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Introduction on Web Based Proxy with Top Free Web Proxy Sites

The fact remains that no matter how small a thing you do on the Web, it can still be tracked by so many different organizations and it can even be recorded for posterity. If you just visit a website, its operators will be able to know your physical location and many other details about your device.

They can install cookies to track your movements. But most of us do not like this. It is like having your digital life followed, analyzed and even controlled by a third party. This is why people like to make use of web proxy that will hide their IP address and let you surf the Web in anonymity.


List of Free web proxy Sites


Here is the top free web proxy sites that’s available today,

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All these are very easy to use: Just go to this website and type in the URL of the website that you wish to visit in an anonymous way. Sometimes these top free proxy even have advanced features such as being able to encrypt your connection.


How the Web Based Proxy works


This is like having an anonymizer who is like a man in the middle as you browse the Web. It handles the communications between your computer and the website that you wish to access anonymously. So the target website will be seeing information from this anonymizing service only. It is not able to identify your home IP address or any other kind of personal information.

But the thing to be kept in mind here is that even though the websites you browse have no idea who you are, but this anonymizing service certainly does. In fact, it can even keep server logs of all your user activity that can later be subpoenaed. Thus for these reasons, make sure that you choose web proxy with care.

proxy server hide your ip adress

There are websites that can access data which has been stored by your browser plug-ins. This way they will be able to track down your actual IP address. Thus you must make it a point to stick to a browsing experience that is plug-in-free in order to avoid any third party programs sharing any kind of information either about you or your PC.

Even your web proxy site may allow websites to install cookies on your computer by default. Thus a good option here can be to use a second browser for the activities that you want to keep anonymous. You can have a separate browser for your everyday activities. You must change the settings of your second Web browser to delete the cookies each time you close the browser. Another option is to use the Private or Incognito mode of your browser so that anyone else who opens your browser is not to check and see your browsing history.


Drawbacks of top free web proxy

Do note that these web proxies may have several drawbacks, you can read my post about Problems with Free Proxy.They can have slow data speeds and some types of content like videos may be difficult to access. They may even interject their own advertising in between. And there are some websites which will not work through a proxy.


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