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NETNUT offers 52M+ Rotating/Static Residential and Mobile proxies, ensuring complete reliability and global coverage. Available 24/7, NetNut is perfect for data-driven businesses, offering the fastest residential proxy network for companies and businesses with direct connectivity to global ISPs, which means better proxy speed, increased anonymity, and higher success rates.

The better solution for most use cases, using premium static & rotating residential IPs directly from ISPs

Fast and cost-effective proxy provider

  • Over 52 million residential IPs in pool
  • Good geo-targeting support for worldwide targeting and US city-state selection
  • Supports both premium static and residential IPs
  • Faster proxy speed and one-hop connection with no dependency on exit node connectivity
  • Cheaper pricing including request-based pricing model
  • 24/7 availability with zero fail rate
  • Dynamic P2P in addition to ISP proxy network for connnnectivity boost 
  • 7 days free trial available

netnut review

Netnut.io is a premium proxy provider with  smart and advanced servers at a very affordable price. It is a safe and reliable proxy provider which lets you try out the network with a money-back guarantee.

They have proxies in all countries locations, which makes them one of the well-know proxy providers. One big thing about Netnut.io is that all proxies in their network are fully anonymous. As per my experience, Netnut.io is one of the easiest rotating residential proxies networks, I have ever used till now.

You get access to the whole proxy pool with every plan and pricing is based on traffic usage.It has an extraordinary way of offering it’s residential IP to its potential customers and provide the best result by connecting directly to all IP’s all over the world.

Exclusive 15% OFF!
Exclusive 15% OFF!

NetNut.io offer 15% discount for our readers, coupon *ppreviews* Do not forgot ask discount when Buy NetNut's proxies!

NetNut.io Residential Proxy Networks

Netnut is a residential peroxy network for businesses. It has an exceptional way of offering its residential IPs to customers and gets its strength by connecting to real ISPs directly from all over the world.

DiViNetworks technology

NetNut use DiViNetworks’ existing data delivery and network management solutions.

NetNut service: NetNut depends on the unique position and location of DiViNetworks’ existing data delivery and network management solutions.

DiViNetworks provides services to over 100 ISPs from tens of point of presence (PoPs) around the world. With the help of DiViNetworks technology where hundreds of servers are managed by the company and located in different ISPs all over the world.

This network also has the ability to manage 100’s of Gbit/sec of network traffic, allowing any customer to access content and data from any web source.

The result is a highly secure and scalable managed network with unprecedented availability. DiviNetworks is a world leader in the data delivery network field; with the right architecture on your side, you can achieve a failure rate of less than 1%.

Almost Others residental Providers mainly use peer to peer (P2P) networks, including Luminati, Oxylabs, Smartproxymicroleaves and other more…

Faster Proxy Performance

NetNut proxy service hides your IP address behind its server when you browse the Net and it enables you to easily access web content that is restricted on that particular network.

Another benefit of NetNut proxy service provides is a faster Internet browsing experience. This all happens because the proxy already fetches the websites you want to visit through its server, in this way when you want to visit a site that uses a lot of server’s bandwidth, your computer’s speed doesn’t become slow because you are not using your server to surf the Web.

Always Online/active IPs in the Pool

Netnut has a pool with more than 52 million residential IPs sourced directly from partner ISP networks, supported by an additional P2P proxy network to increase boost. Because of the lack of dependency on P2P networks like other proxy providers, their IPs are always online and active. This makes it possible for them to provide static residential proxies.

Receive Notification when hit usage limit

In NetNut once you reach 90% of your package you receive a notification by email. If you did not renew your package you will be blocked automatically when you consume 100% of your package.

Never disconnects in the middle of the session

The biggest advantage that makes NetNut stand out from the crowd of other residential proxy providers is that you will not experience disconnections in the middle of sessions as you will most likely experience when using proxies from other providers. This is because while others rely on third-party exit node connectivity from P2P networks, NetNut does not depend on other computers but routes request exclusively through its network.

Growing brand

NetNut acquired by SAFE-T

NetNut is glad to announce that it has been acquired by cyber security expert SAFE-T. In this way it has become one of the fastest growing brands among all proxy providers in the market.

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Pricing & Features

NetNut is one of the premium companies that offer residential IP addresses. At this price level with combination of user satisfaction and easy to use dashboard you haven’t used proxies in the past. The big thing about NetNut is that they are able to offer very cost effective price structure in the whole market.

Competitive pricing

NetNut has a competitive pricing system based on either bandwidth usage or the number of successful requests.  For their bandwidth-based pricing, bandwidth is calculated by summing the volume data transmitted to and from target sites (requests headers + response body + response headers + response body). NetNut has 6 plans you can subscribe to with the Custom 20GB plan being the smallest – you can get this for $300. Generally, the more volume you buy, the cheaper the price per GB becomes.

NetNut Pricing Plan

If you are a heavy user and would rather want to be charged by successful requests rather than by bandwidth consumed, then you can for one of their requests-based plans. Below is a screenshot of the plans available in their request plans.


Exclusive 15% OFF!
Exclusive 15% OFF!

