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ChangeMyIP has got the perfect name that tells you what it does at first glance — changing of your IP address. But how effective is the service is it the service you will want to purchase from? To be frank with you, this provider flew under the radar for a while, and I didn’t know about it. However, now that I have known it, it is time to provide you with an honest review of the ChangeMyIP to see if it is the best for you or not.

Datacenter Proxy Providers with Multiple Location Support

  • Fast proxy connection with good ping.
  • 30 countries supported the US as the major house for their data centers.
  • Pricing is affordable, and discounts are provided for bulk purchases.
  • The user dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Most mainstream payment methods are supported.
  • You can purchase both dedicated and shared proxies from them.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee provided with condition

The ChangeMyIP service is one of those services that reminds me of proxies in the sneaker proxy niche — simple and scanty copy on their landing page. And no, ChangeMyIP is not a sneaker proxy provider. It is a dedicated proxy provider that can be used for a good number of tasks. The website is quite scanty with details of the service. You will need to start asking questions before you get answers.

ChangeMyIP Overview

ChangeMyIP does offer 4 packages. There is a dedicated HTTP proxy package, shared HTTP proxy package, SOCKS dedicated package, and SOCKS shared package. Each of these varies in its features and pricing. One thing you will come to like about the service is its location coverage. You can get IPs from 30 countries from this service. It does have data centers in each of these countries. However, most of its data centers are located in the US as it does have over 20 US states support with multiple data centers in each. Pricing for the service is quite affordable.

However, you will have to deal with slower customer support as there is no live chat support. There is also no free trial available at the moment, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available.

“Is ChangeMyIP worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

The ChangeMyIP Solution

The ChangeMyIP service is a datacenter service that provides you with static IPs. So there are specific tasks that they are meant for. In this section of the review, I will be discussing some of the areas proxies from the ChangeMyIP service will help you. However, do know that I assume you’re going to be purchasing their dedicated proxies, as shared proxies can behave in unpredictable ways.

Bypass IP Blocks and Geo-Restriction

A good number of websites are on the Internet today that, though, enforces some form of geofencing and content targeting, do not have an effective anti-spam system. For sites like this, you can use static IP addresses from ChangeMyIP to access the content provided ChangeMyIP has IPs from such a location. You can also use the service to unblock yourself if a website blacklists your IP address. However, make sure the website is not one with an effective anti-proxy system like the popular websites on the Internet.

Online Gaming

The dedicated proxies you get from this service are quite fast. And speed is one of the requirements for online gaming. You can set up the proxies with your favorite online gaming console or platform, and it will work just fine. The ping rate is minimal and what is accepted by most gaming platforms. Avoid using their shared proxies for anything online gaming, as the performance you sacrifice for paying for them will hunt you here.

Account Management

There are a good number of sites where you can use datacenter proxies that have low spam scores. If you have one as your target, then ChangeMyIP is a good choice for you. Their proxies do have low spam scores, as they wouldn’t sell you IPs that have been spammed. In fact, you are allowed to handpick the IPs in your plan. Interestingly, you can use datacenter proxies even on popular sites like Twitter.

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How ChangeMyIP Work

The ChangeMyIP service is not different from the other providers you see. As with others, what is different is the steps you will have to take in order to access your proxy credentials. And that isn’t really difficult for most people as the steps are straightforward, and you get guided along the way. For the proxies, they are datacenter proxies, which means proxies from hosting servers. The service has got a good number of data centers with thousands of servers across 30 countries.

It gets the IPs from the servers or partner servers, and when you send a web request, it routes it via the servers.

ChangeMyIP Work Process

With this, your real IP address is not seen, but that of the server is seen. This same pathway is followed backward. ChangeMyIP is developed in such a way that it does not only mask your real IP address but also modifies the specific headers that show it is a proxy. The reason here is so it can remain fully anonymous. However, as with other datacenter proxies, you just have to know that they are not fully anonymous.

While a web service can’t tell whether it is a proxy or not, a web service could tell it is not an IP address assigned to a residential user. Datacenter IPs are referred to as hosting IPs and can be detected by some IP lookup tools. There are some services that block hosting IPs by default as a way of protecting themselves against automated access.

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Pricing and Features

There is a lot of competition in the proxy market, and there is no point in sticking to an expensive proxy provider without any Unique Selling Point (USP). The ShowMyIP does not have any USP I know of, and as such, it has to be cheap enough to be attractive enough to buyers. The service understands this and has made its pricing quite competitive, at least for its dedicated proxies. The pricing for their dedicated proxies is $1.80 per IP. The more IPs you purchase, the cheaper the price per IP becomes, as you get a discount. For 50 IPs, you get a 6% discount, and when you purchase 100 IPs, you get a discount of 15%.

