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The Lumproxy agent product line covers a wide range of application scenarios, from individual users to enterprise-level customers.

Whether you need to protect online privacy, unlock geo-restricted content, increase network speeds, or manage and monitor proxy access, lumiproxy offers customized solutions.

  • Fast, Cost-Effective Proxy Service Provider
  • More than 90 million residential IP in the pool
  • User-friendly dashboard to manage sub-users and traffic usage as well as tracking data
  • 99% operational success rate
  • Geo-targeted: 195 country coverage worldwide
  • HTTP/socks5 proxy protocol
  • API subscription management
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Rotating and sticky IP sessions
  • Easy to use and authenticate
  • Advanced Proxy Rotation
  • Unlimited residential IP proxies
  • Static residential proxies
  • 24/7 Customer Service Online
  • Less than 0.6s response time

LumiProxy is a premium proxy service provider offering advanced servers at competitive prices.

LumiProxy offers safe and reliable proxy services and allows you to try Lumiproxy network with a money back guarantee.

LumiProxy has proxies in more than 195 countries worldwide, making LumiProxy one of the providers with the widest proxy coverage.

All proxies in Lumiproxy network are anonymous, and Lumiproxy servers operate using advanced rotation technology, which means that it is possible to randomly obtain valid tested proxies from a pool of proxies, or randomly obtain IP addresses from a specific location.

Lumiproxy Overview


Lumiproxy rotating proxy network is one of the easiest to use, and it takes all the hassle out of maintaining proxies.

Lumiproxy service is especially great if you need to create social media accounts, buy limited edition sneakers or tickets, conduct market research, validate ads, search for data, and more! All social media automation tools and bots are fully supported, as well as all sneaker bots. Best of all, all IP addresses are dynamic residential addresses that are hard to detect and block.

Lumiproxy pricing is very flexible to suit a variety of user needs, you can choose a dynamic residential IP package for $0.80/G or a static residential IP package for $6/G to suit your different needs and budgets.

In addition to the above services, LumiProxy can be used in a variety of scenarios such as ad verification, web testing, brand protection, social media, market research, e-commerce, SEO monitoring, stock market, and more.

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Lumiproxy solution

Intelligent Global Proxy Network

With the help of a worldwide network of proxy servers, you can easily access websites and services worldwide, wherever you are.

Secure and anonymous browsing

lumiproxy provides highly secure proxy services to ensure that your online activities are free from prying eyes and to protect your privacy.

Unlock geo-restricted content

By connecting to Lumiproxy proxy servers, you can access geo-restricted content and enjoy premium content from around the globe.

Fast and Stable Connections

Lumiproxy proxy servers provide high-speed, stable connections, ensuring that you always enjoy a smooth online experience.

Client Support:

lumiproxy supports a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc., making it easy to use the proxy service anytime, anywhere.

Social Media Management

LumiProxy provides an efficient proxy solution that supports account management, promotion and interaction on a variety of social media platforms. lumiprox’s dynamic residential IP safeguard your accounts and give you the freedom to showcase your brand image and attract a wider target audience.

Limited Edition Sneaker Agency

For limited edition sneakers, LumiProxy provides reliable agency services to help you successfully purchase your favorite shoes. Lumiproxy worldwide agency network with intelligent rotation technology ensures fast and stable access to all major shoe store websites and the latest shoe information.

Market Research and Ad Verification

:Whether you are conducting market research or verifying the effectiveness of your advertisements, LumiProxy can meet your needs. Lumiproxy agent network supports multiple geographic locations and devices, providing you with a wide range of data collection channels to help you understand the market dynamics and effectively verify the effectiveness of your advertisements.

E-commerce and Brand Protection

In the highly competitive e-commerce market, it is crucial to protect your brand image, and Lumiproxy static residential IP solution provides you with exclusive IP resources to ensure that your brand information will not be infringed upon, and Lumiproxy proxy service can help you monitor market prices, competitor dynamics, and take timely action to protect your brand interests.

SEO Monitoring and Stock Market

Whether you are conducting SEO monitoring or stock market analysis, LumiProxy is your powerful assistant, Lumiproxy proxy network covers the world’s major search engines and financial trading platforms, providing you with accurate and reliable data collection services, helping you make informed decisions and seize the market opportunities.

Through the above solutions, LumiProxy is committed to providing customers with a full range of proxy services to help you achieve your online goals and protect your network security and privacy.

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Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy

Here is a special introduction to their unlimited residential proxy service, this service is tailor-made for some users with high traffic demand.

What is unlimited residential proxy?

Residential proxy is a proxy service that uses real residential IP addresses. Compared to data center proxies, residential proxies provide IP addresses from real Internet Service Providers (ISP) and are therefore more difficult to identify and block, Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy service means that users have access to a large number of unlimited residential IP addresses around the globe, regardless of the number of ip and traffic limitations.

How Unlimited Residential Proxy Works

When a user initiates a request through Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy, the request is forwarded to a real residential IP address.

