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The KeyProxy service prides itself on being a proxy for traffic arbitration and went ahead to claim it has the perfect proxies for Facebook and Instagram. However, it is a small provider and looks more like a few-person business in the league of unseen and unheard proxy providers.

Marketers are skeptical about touching their proxies due to this reputation. On our part, we have gone ahead to purchased a plan and test them out. In this KeyProxy review, the goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed purchase decision — which is, whether to buy or not to buy.

Affordable Rotating Mobile Proxies

  • Good IP rotating capability for a mobile proxy
  • Affordable pricing compared to the market average
  • Highly private and anonymous even during payment
  • Free trial for a day for new customers
  • Only Ukrainian IPs and ISPs supported
  • Money-back guaranteed for unsatisfied customers
  • Good performance speed

KeyProxies is a Ukrainian-based mobile proxy provider. Its mobile proxies are rotating mobile proxies that change IP frequently enough to avoid getting detected and banned. This service has been in operation since 2017. According to the information available to me, the service has a pool with over 200K mobile IPs. You don’t have a good number of choices when it comes to location and ISP as there is only one country supported which is Ukraine and you can choose either Vodafone or Kyivstar as the ISP.

KeyProxy Overview

When you take a look at the size of its pool, country, and ISP support, popularity, and even how scarce information is on its website, you will come to terms with the fact that this is a provider for small-scale usage. This goes in contrast to its claim of being a business-level provider. I wouldn’t risk using a network with these features for large-scale projects as it is not built for that. The focus of this review will be on small to mid-scale usage and I want to believe that is what you need proxies for right now.

While I wouldn’t specifically state the pros and cons of this service as a heading, if you read through this review, you should know in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of this provider.

“Is KeyProxy worth it? Let’s dig deeper and discuss it further”

The KeyProxies Solution

The KeyProxy service looks more like a niched service to me than a general proxy provider as the type of proxies it built and offered is meant for specific use cases. In this section, I will discuss some of the uses you can put their proxies to.

Social Media Automation

The KeyProxy service, for now, offers only mobile proxies and these mobile proxies have rotation capabilities. Being mobile proxies with IPs from reputable ISPs such as Vodafone, their IPs are undetectable as proxies. Coupled with its rotation support, you can automate your tasks on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While it is a rotating proxy, it supports session management, allowing you to maintain the same IP for up to 30 minutes, making it great for account management. These are the two specific social media platforms mentioned even on their pages. However, you can use it on other social media platforms and websites as well.

Web Scraping

Another use case you can put their proxies to use is web scraping. This is so because it does support high rotating ports, the type that will switch IPs for you after every request, making it difficult for web services to identify you via an IP or pool of IPs. One thing you will come to like about this service when it comes to web scraping is its undetectable IPs.

However, it does have two major cons. First, you can only get IPs from Ukraine which makes it a bad choice for scraping localized data from regions other than Ukraine. Secondly, it is a little bit slower compared to a residential proxy since it proxies are mobile proxies.

Traffic Testing

If you want to test the amount of traffic your server can handle then the KeyProxy service is a good provider for you. This is because it is multithreaded and can send you requests from different IPs which will simulate requests from multiple people. For this, I will recommend you go with their high rotating support so you can have a better picture of the number of unique IPs. However, there might be a problem here when you send too many requests with their high-rotating proxies. If you do, you will begin to get already IPs reassigned. This is nothing unique to KeyProxy but for all proxies with high rotating IP support.

Other Use Cases

When it comes to proxy use cases, you don’t limit yourself to what the companies say or what a reviewer says as covering all of the use cases is somehow impossible. Instead, what you have to look at is their capabilities and your project requirements. For me, offering rotating mobile proxies that route requests via undetectable proxies at cheap pricing and unlimited bandwidth is a good combo. I could use this for general web browsing for brand protection, use it for marketing research, and automate tasks on other sites as well, provided there is no location requirement.

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How KeyProxy Mobile Proxies Work

About Key MobileProxy

The KeyProxy service offers mobile proxies. From the information on its website, there is a private pool and a pool for high rotation. If you understand the workings of other residential or mobile proxies, then the workings of this one won’t be difficult for you. When you purchase a plan, you are given a proxy IP and port. This pair won’t be the IP of the proxy but just the IP and port pair to access their pool.

When you send a web request via their proxies, the requests first go to their proxy server. Their proxy server then chooses the IP to route your requests through and initiate the same request you sent. The target website will receive the request as if it was sent by the proxy server not knowing it is working as a proxy. The target site will process the request and send a response to the server then the service will forward the response to you.

The KeyProxy does not have any configuration support aside from IP rotation. If you use the IP rotation support which allows you to maintain the same IP address for a limited period of time, then the IP assignment becomes less random and more specific. The choice of ISP is at the point of purchase and can’t be changed dynamically. This is one of the limitations of the KeyProxy service has.

Their proxies are blocked from unauthorized use. You need to pay to use it and as such, authentication is required. The service supports both the username/password and IP authentications.

