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Why Should I Use an Anonymous Proxy Server?

Some people actually believe that if you want to keep your information private online, all you have to do is call the offices of Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! In reality, though, nothing could be further than the truth – these companies have “no stake in really protecting your identity”.

Similarly, others think that having your IP address visible to anyone online is no big deal, since everyone has one, and – let’s face it – there are millions of internet users out there. However, “a determined hacker or online predator can track your IP address’s location down to a pretty specific area”. If they can find this information easily enough, what is to stop them from finding out more, sensitive information?

Internet companies also send and sell your data to advertisers to generate revenue. And when you think about, how much can you really trust your Internet Service Provider ? “The ISP can literally see every movement you make online“.

This is why you should consider using a “proxy server to protect your identity and privacy”. An anonymous proxy server will hide your IP address – meaning that no one besides yourself and the proxy will know your location, your browsing habits, and your preferences.

Advantages of Proxy Servers


Proxy servers have many advantages when surfing the internet. But before you read about how a proxy server can completely change the way you interact online, you should probably find out exactly what they do. Basically, a proxy server acts as a buffer between you and the internet.

proxy server

You send a request for a webpage to the proxy, and it then fetches the data and sends it back to you. It acts a portal through which you can visit any website you want, with a number of very great benefits.


First among these benefits is the security protection that proxy servers provide. You see, whenever you visit anywhere on the web, you leave a digital footprint in the form of your IP address. This means that almost anyone can see you online – and if they can obtain your IP address, they can determine your location, and more.

Hackers and spammers can also pollute your system with junk based on just your IP address. A proxy server will mask your IP address and often change it, making it impossible for anyone on the other side of the internet to determine your true identity.

The other major advantage of using a proxy server is that it can bypass firewalls and content filters to let you visit any website you want. Let’s say that the network administrator at your office or school has decided to block access to your favorite websites.

No problem – the proxy server can circumvent this block and let you go anywhere you choose, completely under the nose of anyone. The administrator will only see the proxy address in your history, won’t be able to see where you really went on the internet.


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