This IP address acts as an intermediary to send the user’s request to the target website and return the fetched data to the user.

This process provides an additional layer of privacy to the user and helps the user to bypass geo-restrictions or IP blocking.

Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy

Benefits of Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy

Unlimited IP addresses: Users can access a large number of IP addresses without worrying about traffic limitations.

High anonymity: Since the IP addresses come from real residential networks, they are difficult to recognize and block by target websites.

Global coverage: Lumiproxy provides residential IP addresses from all over the world, supporting the needs of multiple geographic locations.

Fast and Stable: Residential proxies ensure high-speed data transmission and stable connections.

Transparent billing: Users are not charged hidden fees for extra traffic or bandwidth.

Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy is mainly suitable for traffic demanding scenarios as it charges per time without limiting traffic usage.

This makes Unlimited Residential Proxy ideal for the following application scenarios:

Large-scale data crawling: For tasks that require the capture of large amounts of web data, such as search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, competitor monitoring, or market research, the Unlimited Residential Proxy is able to provide stable and unrestricted traffic access.

Content Aggregation: For platforms that aggregate content from multiple sources, Unlimited Residential Agents can provide sufficient traffic to support frequent data updates and synchronization.

Social Media Automation: For automating the management of multiple social media accounts and performing a high volume of posting, commenting, liking, etc., Unlimited Residential is able to guarantee sufficient traffic support.

E-commerce price monitoring: E-commerce platforms can use Unlimited Residential Agent to monitor competitors’ price changes, which requires high traffic demand due to the need to frequently check the prices of a large number of products.

Network Security and Fraud Detection: Enterprises can use Unlimited Residential Proxy for network security analysis and fraud detection, as these tasks usually involve a large amount of data analysis, thus requiring high traffic proxy services, of course there are many other scenarios applicable, here are just individual examples.

There is one important caveat when using Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy though. The service provides IP addresses in a global mashup state, which means that the user has no control over obtaining IP in specific locations.

Therefore, if your application scenario requires precise IP location down to a specific city level, then the Unlimited Residential Proxy may not be the best choice.

This is especially important for tasks that require geolocation precision, such as regional market analysis or access to content in a specific region.

Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy Pricing Issues

When considering the pricing of the Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy, it offers a variety of package options to suit different needs. The lowest package price is $76.33 per day, and while it can be purchased on-demand, the relatively high price for one day purchased individually is not cost-effective enough.

Especially for personal business, if you need a lot of traffic support, it is recommended to consider purchasing a longer package.

Purchasing a package for two months or longer allows you to enjoy a lower average daily price, thus saving money and ensuring stable service.

By choosing a longer-term package, users not only get more usage time, but also benefit financially, providing reliable support for the continued development of their business.

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How does Lumiproxy work?

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nghwf7161VQ”]

LumiProxy works in a very simple and efficient way. Lumiproxy proxy service is based on a large and intelligent network covering all regions of the world with both dynamic and static types of residential IP addresses.

When you use LumiProxy, first you connect to Lumiproxy proxy server. Then, Lumiproxy system will automatically assign you an IP address, which may be dynamic or static depending on the service package you choose.

For dynamic IP addresses, LumiProxy uses advanced rotation technology. Each time you send a request, Lumiproxy system randomly selects an available IP address from the proxy pool and assigns it to you. This ensures that your real IP address is always protected and improves your online anonymity.

With a static IP address, on the other hand, you will be given a dedicated fixed IP address. This IP address will not change and you can use it for a long time for various online activities, such as website management, data collection, brand protection and so on.

Whether you choose a dynamic IP or a static IP, Lumiproxy proxy server will provide you with a high-speed and stable Internet connection. In this way, you can easily access various websites and services and enjoy a smooth online experience.

Overall, LumiProxy provides users with a secure and reliable web proxy service by offering many types of residential IP addresses and advanced proxy technology to help them achieve various online goals and protect their online privacy.

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Lumiproxy Pricing Plan

Lumiproxy Pricing plan

You don’t have to pay for each proxy you use. Theoretically, you can rotate through their entire pool of proxies at random and only pay for the traffic you use, just like your cell phone data traffic plan.

LumiProxy offers flexible and varied pricing plans to meet the needs and budgets of different users. Their prices are based on your proxy usage, and the larger the purchase, the better the price.

In terms of lowest price:

Dynamic Residential IP:

Only $0.80 per GB.

This is the most economical option for users with a small amount of usage. If your proxy needs are low, this plan is a cost-effective option.

Static Residential IP:

Only $6 per GB.

This is a more advanced option for users who need a more stable IP address. Static IP addresses can be used for a long period of time and are suitable for long-term networking activities and projects.

Unlimited Residential Agents:

Available as low as $76.33/day

For users who need a lot of proxy traffic, this is a wonderful choice, it is not only no traffic limit, it is a real residential proxy service, although you can not locate the city level, but for which a large number of traffic needs of the user, it is simply a choice, do not have to worry about the embarrassing situation of not enough traffic.