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Pricing & Features

Pricing is an important aspect of a proxy network. While their makers will factor in their cost and seek to make a profit, users of the proxy will want to use it only if it makes economic sense economically. It is the same reason those with small projects and on tight budgets seek to use small providers. The KeyProxy service is one of the small proxy providers and its pricing has been set to be affordable to their target customers. First, you get charged by port and the pricing can be a little bit flexible. You either pay for their weekly or monthly proxies.

Pricing and Features

The weekly proxy is sold for $10 per port while their monthly plan is sold for $28. What makes this affordable is the fact that you are allowed to enjoy unlimited bandwidth which is not something you will get from other mobile proxy providers at this price. The payment method support here is only cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and USDT support. As a new user, you can get a free trial for a day and there is a money-back guarantee to help you get your money back if they don’t meet your need.

Features of KeyProxies

Features of KeyProxies

In this section, I will be desiring some of its features and you should be able to tell the pros and cons from here.

  • KeyProxy supports unlimited bandwidth. This is a good feature, especially for those that have projects that consume lots of bandwidth, enough to jack your proxy cost up. It is not common to get this kind of offering in the mobile proxy market.
  • Has over 200K IPs in the pool for the various tasks you will want to carry out. This number is sizeable enough for small use cases as well as some medium use cases. I wouldn’t recommend you use this service for large-scale projects as it will most likely not perform well.
  • The service supports only Ukraine IPs with 2 ISP from there. KeyProxies is not the service for you if what you need is a service with good location support. It supports only Ukrainian IPs and with support for just 2 ISPs (Vodafone and Kyivstar).
  • The service is quite simple and minimalist by design. You don’t get all of the advanced and fancy features the providers have. But they offer you proxies that work and are easy to use.
  • Support both rotating and sticky IPs. The default setting for their proxies is rotating, changing IP for you after a few seconds. However, this is only good for tasks like web scraping that require new IPs frequently. If you need to maintain a session, you should use their sticky IP support and this can maintain a session for up to one hour.
  • The service supports both HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols. With its TwinPort support, you can even use both protocols simultaneously without having to switch from one to another.
  • The pricing for the service is affordable, flexible, and quite unique from what you get in the mobile proxy market. It does have a weekly and monthly plan which are cheaper than the average.
  • There is customer support. But this is not the fastest I have seen even though it is live chat support. I have tried using it twice and at first, it looks like there is a support member online. But once you send your message, you will have to wait for a while before getting a response.

KeyProxy Customer Support

  • You don’t have to pay to get started with their proxies. There is a free trial option for new customers to test out their proxies. Interestingly, there is also a money-back guarantee you can use to get your money back if their proxies don’t work for you.

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How to Use KeyProxies

As mentioned earlier, the KeyProxy service is an easy-to-use provider as it is quite minimalist by design. Follow the steps highlighted below to learn how to make use of their mobile proxies.

Step 1: Visit the KeyProxy service website and create an account. You will need to verify your account.

Step 2: Since there is free trial support, you can speak to their customer support team to get you one or pay for a package (there is a money-back guarantee). Payment for proxies is via crypto.

KeyProxy Payment Deatils

Step 3: Go to the Buy Proxies tab to purchase the package you want.

Step 4: To use the proxies, head to the “My Proxies” tab and you will see the proxies you purchase. Each of the proxies comes with its IP, port, username, and password.

KeyProxy Dashboard

Step 5: If you need to use the IP authentication, you should select the proxy you want to use it for then click on the IP authentication button and set provide your device IP address for whitelisting. Follow the same process for setting IP rotation time.

Step 6: To get your proxy credentials, you can either copy them directly as you see them on the screen or download them as a TXT file.

You can then use the proxy credentials to set up proxies in the software you need proxies for.

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Our Speed Testing

Mobile proxies are the slowest in the proxy market and as such, you shouldn’t have much expectations when it comes to speed from this provider. However, we still need to see how it performs in other to see if it is below average of what is obtainable from its competitors. To carry out the speed testing, I use the speediest.net tool to test my Internet connection speed with their proxies configured and without their proxies configured. Below is the screenshot of the result without configuring their proxies.

Our Speed Testing of KeyProxy

As you can see above, the download speed is 55.04 Mbps with an upload speed of 15.2 Mbps. This is not something great but at least, this is the speed I have been accessing the Internet with from my location. Now let’s take a look at the result using their proxies.

Result using their proxies

The speed test above (12.27 Mbps download speed) looks quite slow, compared to my Internet download speed without proxies at 55.04 Mbps. However, for a mobile proxy service, this is just around the average you will get from the market. Yes, it is not the fastest out there but also not the slowest and for this reason, it is an acceptable speed as far as mobile proxies are concerned.

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Our Verdict

If you visit the KeyProxy service website, you will immediately see that it is a small business with only a few people managing it. However, if you try using their proxies, you will see that they work and are quite reliable for the tasks they are meant for. The service does not have some of the advanced features the top providers have and only provides you with IPs from Ukraine. Aside from these issues and a few others, the KeyProxy service gets the job done and comes at an affordable price. If you are in doubt, you can try out their free trial offer before subscribing to their paid plan.

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