Work

The static residential proxies offered by this. Service provides you with the best of residential and datacenter proxies. This is because it offers you residential IPs but hosts them on datacenter infrastructure, making them not only undetectable but also fast. So how does this service work? Generally speaking, the way their proxies work is not different from the way other proxies work.

It does maintain a pool of residential IP addresses that are directly under their control as opposed to rotating proxies that don’t own and control these IPs. Anonymous-Proxies.Net provides you with the IP address and host of the proxy. When considered, if you send a web request, the request is routed to the proxy, which then routes it to your target website.

Because the request got to the target via the proxy, it is the IP of the proxy that is seen, not yours, thereby keeping your IP address masked and providing it privacy. The service does not only mask your IP address, it also hides the fact that it is a proxy, thereby providing you the highest level of anonymity you can get proxy-wise.

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Pricing and Features

Pricing is an important factor when purchasing proxies. And the team at Anonymous-Proxies.Net understands this. First, you need to know that they offer proxies in a number of categories, and as such, the price for their proxies varies depending on the one you want to go for. For their static residential proxies, which are the proxies of interest in this article, the pricing for them starts from $5 per IP monthly — and this is the base price. If you purchase the proxies in bulk, you are eligible for a discount. Take, for instance, a 5% discount applied for the purchase of 10 proxies, 10% discount for 20 proxies, 15% discount for 30 proxies, and 20% discount for 50 proxies. If you purchase more, you will also get more discounts.

Anonymous-proxies Pricing

The service allows you to choose the ISP for the static residential proxies. However, that can come at a cost for you. The price per IP for their Comcast and AT&T IP addresses is $15, and that of CenturyLink, Verizon, and Cox is $7.5. However, if you don’t explicitly choose the location, the price is $7.5. Anonymous-Proxies.Net does not offer a free trial, and the unfortunately, the odds are not usually in your favor in terms of their refund policy. The only reason they will offer you a refund is if they are unable to deliver the proxies you paid for or their service is down. Aside from these two reasons, the chances of getting a refund is slim.

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Features of Anonymous-Proxies

Below are some of the popular features of the Anonymous-Proxies.Net service you need to know.

  • You have the option to hand-pick the IPs you need. The service does not bundle proxies up for you in a package, you can choose the specific IPs you need from the list of available IPs.

HTTP Proxies List

  • Speed is one of the core strengths of this service, as you wouldn’t notice any considerable difference between when using their proxies and when you don’t have proxies configured—more about this in the performance testing section.
  • It has support for over 100 locations across the globe with over 24 countries’ support which you can choose IPs from.

Anonymous-proxies Location and Service

  • You can purchase both dedicated and shared proxies. You pay for dedicated proxies for improved performance, while shared proxies are for reduced cost at the expense of performance.
  • Customer support for the service is via support ticket, and this is for registered users. If you aren’t registered, you will have to contact them via their email address.
  • The system is quite stable, and you can use a residential IP for as long as you pay for it. However, there is a monthly reshuffling system in place. You have to inform them to retain your IP addresses for you.
  • Everything on the platform is automated as you get the proxies instantly delivered to you immediately after your payment is confirmed, which is also done automatically. There is also an automated monitoring system in place that helps their supervisors detect problems with the service for swift action.
  • The service is easy to use with an intuitive user dashboard. You are only presented with what you need rather than dealing with a complicated design. However, the site design looks quite dated if you ask me.
  • The service does not offer a free trial, and the refund policy says you are not entitled to a refund except the issue is from their end. If you aren’t sure whether their proxies will work for you, you can purchase just one IP to test before making any huge investment in them.
  • The pricing system of the service is quite affordable and flexible. You can choose the number of IPs you need and also the duration. There is an option for a discount for bulk or longer-duration purchases.

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How to Use Anonymous-Proxies

The Anonymous-Proxies service is not any different from the regular proxies you have around, and as such, there is not much difference in its usage. For you to use the service, all you need is to purchase their proxies, as their proxies are all paid. You need to register an account to purchase proxies from them. With the proxies purchased, you can check the user dashboard for your proxies. You will see a table with all of your proxies.

Use Anonymous-Proxies

All you need from the table is the IP and port. You can check the Proxy Credentials section at the top-right-hand side of the page for the username and password for authentication. There is also an option for IP authentication if you want to use IP for authentication.

Add Authentication IPs of Anonymous Proxies

You should copy the IP, port, username, and password. With those copied, you can leave the user dashboard and head to the software you need to use the proxies for. It could be a web browser, app, or a custom-developed script.

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Our Anonymous-Proxies Speed Test

Whenever we review a proxy network, testing the performance of their network in terms of speed is one of the focal points of the review. This is because proxies are known to be bottlenecks that slow down your Internet connection. In the case of Anonymous-Proxies static residential proxies, the service is hosted on datacenter infrastructure, so the expectation is quite high in terms of performance. Before testing their proxies, I checked my Internet connection so I could use it as a benchmark. Below is the result of my speed test without proxies.

Anonymous-Proxies Speed Test

While my Internet speed isn’t super fast, I can still use this as a benchmark. As stated earlier in the article, I have 3 IPs from Anonymous-Proxies. I tested the 3 of them using the same tool I used for checking my speed without proxies — speedtest.net. And below is the result I got.

  • IP 1:

IP 1-

  • IP 2: 168.142.5

IP 2-

  • IP 3:

IP 3-

As you can see from the above, I got the download speeds of 52.14 Mbps, 45.95 Mbps, and 42.23 Mbps for the 3 IPs, respectively. If you compare this with the speed without using a proxy that I got 54.77 Mbps, you will agree with me that the speed of their proxies is not only fast but can be said to be one of the fastest in the market. If you look at the upload speed, you will notice the upload speed for the 3 proxy IPs is even faster than the upload speed without using a proxy. This, again, shows that Anonymous-Proxies.Net is a high-speed proxy service.

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Our ISP and Geolocation Test

In this section of the Anonymous Proxies Review, I will be checking out whether the proxies are actually residential proxies or datacenter proxies packaged as residential proxies. Also, since we are told we can purchase IPs from specific cities, I will also see if the cities I see from the dashboard as the city for the proxies I purchase is the actual city using IP lookup services. I will use IPInfo.io to check for both the ISP and Geolocation. For the residential IP test, below is the result I got for the 3 IPs I tested.

ISP and Geolocation Test of Anonymous-proxies

The above is the ASN object for the result. As you can see, the type of ASN is “ISP.” ISP means the IP is a residential IP. If the value is hosting, then it is a datacenter IP. With the result, I can affirm that the IPs offered for their static residential proxy network are residential IPs.

For the Geolocation test, there is a bit of an issue. Only 1 out of the 3 IPs resolves to the city I see from the user dashboard. The country was right for the 3 services. The state for 2 out of 3 was correct. But only 1 was right out of 3 for the city geolocation test. This means that there is still a need to get things done right from this aspect.

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Our Verdict

The Anonymous-Proxies service is one of those few unknown proxy providers that have proven to be a diamond in the rust. As with every other provider, it does have its downsides. However, it has more upsides or strengths. This service is one of the fastest static residential proxies out there.

It gives you the opportunity to choose the specific IPs you need, and the pricing for their proxies is quite affordable and flexible. Even though there is no live chat support, you can use a support ticket to get help from the team. Aside from customer support delays and a few other aspects, this service is top-notch and, as such, recommended.

Update - 2023.09.15
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