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Xrumer private proxies service: how to use it effectively

Primarily a tool used by SEO pros to automate link building tasks, Xrumer is an intriguing program that affords marketing strategists an easier method of building authority backlinks. While many use this program from their desktop, most aren’t aware an Xrumer proxy service can actually make tasks more discrete.

Here’s how to use Xrumer from a proxy server.

Xrumer still works after Google Penguin?

It’s not the program that was hit by Google – it was the myriad of websites passing unethical links, copied content and created to basically ‘wreak havoc’ on Google. Xrumer works just fine.

Is Xrumer still good? Well, this SEO tool was made for posting comments on forums, which Google counts as backlinks. This allows your site to go up in Google and other major search engines. After Google Penguin, however, you must use it with care.

Some tips to remember:

  • Use private proxies. Use without any proxy service, and your IP may be banned quickly, which will render Xrumer useless. Use it with private proxies or share proxies so your bans will be less frequent, meaning your success rate will be higher.
  • Don’t spam your site directly. Blast links to your inner page or link wheel page, just not your home page.

And, as always, follow a simple link building plan when using an Xrumer proxy service:

  1. Prepare and submit 1 PR through PRWeb.
  2. Enhance PRWeb submission with link building from other free PR sites.
  3. Always review Google Analytics for a 30-day period between submission and next PR to gauge effectiveness.
  4. Outreach to several blogs to gain readership (fee exclusive of the above).
  5. Post 1 long-form authoritative, relevant piece to your website weekly (ongoing).
  6. Manage & nurture Facebook following.
  7. Utilize other social avenues as deemed just and proper

These practices along with frequent Xrumer usage will build a robust link profile for you, guaranteed. And, of course, you can use an Xrumer proxy service if needed.

Interested in buying an Xrumer proxy service?

Do you need an Xrumer service? Proxies are available for those who need them.

Here we recommend that you try these two Xrumer proxy service companies:

If there’s another service provider we left off, check them here.

Both Buyproxies and Newipnow don’t put any restriction on xrumer usage. You can read reviews first to get deeper insight into how they work prior to committing to one.

How to Use a Private Proxy in Xrumer

Here’s a quick four-step guide to using Xrumer with your proxy service (hint: don’t just copy the proxy to xproxy.txt):

  1. Open up Xrumer folder.
  2. Delete xproxy_state.bin file if you have one.
  3. Open xproxy.txt in text editor.
  4. Add  your private proxies in following format:
  • Private proxies that not require authorization (host:port)
  • Private proxies that require authorization (login:password@host:port)

As with all Xrumer proxy services, make sure you’re abiding by your internet provider’s terms of use. You can always reach out to us with questions.

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