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A Private Proxy Helps Users Surf Anonymously

A private proxy, while not new to internet browsing, has again become an issue of contention with those who feel anonymous surfing isn’t possible.

Let’s look at eight (8) solid ways private proxies help restore anonymity to the web user:

Stop Search Engines from Profiling Your Internet Surfing

Every web site you visit, and every search you perform, helps companies build a profile about you. Eliminate this profiling and tracking by using an anonymous IP address instead of using your own. Let the search engines and the web sites profile us instead of you.

A Private Proxy hides your surfing location

When you are surfing the Internet, where you are located is passed to the web site. Some web sites will restrict surfers from certain countries from accessing their web site based on the location information. With a private proxy, you have multiple server locations with hide where you really are.

Shop Online Safely and Ensure Secure Internet Banking

Your Internet communications can be intercepted by criminals. If you use a wireless router, or if you have a laptop and connect to a public hotspot, everything you do can be seen by unscrupulous people. With a private proxy, your web surfing is routed through an anonymous proxy server where the data is encrypted so if your surfing is seen by a criminal, they won’t be able to read any of it. You stay safe and secure while the criminals just get frustrated.

Keep your ISP from Tracking Your Web Surfing

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) keeps logs of your entire Internet usage. They have to by law. It’s no one’s business what you look at on the Internet. With a private proxy, your Internet surfing can not be monitored by your ISP. We encrypt the communications so your ISP can not see what sites you visit or where you surf.

Open WiFi Networks (Library, Hotel, Hotspots, Airports, and School) Censor the Internet sites that you Visit

These open WiFi networks are trying to protect their servers by controlling what you access. These restrictions are in place for very specific reasons but sometimes they can go a little overboard with their controls. When you hide your IP address, you are now using the anonymous proxy server’s IP and they are unable to control what you have access to.

US TV is Blocked Abroad

Some people think that US programs are blocked overseas because of advertising. The truth is that there are copyright laws associated with where the networks can broadcast these shows.They block you based on your IP address location. With an IP hider, you can watch your favorite US programs and listen to your favorite radio stations while traveling overseas.

Local Sports Games are Blacked Out

The networks want you to attend these local games in person so they block your IP address location from seeing these local events. When you hide your IP address, you can bypass these blocks and watch your local team play.

Open WiFi Networks (Hotspots, Airport, Library,Hotel, and School) are NOT Secure

Because these networks are open and have no security, your information is at risk from some hacker monitoring your Internet traffic and stealing your personal information. With an anonymous proxy that is secure, these hackers can not capture your information because your connection is encrypted (like a VPN).

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