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Why use Private Proxy Servers for Web Scraping

As a smart internet user there may be various reasons for which you have to do web scarping. Like if you are developing a website of a concern that sells various products, you may have to scrape the data on amazon, ebay, aliexpress…So that you get idea about the prevalent prices in the market. It is also helpful to know what your competitors are charging.

data-scraping on aliexpress amazon ebay

Now, while you scrap data of amazon or any other site like eBay, you cannot use your own IP address, as the site will consider it as a possible attack to their site and they may block your IP or banned your IP. So, what is the solution? Use proxy servers, yes, you must use Proxies for Harvesting and Scraping, so that you get the information you want and at the same time your IP address does not face any problem.


Why use Proxy Servers for Web Scraping


First, it is then decided that you will use Proxies for Scraping online. Next the question arises why private proxies? The fundamental reason behind this is that they are your own and for your private use. As they are not public, it is you who will be using them alone, no one else will have access to them and there are no threats that others will also be using them for the same purpose, i.e. scarping and thus get banned.

By using proxy servers you can fulfill your mission of getting information from any particular website. How are you going to use it will depend upon the need of the user! Now, by using dedicated proxy servers you can actually hide your identity from the website from where the data is scraping. They will not identify you and even if they find out that an IP address is sending them request regularly, they cannot associate it with you.

how proxies works on scraping

Now, that it is clear that private proxies for scraping are the best, you need to know the way in which you too can take advantage of it. By using dedicated proxies you can mask your identity totally. If you are looking for data from west coast, the proxy server show your IP address of East coast. Hence, even if the website finds out something fishy, they will not be able to connect you with it as the proxy server can mask your IP address.

Now, for using private proxies for anonymously scrape data, you need not to be an expert. All you need is the private proxy and the web scarper software that will do the work for you. Using proxies allows your requests to go through from many different IPs and thus appear to be coming from different visitors.


Reasons private proxies are preferred


It has been already discussed why private proxies are best for web scraping yet there are some more reasons that makes them first choice when it comes to web scraping.

  • When it comes to connecting to web world, they are more reliable.
  • Compared to other proxy they are much faster and thus can fetch data faster.
  • With private proxies you can change the location easily and yet feel safe.
  • You will have better control over them!


Find the Best Proxies for Scraping

So,now you should know why we do not  recommend you use the free public proxies, Though lots of proxy service online offer private proxies for scraping, you have to careful the proxy providers, some of proxies of providers don't allow to scrape online, So before check out, you should seriously read their “Terms of Use”.

I used to be a scrapebox guru on proxies in last 2-3 years for black hat SEO , And now big G becomes more and more intelligence, it's wise to use the proxies for scraping for other project. That's why I am experienced on the proxy market, here is some of proxy providers that's good on data scraping.

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