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Surge Proxies Review

Surge Proxies has an interactive Twitter page and a well-developed website with an uncompleted copy. The information available on the Surge Proxies website is not complete, and as such, the information provided is very limited. If you plan to buy proxies from them, then read this article first.

A Proxy Provider for the Sneaker Copping

  • Flexible payment plan for ISP proxies
  • Proxies at high-speed
  • Provide both ISP and residential proxies
  • Provides a proxy tester tool

There are many small proxy providers that provide specialized proxies for the sneaker copping market. These providers only provide proxies for the sneaker industry, and even though you could use them for other tasks, it is better you go for premium providers that have standards and have been used by marketers.

One of the small proxy providers that have graced the sneaker copping market is Surge Proxies. This provider is only heard of in the sneaker copping community. Aside from proxies, you can also buy servers from this provider.

Surge Proxies Home Page

Surge Proxies is focused majorly on two things – providing proxies that are undetectable to sneaker sites and providing them in a location to optimize speed and latency. In terms of speed, Surge Proxies can be said to have done an excellent job at that. Interestingly, their proxies are also some of the undetectable proxies in the market. Some of their packages are quite flexible pricing-wise,and that is where the good sides of Surge Proxies end. I was disappointed visiting the Surge Proxies website. While the site looks finished and functional, the copy (written content) on the website is not complete. In fact, many of the content areas are filled with the “lorem ipsum…”, a placeholder text used when a site is under construction.

Is Surgeproxies worth it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this review.

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Proxy Plans and Pricing

Surge Proxies have just a few proxy packages. Unlike other providers, it does not provide datacenter proxies that are known to be detectable. Instead, it provides premium ISP proxies. Aside from their ISP proxies, Surge Proxies also provides residential proxies. Let take a look at their packages below.

Residential Proxy Plans

Surge Proxies Residential Proxy Plans

This provider makes use of a residential proxy network with over 20 million IP addresses in its pool, which you can use. Its pricing is based on bandwidth usage, and you can make use of all IPs in the pool. Their IPs are actually sticky IPs, and you can’t change IP too frequently. They have many plans, including 2GB for $30, 4GB for $55, and 10GB for $110, among others. These packages have a validity period of 60 days.

Premium ISP Proxy Plans

Surge Proxies Premium ISP Proxy Plans

Instead of providing datacenter proxies, Surge Proxies made an ISP proxy service. ISP proxies are those proxies hosted on data centers but using residential IP addresses. The ISPs they support include Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Sprint. You could see them as residential proxies but with the speed of datacenter proxies. For their ISP proxies, they have got two plans only – weekly and monthly. For their weekly proxies, the smallest package comes with 25 proxies and is sold for $32. These proxies are located in Ashburn, VA. Their monthly ISP proxy plan starts at $70.

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Customer Service

Surge Proxies Customer Service

If you go through the Surge Proxies website, you will know that my earlier rant about their site having uncompleted copies is in place. I have consistently checked the site for over a week, and it has remained the same. On their website, they stated that they have got Discord support, but the detail contains a “lorem ipsum…” placeholder. If you must contact Surge Proxies, you should do that via email or on Twitter – these are the channels we can guarantee you for now.

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Location Support

They have very minimal location support, typically of small providers focusing only on sneaker proxies. The only locations they should support are locations for optimal speed for sneaker copping. Even at that, compared to other providers, Surge Proxies flops. For their ISP proxies, they only have support for Ashburn, VA. Surge Proxies did not provide information about their residential proxies’ location support. Because they have over 20 million IP addresses, I suspect they have got many locations supported, but they officially didn’t mention the number of proxies supported or provide a list of supported regions.

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Surge Proxies only has support for username and password authentication. They do not support IP authorization/authentication as a means of authentication. If you ask me, I will tell you there is nothing to worry about as IP authentication is just a modern invention to solve a non-existing problem and, in the process, complicate issues.

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Our verdict

There is no doubt that Surge Proxies work, and they are fast. However, they seem not to have time for their website and have issues with providing a swift and helpful response to customers when they are in need of support. For this reason, we are standing on the fence here. Their proxies work, but support is awful.

Update - 2021.01.27
7.4 Total Score
Worth to Try with Datacenter, Residential, and Mobile Proxies

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