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Differences between public proxies and private proxies

There are more and more Many Internet marketer(IMer) need proxies for SEM or SEO.Especially now lots of automated tools or apps are proxies supported.But many IMers are confused about public proxies and private proxies.


Public Proxies


Public Proxies are Free ones avaiable on the web, there are lot of “free proxy severs”on the internet,for SEM or SEO tools you can use some proxy tools like Proxy Goblin.Also you can get real-time auto-updatable database of free working IP:PORT public proxies,such as hidemyass.

Public ones + PORT scanned are best for Scrapping purpose.PORT Scanned iPs Whcih are unlisted on the serach engines it’s FREE also but you need to get that service that give that Ips.But there are some Problems of Public Proxies that Free but unreliable,Dangerous,slow and get around the “Google Block” problems with Search Engine Ranking software.


Private proxies


Private proxies are Authentication proxies that hosted on servers it cost you per IP.Private proxies are much more faster and more reliable.

Private proxies are best for POSTING,That’s widely used on SEO tools such as GSA, Scrapebox, SenukeX.And managing All types of accounts etc like Social media accounts,such as  facebooktwitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram.

Here,PPR is help you find the best private proxies service.

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