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Find the best private proxy service provider

Nowadays,Private proxies are more and more used on the internet marketing. Lots of IMers are looking for the best private proxy provider.In fact,It’s really hard to choose the best,the private proxies is IP address service,The service provider can  control the quantity of  IPs,but quality of proxies really difficult to control.

The service are not so much different.The old service providers have more IPs but the IPs of proxies may be abused. The newer service have more fresh IPs but support may be bad,like,ProxyBlaze.


Best private proxies for Blackhat SEO


Here is a Poll about private proxies on Blackhatworld.com which is a authority website about blackhat SEO.The list of proxy service providers are popular on BHW.


The best Private Proxy Service Provider

There are mainly use proxies for automated tools,like scrapebox,zennoposter or other spamming stuff.More IPs for your SEO will give the maximum security for your website.E.G.if you only use one IP for your  spam activitys ,that really dangerous for your site,more IPs you can mass ping,mass  comments,mass trackback and so on. SquidProxies and BuyProxies win this Poll.

Best private proxies for social media


Now private proxies are widely use on social media marketing,Numerous IMers use proxies creat tons of fake twitter accounts for get more Followers,Retweet,links.Also on  youtube for more vedio views and rating and Pinterest/instagram  for get more Followers,Repins and Likes.

I used to use MyPrivateProxy for TweetAttacks. 6 account per proxy.works fine.So I recommend you use MPP for your twitter proxies solution.

And I use SSLPrivateProxy for my  Instagram proxies solution[ Private proxies for Instagram].

You can add your experience about how to use the private proxies.

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