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Scrapebox private proxies service: how to use it effectively

Let’s learn about today’s Scrapebox proxy service demands

In today’s competitive world of data collection, numerous programs help entrepreneurs collect data. Some are free, some cost money. Most people prefer the ease and usefulness of Scrapebox, which helps collect URL’s, emails and contact details for lead generation. Considered the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of SEO, this program is amazing.

One way to use this program, which downloads to your computer then connects to Scrapebox server, is by proxy.

Wait, Scrapebox still works after Penguin update?

Yes, in fact, the service works even better than before. Most people use Scrapebox proxy service because it’s convenient for their data collection needs.

Scrapebox still is an essential SEO tool that not only for researching competitors, products, and scraping url’s, it is also used for commenting on blogs, pinging and quite a few other things, which are counted like backlinks so your site will go up in Google and other major search engines. Unfortunately, after Google Penguin, you must use it carefully.

  1. Don’t use Scrapebox spam or ping your site directly, You can blast on your backlinks page that site link to your inner page (Remember, don’t link to your homepage) or link wheel page, Facebook page, Twitter page and so forth.
  2. Use private proxies for Scrapebox.IF without any proxy your IP will be banned fast and your Scrapebox will be useless. So, if you use it with private proxies or share proxies, your bans will be less frequent so your success rate will be much greater. Shared proxies are cheaper which may be ideal if you’re not worried about being banned.

Indeed, you can still enjoy the benefits of Scrapebox from a proxy service.

Need to find a Scrapebox proxy service?

While each person’s proxy needs vary, we have information on the best Scrapebox proxy service options available. Remember, you should always research before trying or buying.

Here I suggest that you can try these three Scrapebox proxy services.

  1. Squidproxies.comRead Squidproxies Reviews
  2. MyPrivateProxy.com. Read MyPrivateProxy Reviews
  3. NewipnowRead Newipnow Reviews

Those private proxy services are getting top ratings for use with Scrapebox because of the quality and speed of their private proxies. You can read reviews first, that you can get more detail. and check them out for your need.

Additional tips when using a Scrapebox proxy service:

  • For harvesting blogs, I’d suggest you use public proxies. You can use Scrapebox default proxies or ProxyFinder and so on find Scrapebox proxies and check it, use it for your harvesting.
  • For commenting on blogs or trackback, I’d suggest you use private proxies. This will increase your successful posts and avoid Akismet.
  • Remember, don’t overuse Scrapebox regardless if by proxy or not. IP’s may get blocked by websites you’re trying to scrape.

Have fun and remember, not all proxies work for everyone.

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