NetNut.io offer 15% discount for our readers, coupon *ppreviews* Do not forgot ask discount when Buy NetNut's proxies!


  • Netnut.io gives you more than 52 million IP addresses, which is an insane amount! You get incredible levels of security, anonymity, and reliability. Sites will almost never see you connecting device from the same IP address twice.
  • In addition to the IPs from their ISP partners, NetNut has an additional P2P proxy network for increased scalability.
  • Geo-targeting lets your bots and software run smooth and without blocks or restrictions in any country.
  • A professional customer support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat to help you.
  • Netnut provides real residential IPs with high speed and reliability, 99% uptime and virtually 0 fail rate.
  • You can try the service risk-free with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like what Netnut.io gives you, then get your money back.
  • Since proxies are residential, they are very hard to ban because they do not share any subnetwork.
  • Rotating and sticky IP sessions: use the whole pool for each connection or keep one IP for 10 minutes.
  • Track and limit proxy usage with sub-users. Create a sub-user for any project, and you can track or set a limit for data that the project uses.
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Our Testing

For this review, I bought the starting package. It costs $300 per month.  Now let’s start  by viewing their Dashboard and see how  Netnut.io looks before we start.

NetNut control panel

Netnut.io, like most good proxy providers these days, gives a simple way to manage proxies with a dashboard UI. Netnut is very simple to understand and use. You can monitor traffic usage and manage which IP location to use.

Note: The GEO of IP Proxies support countries targeting, Do not support citites and ASN GEO targeting.

Guidelines for Proxy with subdomain Per country & Guidelines for Proxy with general subdomain

  • Rotating Gateway (country targeting)

Proxy server: gw.ntnt.io:5959:username-cc-any:password

Note: the above will rotate IPs from random countries. Replace any to country code for proxies from a specific country e.g username-cc-us for proxies from the United States.

  • Sticky IP Gateway

Proxy server: gw.ntnt.io:5959:username-cc-[country_code]-sid-[number from 1 to 99999999]:password

example: gw.ntnt.io:5959:NetNut-cc-us-sid-12345678:password

How to start

NetNut is very much easy to start. You just have to follow the given below steps.

Step1: Start your 7 days free trial which includes 100 GB of free usage.

netnut free trial

Step2: Get an optimized proxy pool that is optimized based on you target.

Step3: Waiting for a little time, Your account manager will reach to you, the guy will ask your needs and help you open the account.

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Customer Support

Though No Live-chat on their website, Overall NetNut provides excellent support for their potential customers.

I have personally experienced their support and I am 100% satisfied with their fast support. You can easily contact by + Live Skype chat support.

When you want to buy Proxy Services it is very important to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to know that are real people and companies that buy it actually satisfied with the product or not.

That’s why we’ve researched so much on collecting the feed from various companies or customers and their satisfaction level by reviews and comments.

And finally, We come to know NetNut is the best Residential IP network in the world. That is the biggest reason it NetNut is different from any other similar service in the world.

You don’t have to pay for each proxy you use. You can theoretically use their whole proxy pool with random rotation and only pay for how much traffic you use, just like on your mobile phone data plan.

Exclusive 15% OFF!
Exclusive 15% OFF!

NetNut.io offer 15% discount for our readers, coupon *ppreviews* Do not forgot ask discount when Buy NetNut's proxies!

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Our Verdict

9.8 Total Score
Rookie star!

Netnut: A Rapidly rising residential proxy provider, Expect to be the next authority!

Price & Value
Network Perform
Proxy Features
Customer Support
  • 52 million residential IP addresses
  • Additional P2P network for scalability boost
  • Premium static & rotating IPs
  • Drastically fast proxy connection speeds
  • Easy to configure
  • User-friendly dashboard for proxy management
  • Around the clock customer support with fast response time
  • 7-day trial and better $/GB pricing plans
  • Direct ISP Connectivity which leads to improved success rate, speed, and anonymity
  • Customers get dedicated account managers for better customer service
  • Live chat not support - but they do have dedicated account managers
Add your review

You may be thinking about buying this proxy service provider, NetNut pricing plans seem to be very economical than other consumer-grade proxy services. That’s because NetNut.io is the one of good choice for residential IP proxies.

Residential proxies are expensive to purchase but NetNut has done a fabulous making the price structure more economical, as they are extraordinary from regular home use networks and are usually high performance, high availability servers as well. They are primarily used by businesses to send bulk requests for marketing & research purposes, as described earlier in this article.

NetNut is not the only residential proxy provider available, but for businesses that are just starting out, NetNut can be a good proxy service to try out for market research purposes, owing to the choice of server locations, high availability and also a lower starting price compared to the competition.

NetNut is one of the trusted and premium proxy servers on the market today. They have packages for pretty much any needs you might have and support sneaker bots, social media marketing software, scrapers, etc.

Their speeds are super fast, and the locations are accurate. If you use proxies seriously, and need the best rotating residential proxies, then NetNut is one of the best options out there right now.

If you have purchased a plan from NetNut in the past and have a review you’d like to share, feel free to leave it in the review below. We would love to hear your opinion soon!

For More Information Check More details on Netnut.io

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