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Seo-Proxies service provides High anonymous HTTP and SOCKS proxy. It’s API is simple to use,You’ll handle your proxies through our simple webtool or the API.you can use  API to be able to create modern Web 2.0 applications and Integrate automated proxy rotation into you macro, script or tool easily.

SamplePackage Price License
 1 Proxies $9.99  Rookie
 5 Proxies  $29.99 Beginner
 10 Proxies  $59.99 Amateur
 20 Proxies  $99.99 Semi-Professional
 50 Proxies  $189.99  Professional
 100 Proxies  $299.99 Expert
 150 Proxies  $399.99 Guru

Here is  Sample packages that Seo-Proxies service provided. All  IPs are located in the US. Seo-Proxies service is not to be used for any spam, fraud activity, So It’s Not Supported xrumer, scrapebox or referrer spam. You can switch the proxy type from HTTP(s) to SOCKS in a matter of seconds through your profile, easily start using your wanted proxy protocol.If you check out Seo-Proxies and have some feedback,be sure to come back and share! Cheers!


Seo-Proxies Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/SOCKS
  • A free 30 minute license to test
  • Multiple Cities,Multiple Subnets(Order more than 10 Proxies)
  • Powerful API for easy integration into custom tools or scripts
  • Automatic Browser Configuration(Firefox)
  • Quality IPs without abusive history.
  • Not Supported: Xrumer, Scrapebox or referrer spam

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Customer Reviews

3 Reviews to “Seo-Proxies”
  1. Anupan says:

    We use seo-proxies.com for scraping search engines. Mostly images and normal search results.
    Their prices are average but their support and reliability is simply outstanding!
    Also it seems they are market leader when it comes to proxies for such projects, for a good reason I think.

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  2. Heinsen says:

    I spent a lot of money on many proxy providers and all IPs I received were abused heavily before. I was not able to post on CL, was not able to signup for accounts or they were flagged for suspicious activity before I did ANYthing).

    With seo-proxies.com everything was different. Yes they are more expensive but they also provide excellent support and their proxies are extremely fast, reliable and most important: they WORK for my purposes.

    I can recommend this.

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  3. John says:

    A high quality proxy service But at high price..
    The free Google scraper recently released fully supports the SEO-Proxies API (google-rank-checker.squabbel.com)

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