Whichever pricing plan you choose, they offer flexible purchasing options that give you the flexibility to adjust to your actual needs. Moreover, their pricing plans do not have any hidden fees, so you can use their services without worrying about additional costs.

With Lumiproxy pricing plans, you can get high-quality proxy services at the best price to help you achieve your online goals and protect your online security and privacy.

You can pay with credit cards, PayPal and virtual coins, and Alipay, but first you need to sign up for an account so you can access the proxy dashboard for proxy management and setup.

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How to use lumiproxy?

Let’s check out their control panel (dashboard) to see how to use the proxy server before we start testing.

Use of Lumiproxy

Lumiproxy, like most good proxy servers today, provides a simple way to manage proxy servers using a dashboard user interface.Lumiproxy is very easy to understand and use. You can monitor traffic usage and manage the IP locations to be used.

Rotating Proxy

This endpoint type provides a new IP for each request (rotation):


If you use this IP:port (endpoint), each new connection request is given a random IP from a pool of 90 million residential proxies.This type of endpoint is perfect for data collection, web crawling, or other similar tasks.

If you only want rotating (random) US IP addresses, use port 5888 and a country-specific address such as US IP:


This will result in a new US proxy for each connection.

Sticky IP Endpoint

This endpoint type provides you with an IP for a longer period of time (up to 2 hours).

To keep the IP on lumiproxy for a longer period of time, you must use a “sticky endpoint”.

After registering, you can find all endpoints in the proxy dashboard.

lumiproxy can provide up to 10,000 ports for sticky IP. So, for a sticky US IP, you can use the


Therefore, you can use 2000 sticky IP from each country at the same time, and they rotate every minute. If you need more sticky sessions, you can connect them through the reverse connection node.

You can use Lumiproxy network in two ways:

Authentication is how you access the server. There are two ways to do this, and lumiproxy provides both:

Standard username:

password authentication. Simply use your account information to access the lumiproxy proxy server. Using this method, you can access the proxy server from anywhere.

IP Whitelisting:

You can whitelist your device IP so that lumiproxy will allow all requests from that IP to pass. This is great if your software cannot use the user:pass authentication method. This is also very convenient if you always work from the same location, as you don’t need to use passwords.

IP Whitelisting of Lumiproxy

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Can I get proxies from lumiproxy from a specific city?

Yes, lumiproxy supports getting random residential IP from Los Angeles via city endpoints (e.g. lumixxx_area-xx_city-la_life-10_session-xx.You can also use a back-connected node with the session ID parameter lumixxx_area-xx_city-la_life-10_session-sd. session-sd: change the session parameter to control the current IP address.


Here “session-sd” is the session ID. as long as you send the request with the same session ID, it will provide you with a sticky IP from Los Angeles for 10 minutes.

Currently, lumiproxy supports 195+ countries: USA, UK, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany and more.

Can you get more sticky sessions in the same location?

Yes, you can!


You can use an unlimited number of session IDs to access more agents. As long as you send a request using the same session ID, it will provide you with a sticky IP from Los Angeles for up to two hours.

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Lumiproxy Speed Test

To get accurate speed test data, I tested the proxy speed through my VPS which is hosted on vultr and the internet speed is very fast as it runs on fast servers.

Since lumiproxy doesn’t have a speed limit on their dynamic proxies, and all dynamic proxies are directly affected by their own internet speed, there is no need to test their dynamic proxies, so we will mainly test the static proxy part.

Here we test the static proxy speed in Los Angeles, USA, my server is located in Illinois, use: “” to test the speed.

Here are the results of the lumiproxy static proxy test:

Lumiproxy Speed Test

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Is lumiproxy a residential network?

Let’s test whether the proxy IP of lumiproxy is a real residential IP.

Here are the results from ipinfo.io:

lumiproxy a residential network

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Our Testimonials

LumiProxy is a highly respected premium proxy service provider with a great reputation in the proxy server industry. Their proxy packages are designed to meet the needs of almost any user, and they have extensive support for tools such as sneaker bots, social media marketing software, and data scrapers. Whether you’re an individual user or a corporate client, LumiProxy provides fast, reliable proxy connections with accurate placement and high stability.


Ultra-fast speeds: Lumiproxy proxy connections are fast enough to meet users’ needs for high-speed internet.

Wide Support: their service supports a variety of application scenarios, including sneaker bots, social media marketing software, and more, for a wide range of applicability.

Easy to Configure: Lumiproxy proxy service is easy to configure, allowing users to easily set up and manage proxy connections.

Round-the-clock customer support: they offer 24/7 customer support and are able to resolve issues encountered by users in a timely manner.


Not Suitable for Temporary Use: For some users who only need to use the proxy service on a temporary basis, LumiProxy may be too advanced and not well suited for their needs.

While LumiProxy may be a little too advanced for the average user who is using it on a temporary basis, it will be a very trustworthy choice for those who have more specialized needs.

Thank you for reading this review! If you have any comments or feedback about Lumiproxy services, please feel free to leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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