ChangeMyIP Pricing

Their shared proxies are also competitive as the pricing for each is $1, and the same discount is applied. Their socks proxies are more expensive. You will have to pay $3 per IP for their dedicated socks proxies and $1 for their shared socks proxies, with the same discounts also applied.  The service does not disclose the number of users that will share the same IP address for their shared proxies, and as such, I wouldn’t recommend you make use of their shared proxies. The service is purely paid with no free trial. You will have to pay to make use of their proxies.

ChangeMyIP Work Guarantee

However, there is a money-back guarantee for 30 days. However, before you can access this, you must not have been using the proxies, and there is a problem either with the delivery or the performance of their proxies.  In terms of payment method, you can pay for their proxies with your debit or credit cards. They have also got support for PayPal payments.

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Features of ChangeMyIP

Below are some of the features you can expect from the ChangeMyIP service.

  • The ChangeMyIP service is purely a datacenter proxies service, and as such, you should not expect a lot from the service as the IPs can be detected and blocked easily when abused.
  • The performance of the service is fast, with a fast download and upload speed. The ping rate is also good and perfect for online gaming. But this is one for their dedicated proxies, as their shared proxies have lower performance.
  • ChangeMyIP does offer 4 types of proxies — dedicated HTTP proxies, shared HTTP proxies, dedicated socks proxies, and shared socks proxies.
  • Pricing for their proxies is quite competitive and affordable. If you need their proxies in bulk, you can get a discount, as there is a 6% discount for the purchase of 50 proxies and a 15% discount for the purchase of 100 proxies. If you need more, you can contact the support for custom discounts and orders.
  • Customer support for ChangeMyIP is via support ticket for registered users. Non-registered users will need to contact them via email. Generally, you will have to wait for a while to get a response, as the service does not have live chat support.
  • There is a minimum monetary commitment of $10 for each purchase you make. According to the service, this limit is there because of the low price per IP, as you can just pay $1 for a shared proxy.
  • The user interface for the service is easy to use and intuitive. You only get to see the important interface elements and nothing more. And generally, the process of getting the proxies is straightforward to even first-time users.

ChangeMyIP Commitment

  • ChangeMyIP does have support for multiple locations. Currently, you can get IPs from 30 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and some countries in Europe and Asia. Most of their servers are in the United States, with over 20 states and multiple cities in each supported in the US.
  • The service displays the list of available proxies for you to choose from. ChangeMyIP is one service that allows you to handpick the specific IPs you need and from which location, provided the location is supported.
  • There are some specific sites that the service blocks their proxies for which you can’t use their IPs on. Some of these include torrent sites and PayPal. They also do not allow unlawful use of their proxies.

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How to Use ChangeMyIP

The ChangeMyIP service is one of the easy-to-use proxy services out there. And if you have made use of any other proxies in the past, then there is nothing special about this provider. The ChangeMyIP service can be divided into two services. The actual proxy network and the website or user dashboard.

ChangeMyIP Http Proxies List

You do not need all of the details regarding the working mechanism going on behind the scenes. All you need is how to use the user dashboard. And what can you do from the user dashboard? You can purchase proxies, retrieve your proxies and their authentication details, whitelist your IPs for IP-based authentication, check when your proxies will expire, and create support tickets, among others. I can’t possibly show you how to get all of these done in a review. However, I can show you how to retrieve and use your proxies from their dashboard.

  • Visit the ChangeMyIP website to create an account. To do that, look at the top right corner of the page and click on the signup button.
  • All you need to provide to register is a username, email, and password.

ChangeMyIP Signup Process

  • Confirm your account and log into the user dashboard to purchase proxies.
  • If payment is confirmed, which is usually done automatically, your proxies are available for use.
  • Click on “My Dedicated Proxies” to see the list of your proxies — assuming you purchased dedicated proxies.
  • You will see the list of proxies in the next interface that will open. For each of the proxies, you can see the proxy host, port, country, state, and city.
  • For the authentication details, the information is available on the top right side of the page. You will see the username and password for authenticating your proxies under the Proxy Credential Tab. If you want to use IP authentication instead, you can switch to the other tab (Authenticate IPs) and add your IP address there.
  • Use the proxy host and port together with your chosen authentication method in your client application of choice, and your web traffic will be routed via the chosen proxies.

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Our Verdict

The ChangeMyIP offers you affordable proxies with different options to choose from — HTTP dedicated/shared proxies and SOCKS dedicated/shared proxies. Each of these options has what they are meant for. The proxies I was able to try out are their dedicated HTTP proxies which can be used to judge the other proxy options. Based on that, I can say the proxies are quite OK for most small users. If you are a heavy proxy user looking for advanced features, you can look at providers such as Proxy-Seller, Proxy-Sale, Proxy-cheap, and MyPrivateProxy, among others.

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